Tiger Woods Won't Shed Any Tears This Go-Round

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 18, 2010

Yes, we've all seen Tiger Woods shed a few tears.

Winning that first Masters got to him, as Earl his dad, embraced him at the final hole.

Tiger cried when Earl died. Prima facie evidence that he is perhaps human.

But don't look for any tears Friday morning when The Invisible Man shows up for a STATEMENT CONFERENCE at PGA Tour headquarters in the affluent confines of Ponte Vedre next door to Jacksonville Beach.

Oh sure, you're just holding your breath to witness a penitent man, front and center with the Commish, Tim Finchem on hand, along with Secret Agent Man Stiney, aka Mark Steinberg of International (Crisis) Management Group.

Tiger's PR guy told the Golf Writers Association of America that it can have three folks in attendance at this comical gathering that IMG said would include close "friends and colleagues" of the world's No. 1.

Seems like a lot of those "friends" are still waiting to hear from Tiger. He's ignored them along with the rest of us since this giant mountain of Woods' image came toppling down like the house of cards that it was.

As for "colleagues," I would think those guys are either working on their golf games somewhere or out at the Accenture tournament trying to figure out how to keep from going two down with two to play.

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And speaking of Accenture, one of the PGA Tour's prominent sponsors, you would think those fellas simply have to feel a little miffed that the Tour would provide this distracting carnival stage for Woods and his band of merry men (and women) while no doubt wanting Accenture to keep on ponying up $7 million a year to put its name on that match play nonsense.

Ernie Els called Woods out on this. "Selfish" is how Big Ernie described Tiger to Golf Week

Good for your Ernie. Good for you for labeling Tiger what he really and truly is, has been, and forever will be.

So the selfish and self-centered Tiger Woods will address the world.

Big deal.

About the only thing we may learn from this 10 minutes or so of yada-yada-yada from Woods, is perhaps when he will show up and play golf again.

Yeah Tiger, come on back.

Get back out on the course so that you can throw a few clubs and yell at some guys clicking cameras in your backswing and mutter a few good expletives.

We've really missed you.

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