Michael Schumacher in a Mercedes? What the Benz?

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2009

TOKYO - OCTOBER 8:  Michael Schumacher of Germany and Ferrari poses with a local child during an appearance at the Showa Shell headquarters on October 8, 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images).
Clive Mason/Getty Images

He is back. And this time for good. Only now he will be driving the car that he has raced against all throughout his life.

Sure, you have the history factor—it was a Mercedes Benz that once helped him so much. He raced with it first, and now he is coming full circle. Funny. When you think of Schumacher, you think Ferrari, you think the prancing horse, you think the tiffosi, you think red. Not anymore.

He spent a decade with Ferrari. He has won five drivers championships with Ferrari. He broke Nigel Mansell's and Ayrton Senna's record with a Ferrari. He conquered it all with the Ferrari. He was supposed to come back in 2009 with the Ferrari. And now he is back, but not with Ferrari.

Why is he coming back with Mercedes? He could have helped the Scarlet Machine develop better cars.

I know his presence is paramount for Formula One at times like this when nothing seems certain and the viewership is slowly declining. In fact, a part of me wonders if this whole "return" thing is a gimmick by the Formula One supremos in order to boost viewership. Just bring him back to the circuit and watch the viewership and sponsorship skyrocket.  

I wonder what other fans of Ferrari will feel about that. I'm not too happy that Schumacher is back with archrivals Mercedes and not Ferrari. The names Schumacher and Ferrari have been synonymous and inseparable in the world of Formula One, and the fan of one is inevitably a fan of the other.

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And now it seems that the bond is broken. Whom do I support? Should I withdraw my allegiance to the tiffosi in order to support my idol, or should I stay true to the color and the machine of which I was a fan?