2008 NFL Season Prediction

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

The next NFL season will be chock-full of surprises across the board. I set forth some of my predictions for the following year.

NFC East Title: Cowboys 14-2

Tony Romo won't let his divisional playoff loss hover over him for a long time. He'll come back gunning passes to Terrell Owens. Expect Marion Barber to be one of the top five rushers in the NFL next year.

NFC North Title: Packers 10-6

After Brett Farve's retirement, a new quarterback is assuming the duties. Don't expect Aaron Rodgers to have a monster year, but offensive players such as Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant will help Rodgers out.

NFC South Title: Panthers 10-6

This division has a lot of problems, and I don't expect many of these teams to rise to the occasion. The Panthers will not have many injuries, so they will stay afloat.

NFC West Title: Cardinals 9-7

I believe this is the year the Cardinals finally reach their full potential. Expect the Seahawks to drift away after the cutting of Sean Alexander.

NFC Wild Cards: Giants 11-5, Saints 9-7

After their Super Bowl shocker, expect the Giants to make the playoffs again, but they won't go as far. For the Saints, Reggie Bush will finally emerge as the player we all saw in college.

NFC Championship: Cowboys over Packers

AFC East Title: Patriots 13-3

After a perfect regular season, and a disappointing Super Bowl loss, the Patriots will return as a contender. However, the key loss of cornerback Asante Samuel will hurt the team a bit.

AFC North Title: Steelers 12-4

After a disappointing first-round exit last year, expect Mike Tomlin to help his team rebound to another solid campaign.

AFC South Title: Colts 13-3

Not much of a shocker, right?

AFC West Title: Chargers 14-2

Coming off a heroic performance by Philip Rivers against the Patriots in the AFC Championship last year, expect the Chargers to emerge as a huge threat in the AFC.

AFC Wild Cards: Titans 11-5, Bengals 10-6

Vince Young will be elected to a Pro Bowl, and he will become one of the AFC's best quarterbacks. Chad Johnson will put his hissy fit with the Bengal's front office aside, and will put up big numbers for his team.

AFC Championship: Chargers over Steelers

Super Bowl: Chargers over Cowboys