Portland Trailblazing Their Way to the Top

RealSportsTalk Contributor IDecember 22, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 20:  Greg Oden #52 of the Portland Trail Blazers looks on against the Golden State Warriors during an NBA game at Oracle Arena on November 20, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

"The Future." The young gold. The completed puzzle.

The Portland Trailblazers have established a pretty high profile for themselves in the eyes of NBA fans, viewers, players, and organizations, as a whole.

The Trailblazers are one of the few teams in the NBA that are only going to get better as time progresses, they are only going to have better chemistry, and we will continuously watch them grow into their prime and break records.

They will evolve into possibly one of the best teams in NBA history; that is if they stay as a unit, which I suspect they will.

The questions are probably popping up about why I think so highly of them.

The same reason you do at the back of your head, it is easy to say and think profane things about them, but they are the most underrated elite NBA team out there because of their age.

Don't have a conversation with their age but rather their game, which flows like Eminem with a microphone.

They have almost all the pieces to the puzzle; I would go as far as to say they are only missing one piece—time.

Time will not take a toll on them; it will only lead to experience for them, experience that will build their chemistry and make success a habit rather than a milestone.

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They have a great team that is as deep as the Grand Canyon.

They have tremendous chemistry. They are able to communicate on defense and connect on offense.

You have heard those points enough times but have you ever went in depth to analyze them? That is what I plan to do for you today. 


Andre Miller; Brandon Roy; LaMarcus Aldridge; Greg Oden; Rudy Fernandez; Joel Przybilla; Jerryd Bayless; Steve Blake; Travis Outlaw. Tell me that isn't deeper than the Grand Canyon. Examine these guys.

Andre Miller is an accomplished floor general who is, in my opinion, the most underrated player in the NBA.

He has a great back to the basket game, especially considering that he is a point guard, and a strong one at that.

He has an incredible mid-range jump shot, along with his great ball handling and smart decisions with the ball. His passing game is simple and effective, and that's all that matters.

Brandon Roy. Amazing. The future Kobe Bryant. The reason we need to keep watching basketball. The answer to Portland's prayers. Mr. Clutch.

All of the previous adjectives and statements accurately describe him. His astonishing blend of power, speed, and quickness is unmatched.

He can drive to the rim, pull up in your face, step back to the three-point line, step up for a 45-foot shot with a defender in his face at the last second, and lace a shot in front of 20,000 fans in the stands, and then walk off like nothing happened.

He is a stud, a superstar, the future.

LaMarcus Aldridge has proven himself over and over again as the best big man and second-best player overall in his class, taking the back seat to teammate Brandon Roy.

He is a great, consistent big man with an incredible mid-range game, along with a remarkable back to the basket game, a future all-star, a true stud.

His physical features help, as he is a very long guy in the sense of his wingspan being longer then his height.

Even though Greg Oden is considered a bust, he is still a great player—he just hasn't met the overwhelming expectations that everyone had of him.

He can still easily become a 10-point and 10-rebound and two-block type of player—which are above solid numbers.

He is also a big guy, so that always helps. His being injury-prone is the thing that is holding him back.

Rudy Fernandez. The Spaniard is shocking the world his mixed ability to both finish off a lob on a fast break, put his head down and smash his way through to the rim, or  spotting up a mid-range jump shot, or arcing a three-point shot.

It is evident that he has talent and that he can indeed play. He is making quite the name for himself.

Joel Przybilla. Joel is a great big man, a traditional big man, in terms of dominance.

He is a tremendous offensive rebounder and rebounder in general.

He can produce in the paint which is another big advantage about him, not to mention that he is a threat on defense, considering he gets after shots.

Jerryd Bayless. He hasn't really gotten the opportunity to shine, but we have seen glimpses of him. He has got game.

He still has a lot of time to improve though. He is a great ball handler, as we saw in college, and a smart player, too.

Steve Blake. A smart point guard, fairly clutch, a great three-point shooter, and, along with his mid-range game and pinpoint passing, he has the total package.

Travis Outlaw. Travis Outlaw has proven himself as a poor man's Tayshaun Prince. He has a long-wing span, a great drive, and a deadly shot. 


Tremendous is the only word that comes to mind when I think of the chemistry of the Portland Trailblazers.

They are a unit, and they certainly play like one. They have studied each other, which is something you don't see very often in today's NBA game.

They actually run lanes and all rebound the ball, which is why they are a great offensive rebounding team.

The Trailblazers are the epitome of a modern, old school team. They never try running you off of the court, they aren't a slow team, but they are right in the middle.

They have studied where their players like the ball, they don't get too fancy, they revolve around an all-man rebound system, and the ironic part is that they are one of the youngest teams but they play like a true veteran team, in a way, like the Detroit Pistons of past.

I guess you could fit my description of their five-man defense in here, too, considering that would fall under their chemistry. So, they have a great five man defense going for them, all in all dangerous chemistry.

In Conclusion

All and all, the Trailblazers are the team to watch this upcoming season. They have all the tools to win a championship, they are more than capable, they are true contenders.

The players they have are tremendous. With a superstar in Brandon Roy to guide the way, they have a right-hand man in LaMarcus Aldridge, and a bunch of great role players who fill the pieces to this puzzle I keep mentioning.

A lot of people have said they are going to be an elite team, but they have spoken too soon.

Case in point, last year, to be an elite team in my eyes, you must first get past the first round.

Even if they don't win the championship this year, their great blend of talent and chemistry can guarantee one thing: They will get into the playoffs and get past the first round.

How far past the first round is undetermined, but the Western Conference Finals are a likely possibility.

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