Michael Vick and the Oakland Raiders? It's Almost Too Perfect Not to Happen

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2010

Yes, the Raiders should seriously consider signing or trading for Michael Vick. It would greatly benifit all parties involved.

Contrary to popular belief, Vick was not neccesarily signed to a two year deal.

He was signed to a one year deal with a second year option. And it's becoming more and more likely that the Eagles are going to choose not to honor the 2nd year option. It's even more apparent he won't be in an Eagle uniform next year.

Even if he is, it would still be worth it to trade for him. The Raiders could easily offer up a third rounder, or a package deal where the two teams swap first rounders and send Vick to Oakland.

Should the Raiders really covet that top 10 draft pick? Look at their drafting history. In the past 10 years, only two players taken in the first round were able to immediately help the team: Napoleon Harris and Sebastian Janikowski.

If the Raiders were able to trade out of the top 10, at least if they missed in the 1st round again, it wouldn't cost as much this time. And the Eagles? They would be able to move up and land one of the top talents in the draft. The team seems to be a few key players away from going to the Super Bowl.

I can already hear the arguments against Vick by Raider fans:

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The Raiders don't need that kind of distraction in the locker room.

He was never really that great of a QB.

Tony Dungy advised him against coming to the Raiders.

He doesn't match the mold of players Tom Cable is trying to bring in.

And then even the most ridiculous argument of them all: "What about Bruce Gradkowski?"

C'mon guys. Do you really believe any of that?

If anyone within the Raiders' front office gave a damn about distractions, please explain to me why the Raiders are yet to anounce Tom Cable as the head coach, Al Davis and John Herrara constantly play childish games with the media, or why Randy Hanson is still on the coaching staff.

Believe it or not, Al Davis and the Raiders love distraction as well as making headlines; they've been able to do it week in and week out despite seven years of losing.

Michael Vick was never that great of a QB? Well someone thought he was good enough to warrant a 10 year, $130 million contract. He was the face of a franchise. And the league's fans thought he was good enough to be deemed the most exciting player in the NFL. We also bought his jersey more than any other NFL player.

Furthermore, who saw his TD pass against the Cowboys in the playoffs? And his 2009 QB rating was an impressive 93.8. He clearly still has a cannon of an arm.

And Tony Dungy thought enough of him to become his personel advisor.

Then alledgedly advised him against coming to Oakland? Really? Do you believe every rumor you hear, especially those regarding the Raiders? Prior to the Raiders-Eagles week six matchup, both Dungy and Vick both denied there was ever any talk regarding the Raiders, negative or positive.

So Tony Dungy did no such thing. Unless you think he is a liar.

Michael Vick doesn't match the kind of player Tom Cable is trying to bring in? Oh, you must mean like Khalif Barnes, Erik Pears, Samson Satele, Langston Walker, Greg Ellis, and Bruce Gradkowski?

All high qaulity stand-up acquisitions, right? Actually, I see no correlation in the kind of players Cable is bringing in.

Tom Cable bringing in high-character players is nothing but a myth created by over- optimistic Raider fans trying to justify Tom Cable as an NFL head coach. Anyway, isn't Al Davis in charge of all personnel decisions?

Then there's Bruce Gradkowski. After one good game, actually, scratch that, after one good qaurter against the Steelers, some Raiders fans have dubbed him asthe Raiders saviour, "Bruce Almighty", the future franchise QB and the next messiah.

The same Steeler team suffering from a Super Bowl Hangover, Key injuries and in the middle of a six game slide. A six game slide including losses to teams like Oakland, Kansas City and Cleveland.

Sure, he works hard, but he doesn't have the ability to be more than a decent backup. Like others have said, he's nothing but a midget with a dream and posseses none of the God-given talents of JaMarcus Russell, Michael Vick, or even those of fellow Pole Sebastian Janikowski.

There is a reason why he was cut by Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and St Louis: they're all bottom feeders of the league. Now it may be time for the Raiders to do the same.

There are so many reasons the Raiders would give Michael Vick a shot.

First and foremost, the man in charge, Al Davis. He has a long track record of bringing in eccentrics, weirdos, and thugs. All the league's rejects, misfits, and outcasts.

And with all that, he was still able to win.

Michael Vick definitely fits the bill.

And as he showed us when he gave the fans in Atlanta two middle fingers after booing him, he shares Al Davis' "F#$% You" us against the world mantality .

Furthermore, Al Davis has a strange fetish for speed and big armed QBs.

Two things that Michael Vick happens to posses.

Then there's Tom Cable. Just take a look at his resume.

A high point in his career was when he coached an offensive line that led the NFL in total rushing yards.

Guess what? On that same team, Michael Vick just happened to have rushed for over 1,000 yards.

Tom Cable knows all about Vick's ability as he greatly benifited from it in the past.

No wonder Tom Cable welcomed Michael Vick with open arms, hugs, and kind words when the Eagles visited the Raiders in Oakland.

No way Cable would oppose coaching another team with Michael Vick behind center. And the same goes for Al Davis, unless he is truly dead-set on JaMarcus Russell as the Raiders' QB.

Then look at the limited succes Bruce Gradkowski behind the O-line. He owes it to his superior mobility. Not some incredible intangibles, leadership, fire, heart, or any other nonesense.

Gradkowski  was able to succeed because he was able to evade the pass rush and buy time for passing plays to develope and for receivers to get open.

Just think what the Raiders could have done with a mobile QB with a decent arm, like Vicks', as aposed to Bruce Gradkowski and his pea-shooter.

Michael Vick could save Tom Cable's career. He has the arm to get the ball down field, the legs to get the Raiders' running game back on track, and the ability to make opposing defensive coordinators pull their hair out.

Sure, Hue Jackson was brought in to develope Russell like he did Flacco. But even then, the Ravens had Troy Smith on the back burner as "plan B".

Vick would make an awesome "plan B" for the Raiders, that is assuming the JaMarcus Russell experiment fails to produce results again.

By many accounts, Michael Vick to the Raiders seems logical and bound to happen.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.