For the Toronto Raptors, Assists are the Key

Brad NortonCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

When talking about the Toronto Raptors this year it's more about minuses than pluses. As, they find themselves with a 13-17 record. With Mr. Muscle a.k.a Reggie Evans, who's supposed to be the second coming of the Big Oak a.k.a. Charles Oakley not even having played a game this regular season.

Also, with a "banged up" Hedo Turkoglu, their starting point guard Jose sitting sideline in a suit, and we are not completely sure if Bargnani is 100 percent. But, I have to say that I think Jack and Marcus banks are a way more solid combination than Jack and Jose.

Sorry, Jose, but you just aren't getting the job done, at least not as good as Jack and Marky Mark are. Anyways, things haven't been going good in Raptor land with their best streak being a losing one...at five in a row.

But, maybe with facing all these hard teams in the beginning is a good thing because I mean a lot of our west coast series are done and looking on we'll have to face less and less "elite" teams.

But, enough ranting and let's get to the key of what it takes for the Raptors to win games. what is wrong with them is pretty clear if you ask me and it's that they aren't spreading the ball around enough.

Remember, when we won our Division that year which seems to be so long ago. I can't remember how many times the person with the open shot would make that extra pass to give the best chance of getting those points.

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Now, we have a bunch of confident shooters that are being selfish and not looking to pass. They miss the shot, then they get the ball again, continue to shoot, continue to miss, repeat, repeat, repeat.

But, yet these times or in fact all the times that we've won games you see players like Turkoglu, Jack, etc., etc. with 10 assists and five assists. Sometimes they get going late and score some points, but mostly they have relatively low points and medium to high assists.

On opening night, against the Cavs the Raptors had 23 assists then as we look on those assists went down on those losses. All, but twice in the Raptors wins this Season they have had 20 or more assists.

Now, honestly why they don't keep those 20 or more assists consistent I don't know and I think that is what's killing them. Now, I think the only time they win games if they have less than twenty assists is if someone like Amir Johnson crashes the boards and guys like Sonny Weems and DeMar DeRozan attack the rim.

Lets see if they can keep up those assist totals and continue to win games.


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