Tiger Woods Scandal: Stop Blaming the Media

Angela Davis@jerseygirlsportContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

Whenever scandal breaks, the media takes a lot of punches from the public about their behavior. While I'm not in total favor of how the media has handled the Tiger Woods issue, I don't think they're to blame.

I think they're doing what they do.

The same people who blamed the media for invading Tiger's life stayed glued to the television and online reports. Most can tell you how many "jump-offs" there were and where they live!

WE, however, continue to hold athletes in high esteem—making putting a ball in a hole synonymous with deity. WE watch all the shows, tell our kids they're role models, and WE expect far more than any one human can give.

That being said, Tiger loved the limelight when things were "good"—he even said today that he felt, "entitled, and that the rules didn't apply to me."

In America, the fact is that with celebrity and fame comes the loss of certain elements we (normal poor people) enjoy and suffer through privately.

I am not a "fan" of Tiger. I don't know him. I think he's a phenomenal golfer, and that's it. I hope he gets it together, but I don't believe for one SECOND he's got a sex addition. He probably does need some therapy, but the sex addiction response is what celebrities do. They have "issues", real people have "problems".

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If Tiger has a sex addiction, over 60 percent of men in this country need to be heading to Mississippi! Tiger had more money, therefore he had more women.

The fact is, he simply lived out a lifestyle most folks get to experience in college. He never had that chance. People with that addiction don't maintain real relationships—and it's not about the SEX. But I digress.

This scandal only underscores what Heywood Brown said: Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

My hope and PRAYER is that he moves forward and comes out a better man.

—Angela www.jerseygirlsports.com

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