Miami Heat-San Antonio Spurs: A New Year's Matchup

Ivan Mora@@moraivanContributor IDecember 31, 2009

It’s the end of the decade, and I couldn't have asked for a better matchup to start off the New Year. 

It might not be a spectacular matchup for most NBA fans, but it is to me.  Being a resident of San Antonio you have to cheer for the Spurs. 

Having said that, I’m also an avid NBA fan, and have followed the Heat since Wade joined the league.  With this game, you get a matchup of one of the best players of the decade (if not the best) in Tim Duncan carrying his struggling Spurs into the new year against the rising young Miami Heat with their Future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade. 

These matchups have always been intense.  I have attended every Spurs-Heat game for the past five years and can honestly tell you I have never been disappointed. 

So with that said, let me explain why every NBA fan—even those who are not fans of either team—will enjoy this game. 

The San Antonio Spurs need to get another championship for Duncan and they need to do it soon.  His knees are giving out, and at 34 you can't really expect too much after these next two seasons. 

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With Ginobili injury-prone and Parker trying to find his rhythm, the Spurs needed to start the rebuilding process as well.  With the addition of Jefferson, McDyess, and Blair, among others, they have been struggling to find that chemistry. 

Struggling to really compete against the NBA's elite, they have fallen to a very rare slow start for the four-time NBA champs.  The Spurs haven't shown the chemistry they’ve had in the past few years. 

When December came along, they started the month with a different approach as they had done with the season.  They are now 9-5 in December with Miami's game left tomorrow afternoon.  What's most impressive is their 6-1 run in the past seven games. 

When you really check the Spurs' December schedule, they have won against mediocre teams.  Regardless of their schedule, though, they have started to find their true spark to being contenders. 

Ginobili’s performance in last night’s game against the Timberwolves could very well be proof of his agility and versatile style of play coming into action in late December.  So overall, Spurs are ready to deliver a superb New Year’s game. 

The Heat has actually had their ups and downs this season, especially in December.  Miami is 7-5 in December, leading up to tonight’s game against the New Orleans Hornets

Similar to the Spurs, they have struck up a surprising 5-1 run in the past six games.  That 5-1 run includes blowout wins against Toronto and Orlando earlier in the month. 

With Beasley finally finding his swagger and Jermaine O'Neal proving he can still be a factor at the post, they have found help that was desperately needed by Wade.  Wade is Wade and will always be a big factor in games, but he needs help and I think after the blowout loss against Memphis at home, they have finally turned things around. 

They had to review some game films and have a soul-search as a team to shake off that terrible loss.  Keep in mind, I am not dissing Memphis in any way; they are a young team on the rise, but still, that loss was just devastating.

After that loss, it seems they have found the chemistry needed to finish off the year strong.  Hopefully they will end tonight’s game with a win and end up with a 6-1 run like the Spurs.  

So every NBA fan has to appreciate Christmas and New Year's games like I do.  They simply light up the holidays and always deliver what the NBA is well known for: AMAZING GAMES.