T.O. Sign or Not To Sign: Is It Really a Question?

Danny BaylissCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 16:  NFL football player Terrell Owens attends the G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 16, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)
Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

Plain and simple: The Cincinnati Bengals need help at wide receiver.

How they fix that will be heavily focused upon—and possibly questioned. This comes with good reason, as they have already signed a former cocaine user in Matt Jones to a one-year deal. 

Jones is certainly not the end of the Bengals search for playmakers, which means there are still rumors aplenty. Enter Terrell Owens, who has been at the peak of Bengals' fan forum blogs.

But who knows how serious this debacle is? Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, the mouth of the team and head reporter for OchoCinco News Network, has been adamant that Owens will be with the Bengals come next season.

Recent contradictions have started to arise, but nothing is for sure until free agency.

Until then, one can only speculate and best estimate what owner Mike Brown will do, if possible...

Surely Ochocinco has been heard by Brown and Head Coach Marvin Lewis—and if they are willing to listen, they will have to weigh a list of pros and cons heavier than some of the Bengals linemen.

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To start that off, there is certainly a lot to like about Owens. He is a future Hall of Famer with stupendous credentials. Owens has ideal height and speed to be a productive NFL receiver. This all would lead to defenses focusing more on him, opening up throwing lanes for other receivers like Ochocinco, Andre Caldwell, etc.

Also, Owens might just have more swagger than Lil' Wayne and Jay-Z combined, and if anyone were to ever tell you confidence is not important, they would be dead wrong. 

To be fair, behind all that makeup there is a blemish or two.

First and foremost, if my choice of picture was questioned, here is the retort. Pictured is the side of Owens that has made many coaches, owners, and general managers hesitate, laugh, ponder, and argue. This is what makes him public enemy No. 1. His glamour often overpowers his glory—something that the Bengals have seen in Ochocinco. 

Owens brings about more drama than an episode of Jersey Shore . Paris Hilton and Delta Airlines have nothing on him when it comes to baggage, and he is not afraid to show emotion concerning his team and quarterback (Tony Romo?).

Aside from his stage act, Owens is not the young gun he used to be back in his 49er days. He is fast approaching 37 years of age, despite his continued talent. Who knows how much longer he wants to play?

It is definitely amazing how much hype and commotion one human being can bring about, but any sports fan can certainly understand when Terrell Owens is mentioned.

For Bengals fans, the topic will continue to swirl until he is signed by another team or Ochocinco's Nostradamus-esque prediction is proven.

I am urging not just only Bengals fans, but also NFL fans, to share their opinions on the situation. Would Terrell Owens be a good fit for the Bengals, and why?

After all, if it were not for people like us, people like Owens may get desperate for attention. 

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