Public Penetration: Tiger Is a Mutt

S. Wentworth DuncansonContributor IIFebruary 20, 2010

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 19:  Tiger Woods makes a statement from the Sunset Room on the second floor of the TPC Sawgrass, home of the PGA Tour on February 19, 2010 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Woods publicly admitted to cheating on his wife Elin Nordegren but maintained that the issues remain 'a matter between a husband and a wife.'  (Photo by Lori Moffett-Pool/Getty Images)
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This article will be rather short, as I am using this as a platform to bash my favorite athlete, Mr. Tiger Woods. Hopefully, you readers will recognize my sarcasm.

I've watched this guy from the very beginning. I rememeber him dominating tournament after tournament, probably around the same time Venus and Serena Williams started to receive recognition. It was two sports that blacks were unaccustomed to be following or participating in.

It did wonders for the sport. Then when the issue of race came up, he virtually denied his blackness and called himself "Calibrinasian" or some other foolishness. That right there lost him the support of many blacks AND Asians. His true fans, golf fans, stuck with him.

He carried himself like a dork. A goodie two shoes, so to speak. He had his textbook marriage, and carried himself like a real family man. Just like with everything else, it was all a charade for the public. Some people live their lives to please themselves, and some live to please others.

Then comes Thanksgiving night. His crash. His broken windows. Then all of the shtuff hits the fan. Woman after woman just coming out, while Tiger pounced in every bed across the world.

Mr. Straightedge is as fake as they come. Believe me, I thought he was a cardboard fraud before, so now? All i could do is shake my head.

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To begin with, the guy is a billionaire. And the best he could come up with is cocktail waitresses and party promoters. Will Beyonce cheat on Jay-Z with the guy who pumps her gas? Probably not.

Ironically, the only time he wanted to claim and boast about being black is when he was whipping out his noodle to cheat on his wife.

Then, if he can't keep it simple and have ONE mistress, don't be stupid enough to have all these women calling the same phone that his wife and kids call him on. I'm pretty sure he could afford a prepaid phone or a different one.

Like he said in yesterday's press conference, "he felt entitled." That was the one thing he said that I thought was sincere.

When it came time where the public found out, he made these outlandish attempts to basically buy his wife to keep from divorcing him. Who does that?

He would pay money to keep up the appearance of a happy home. She was to get some sort of signing bonus and was to receive close to $80 million if she stayed married to him for seven years.

That's pretty much close to being a NBA max contract. He knows she could get more. He basically thinks of her as a whore, and his entitlement issues still exist.

Who buys their wife? I'd wear a blond wig and stay married to him for seven years for that kind of money.

Yesterday was a disgrace. My opinion of him hasn't changed not one bit. I had a low opinion of him before. To begin with, he should've been with his wife to make it up to her.

Infidelity and adultery go on all over the place. he's far from the first and far from the last who will do it. Think that Charlie Sheen supposedly held a knife to his wife's throat on Christmas. People arent still talking about it.

Where's his public apology? Then again, he never put up a choir-boy front either. The public doesn't have to forgive Tiger. His wife does.

Some idiot said his career would be over if the public didnt buy his apology. Tiger's talent is what put him where he is. What goes on in his life is his business. And that phony-ass apology that was broadcast on every station was ridiculous. It was like the president was speaking.

It looked like a speech probably written for him. Either way, where was his wife? He didnt make vows with any of us.

The guy didn't commit a crime. He just proved himself think like the average athlete and think he's entitled to everything. He's not a criminal. Just Tiger...a dog. His tail just comes out the front.

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