How To Make John Morrison an All-Around Better Character

Kenneth FaganContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

I have always been a fan of John Morrison. I watched him in his early days in Miz and Morrison when i was just 14 years old, and have seen him evolve into a character that is ready to become World Champion. Yesterday, I read Joe Burgett's article on how Morrison may become the new World Champion at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View later this month. I disagree with the WWE's decision to do this if it does happen, but that's not what this article is about.

This morning, I was sitting in my Algebra class(yes, the class is so boring that I don't pay attention, and I create WWE storylines and think about wrestling, don't judge me), and I realized that the character I love and know so well, as cool as he may be, has several major flaws. His gimmick is weak, first of all. He really isn't that over with the fans, and his mic skills aren't that great. So, I propose these changes to Morrison's character, and this could get him over with the fans and truly prep him for a World Title run in the summer.

Remove the hippie aspect of his entrance video, and give him some new, badass music.

Morrison's entrance video and entrance itself are very unique, but not in the good sense of the word. His music is very peculiar, and, while different entrance music is intriguing to some, let's face the facts. A good, hard-hitting rock song is the best thing to do for an entrance music. Edge's music is brutal, yet uplifting, and has, so far, served as a good entrance music for a face. To some, entrance music really is not that big of a deal, but, to some, me included, a good entrance theme is something that is important to a character's reception. That's why I am a huge fan of CM Punk.

Morrison's slow-motion entrance is very annoying, to me at least. Sometimes, being generic is a good thing. If you had Morrison use a generic entrance, throw some cool white and orange fireworks in there, it would be awesome, and really could help his character.

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Let him cut more promos.

Morrison has a tough time on the mic, which is essential to a good character. The reason he has a tough time on the mic is simple: the WWE doesn't let him cut enough promos. Not even when he was Intercontinental Champion did he cut promos. There was one time i remember specifically, and that was on ECW on the Abraham Washington show. His skills there were great, they didn't seem staged at all, really.

In my opinion, if the WWE wants him to be a main-eventer, Morrison need to be able to cut more promos. Perhaps is you gave him a personality aspect like CM Punk's straight-edge movement, he could get some time on the mic.

Put him in a real feud.

Morrison, when he was Intercontinental champ, faced Dolph Ziggler at Hell In a Cell, then lost it to Drew McIntyre at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. There was no feud that Morrison was entangled in, which is why he needs one. Myself, I have always found it more interesting when feuds are fused with wrestlers' personal lives, like HHH going to Randy Orton's house and beating the crap out of him. That was very interesting, as was CM Punk's feud with Jeff Hardy, using his straight-edge techniques and capitalizing on Hardy's past mistakes. I found that interesting.

I'm not sure how that could work with Morrison, but perhaps bring a family member into his feud, and that could write itself. I don't have an idea off the top of my head, but oh well.

These techniques, in my opinion, could catapult Morrison into the status he has been asking for for a long time: World Champion.

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