Chad Ochocinco Swipes at Darrelle Revis: A War of Words Begins

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistDecember 31, 2009

It seems to be the day for talking. 

First, we had LaMarr Woodley chatting to the press about how the Steelers are going to be cheated out of the postseason by the Patriots and Bengals. That has faded out.

Now we've got another problem. 

Yep, Chad Ochocinco has opened his mouth once again, and of course, has criticised another player. This time it happens to be Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

In a lengthy and entertaining press conference for the New York media, Chad had this to say.

"Darrelle Revis couldn't cover me in a brown paper bag on a corner of a Manhattan street inside a phone booth," Ochocinco said after asking if everyone had their recorders on. "It's impossible."

Revis replied with a very sensible statement later on.

"I doubt that, I like him, like the way he plays and all that. Hope he doesn't play this week, but anytime we play him, he's always got comments. I think it's good, good for the game."

Although this banter is typical of Chad, the two men claim that they are friends.

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"Look here, me and Revis is better than Pacquiao-Mayweather, period, case closed. I don't care what anybody is doing Sunday night. If you don't tune into the game Sunday, you have no life. You have no life. You have never seen a matchup like this ever before." Chad said later on in the interview.

If this is true, Chad, then maybe it's time to start playing like a top caliber athlete. We all know he has promised these highly entertaining results, and failed to deliver. Making a statement about another player is fine in sports; Muhammad Ali did it, but he could back it up.

Promising a blockbuster game is one thing, but for your sake Chad, please back it up. A loss to New York and a poor performance by you could take the motivation and sting right out of the Bengals at this point in the season.

Chad's numbers on the season are of quality. 72 catches for 1047 yards and nine touchdowns is enough to give him the right to talk. 

The fact is that these two teams could once again meet up in the first round of the postseason. If Chad under performs next week, it could really do some damage. Giving the upper hand to a cornerback like Revis is one thing, but lowering your team's confidence for the sake of entertainment is another.

For the Jets, a win over the Bengals this week gets them into the postseason. Not only is this going to be a physical game, it is also set to be a mentally challenging one as Chad's head games have already begun. Talk is cheap; the Jets need to keep their heads in this heated but quirky situation.


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