What's Wrong with the WNBA?

Andrew WillisCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

So what's really wrong with the WNBA?

Why is it that almost immediately following the end of the NBA playoffs, the sports world becomes dry and boring?

Sure, there's baseball and tennis and golf, but hasn't the WNBA made a name for itself yet?

In a sports world where everything seems to come to a complete standstill when summer arrives (barring this summer—thank God for the Olympics), one would  think another professional basketball league would be welcomed and garner much attention.

So again I ask—what's really wrong with the WNBA? 

Is it the "W" that just kills everybody?  Surely, in the land of the free, in the land of equality, women's sports are just as important as men's.

Its almost amusing how people will give these ridiculous excuses to why the WNBA hasn't succeeded, all just to avoid controversy.  But let us be real today.  The WNBA is failing because it's boring.

Let's not beat around the bush today.  Women's basketball is basketball in its purest form—the way the game is supposed to be played.

Okay—so why doesn't anyone like it?  Well...ask yourself, would I rather watch Sue Bird take a great pass from one of her teammates and finish with a lay-up, or watch Tracy McGrady grab the board, lead the fast break, and finish with a posterizing dunk on Shawn Bradley?

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Don't get me wrong.  I like women's basketball just fine and all, but ask me to watch it outside of the NCAA tournament...you've got to be kidding me.

So when I hear the L&A's (Lovers and Apologists) start giving me excuses like "everybody goes on vacation in the summer and so naturally ratings will be lower," I chuckle a little inside and try to keep an understanding face so as to not appear condescending or chauvinistic.

Ultimately the WNBA is going to have find something or someone to market. 

Cue: heavenly angels singing.  Enter: Candace Parker.

This young lady might not be the answer, but at least she's a strong start.  Okay, you have your "face" of the league.  Now you need a rival player, team, or something that sparks controversy. 

We need some trash-talking, a little in your face action to get the media's attention.  I'm not saying we need another Pistons-Pacers brawl, but a little bravado never hurt anyone.

Believe or not, as much as the NBA and NFL discourage trash-talking and animosity among its players, that's a lot of what drives up ratings. It creates a storyline.

Anybody who remembers any storylines in the WNBA, feel free to leave them in the comments down below. 

We have to stop acting like this is a perfect world and that the WNBA doesn't need format itself after the NBA to gain public appeal.

The smartest thing the WNBA could ever do is allow the NBA to help it in whatever ways possible.  


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