2010 NFL Draft: C.J. Spiller May Put the 49ers Over the Top in the NFC West

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2010

CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 21:  C.J. Spiller #28 of the Clemson Tigers celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Virginia Cavaliers during their game at Memorial Stadium on November 21, 2009 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The last position the San Francisco 49ers need to worry about is running back, since they have Frank Gore and selected Glen Coffee in the 2009 NFL Draft.

However, adding an explosive player like CJ Spiller to the offense is a chance that will be very hard to pass up.

Currently, every other mock draft online has the 49ers picking Spiller with one of their two first round picks.

With current running backs Frank Gore and Coffee already on the roster, why would the 49ers even consider adding a third running back?

First of all, running backs take so much punishment throughout the NFL season that injuries at the position occur more often than at any other position.

Plus, if Gore goes down again, would 49er fans be happy with just Coffee as the backup propelled into the starter spot, or would they feel more comfortable knowing they have both Coffee and Spiller?

Obviously, Spiller would bring a whole new dynamic to the offense and just the thought of him lining up with Gore and wide receiver Michael Crabtree in an offensive formation makes this journalists' heads swell a bit.

Those three are dangerous offensive weapons that 49er fans should be drooling over right about now.

Not only can Spiller bring a new dynamic and explosive edge to the offense, but his ability to return kicks on special teams will give the 49ers not only better field position, but he has the ability to score whenever he touches the ball.

Despite the fact that the 49ers do need help on defense, especially in the secondary, but they may also be able to fill some of that need with their other first round pick too.

Spiller would look good running the ball in the Bay Area, but will the 49ers pick another running back for the second year in a row?

It may be a pick that cannot pass up come draft day in April and a pick that may put the 49ers over the top and win the NFC West Division crown.


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