The Return of the No. 3? Not What You Might Think

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010

29 Apr 2000: Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 is in action during the NAPA Auto Parts 500, Part of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, at the California Speedway in Fontana, California. Mandatory Credit: Donald Miralle  /Allsport
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

It's now been almost nine years since the passing of the late great Dale Earnhardt. And since that 2001 Daytona 500, not once has the No. 3 hit the track in the Sprint Cup Series.

That might all change in the next couple years.

Who's gonna drive it!? Is it going to be Dale Eanrhardt Jr.!?

The answer is no.

Rumor has it that Richard Childress' grandson Austin Dillon, who currently drives the No. 3 in the truck series, will be driving the No. 3 when he makes the climb to the Sprint Cup Series.

If Childress does decide to put Dillon in the No. 3, I can assure you a lot of people will not be happy, including me and most of Jr. Nation.

Seeing anyone else other then Earnhardt drive the famed No. 3 is, in my mind, just not right, and I hope Childress does not decide to do this.

Yes, Childress does own the rights to the No. 3, and he can do whatever he wants with it. However, is it really right to let his grandson to drive the famed number?

The answer is no.

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Now, granted, it is only a rumor.

Rumor also don't just start out of no where.

We can only wait and see what Childress really decides to do with the three.

But I can only hope we never seen anyone drive it again unless its Dale Earnahrdt Jr.