All Hail Saint Favre: A Look Back at Monday Night

Leroy KleimolaCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 28: Jeff Dugan #83 of the Minnesota Vikings is brought down by Danieal Manning #38 and Hunter Hillenmeyer #92 of the Chicago Bears as teammate Lance Briggs #55 moves in at Soldier Field on December 28, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Vikings 36-30 in overtime. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Oh, somewhere men are laughing. Oh, somewhere children shout, but there is joy in Chicago, mighty Favre has struck out.

The Chicago Bears got the last laugh on Monday night as Jay Cutler finally figured out how to throw the football (albeit 16 weeks into the season). "Saint" Favre's luck ran out, as the Bears beat the Vikings on Monday night, and cheated Minnesota out of a chance for the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs.

Why is it that I cringe every time Jay Cutler throws a pass?

For the most part, Jay Cutler impressed me on Monday night, even though I still have some serious question marks. But despite my blood pressure rising throughout the game, it was great to watch.

However, there were a lot of things that I noticed about Monday nights game. 

As far as the Vikings are concerned, they need to improve their special teams play.  It wasn't Brett Favre's fault that they lost. I wouldn't even blame Adrian Peterson or the defense. 

Special teams lost the game, plain and simple. It was hard to believe how much Daniel Manning ran the ball all over Minnesota.

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Let's discuss Brett Favre for a moment. Favre, despite spending the last week whining and complaining about poor coaching decisions, was told he wasn't being allowed to run the team (Hmm, since when does a quarterback run the team? Oh well). Favre played a great game—in the second half. 

Favre was dismal in the first half, being rushed and hit over and over by a great Chicago defense who finally decided to show up for a game. The Vikings offensive line couldn't stop the Bears' rush. The Bears had a field day in the first half when they caused Favre to fumble and repeatedly hit the Vikings quarterback. 

Finally playing well as a team, the Bears went into the locker room 16-0 up at the half, but were forced into overtime, before emerging as winners.

Despite the win and the big time play of Jay Cutler, Cutler is still far from being the elite quarterback the Bears thought they received from the Broncos.

Jay, here are some words of advice—learn how to fake a throw. 

Cutler was staring down his receivers the whole time, which is a one reason why he leads the league in interceptions. Middle linebackers can watch his eyes the whole time and see where he's going to throw it. 

Also, the Bears must start to give Cutler better protection, because when he isn't rushed he can actually make plays. Cutler had all night in the pocket on Monday night, and it showed as Cutler threw for 273 yards and four touchdowns laying opposite Brett Favre.

Hey Brett, I have a message for you too. First off, I just need to say that I don't understand how why are a media darling.

But let's move on to some football.

When the Vikings had the ball at the eight yard line, you threw a temper tantrum directed at Coach Childress, who wanted to bring in the goal line squad and you didn't want it. It was very cute when the cameras focused on you and you looked like a little four-year old who was told he had to take a nap. 

But what was even better was how on the following play, you called a run to the right and got Peterson tackled for a huge loss. 

Tell me, did you do that on purpose so you could prove your point that you were right? Okay Brett, that's fine, you can be a little baby. But I have news for you; when you're playing for an organization that has never won a Super Bowl and has had its share of heartbreak in the playoffs, stunts like that won't fly.

Getting back to the bears, if they win against the Lions in Detroit next week, the Bears will be 7-9 on the season. Not too bad considering they have a brand new quarterback and a squad that has been decimated by injuries this year. 

My question is this—if Chicago gets rid of Lovie Smith, are they willing to spend another four years waiting for the players to learn the new coach's system.

And as far as the future of the Vikings is concerned, what is Minnesota going to do when Brett Favre leaves to go to a different team next year?  Will the Vikings going to go back to Tarvaris Jackson? Will he still want to stay in Minnesota?

The Vikings will have a lot of questions after this season, regardless of whether they can get their heads on straight and win the Super Bowl.

The fact of the matter is that Minnesota needs to stop relying on Saint Favre to lead them to the Super Bowl, and they better hope that the team plays like they did during the first 10 weeks of the season and not the last three.


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