Super Bowl 41.5: Colts Won't Back Down from Patriots

Ryan SmithContributor INovember 2, 2007

IconWelcome to the greatest game of the season.

Everyone is picking sides and rooting for their team. But who's got the edge in the battle of the unbeatens—the Patriots or the Colts?

Can Indy hang with New England? Can Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl-winning Colts stomp the all-too-smug grin off the Patriots' faces?

I think so.

Here's the issue: The Patriots, while playing in a dominating fashion, haven't exactly been the cleanest team in the NFL this year.

When a team gives the NFL bad press, the first organization to come to mind generally isn't the three-time Super Bowl champion Patriots.

But then there was that scandal involving a camera and the Jets.

I need not go into specifics, but let's just say I'm not exactly New England's biggest fan.

I respect the fact that they have won Super Bowls and also have great players on their offense and defense. But Videogate has tainted the Patriots.

Every time they win or produce a phenomenal play, it will be questioned.

In contrast, the Colts have been playing to win the right way. They may not be blowing teams out like the Patriots, but they're winning and winning handily.

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QBs in the league today. He plays within his limits and does what he can to win. The Colts also have one of the highest-ranked defenses in the league.

The Patriots haven't played a team of the Colts' caliber since last year...when the Colts knocked them out of the playoffs.

They're now facing a Colts team that knows it can win the Super Bowl. That's a very good feeling to have when you're taking on the Patriots.

Everybody speculates as to whether the return of Marvin Harrison will be the key factor.  I don't want to hate on Marvin, but the real MVP of this team is Peyton Manning—the Colts win with Harrison or without Harrison.

Peyton will win the game with his mind, which is the best in the NFL. His abilities to call plays and audible out of dangerous situation are second-to-none.

The Patriots have been cruising all season, just going through the motions. Their only test so far has been the Cowboys (6-1).

The Colts are at another level. The Patriots aren't ready for a long, difficult, and draining game.

I predict the winners of so-called "Super Bowl 41.5" will be the Colts—by a touchdown.


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