The Raiders vs the Officials: Enough is Enough, Already

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IDecember 27, 2009

NFL referee Jeff Triplett tosses the coin as the  Arizona Cardinals  host the Pittsburgh Steelers August 12, 2006.  The Cardinals opened a new stadium in Glendale, Arizona and won 21 - 13.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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You sometimes truly hate to be a fan. Other times, you wish you could be an owner.

On Sunday, I wish I could have been a player...and after being thrown out of a game for a ticky-tack penalty, I would have knocked a ref from the game.

Let's recap.

Oakland had started the game out nicely, was down only 6-10 when Cleveland's Alex Mack attempted to strike another player. Apparently, Jeff Triplette was too busy replying to a beeper from the Cleveland owner, for how much flags cost.

Not much, for in one drive he proceeded to throw three flags at the Raiders, while only one at the Browns. One, against Stanford Routt, crippled the Raiders secondary and led to a touchdown extending the Browns lead.

If you were watching this mess on TV, you had to wonder if Jeff was actually an official in the NFL, or just pretended to be one. As frustrating as it is, a little research into who this clown is, turns up a history of bad calls, flagrant misses and botched placing of the ball.

Sad as it was, Oakland had to deal with his incompetence all day, including having another player, Tony Stewart, ejected from the game for bumping him.

Funny, if a ref bumps the player, could the ref be ejected?

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Among other questionable calls was a pass interference call, an interception that had to be overturned, a neutral zone infraction, a taunting call.... What is going on in the NFL these days?

If it was one or two calls a game, that might be tolerable. But an entire day, of bad calls? Does Goodell seriously expect football to be considered a professional sport with officiating this poorly?

Tom Cable, and more importantly Al Davis, should call the league on this travesty.... If anything, Al could hit Goodell where it's important: in the pocketbook.

Refuse to give the NFL it's share of revenue for team sales, until conditions improve within the game.

Either that, or since Al likes spending money, fix this problem one of two ways. Buy the best players money can buy, or buy the refs that can keep the best team from winning the game.

As it stands right now, I would also demand that Jeff Triplette no longer be allowed to ref games for the Raiders, a similar issue with Walt Coleman after the tuck rule.

If the league says the Raiders can not make such an issue, then simply say the team will not be help responsible for his poor conduct as an official.