Formula One: Schumacher, Brawn and Mercedes, a Match in F1 Heaven

Daniel ZylberkanCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

1 Jul 2001:  Michael Schumacher of Germany and Ferrari on the podium after winning the French Formula One Grand Prix at Magny Cours in France \ Mandatory Credit: Mark Thompson /Allsport
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Like bread and butter, whiskey and soda, fish and chips, there are few things that go better in the world than Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn, and the worst part is I think they know that too.

Schumacher won 7 Drivers' Championships and Ross Brawn has won 8 of them, they weren't together for only one, last year at Brawn GP, where Jenson did his best Schumacher impression. Well not quite, Schumi never let Barichello out qualify him as often as Rubinho did with ol' Jense.

2009 was a flashback of sorts to the not so distant Schumacher era, a dominant Ross Brawn designed car, a rather talented first driver, and the ever familiar Rubinho playing second fiddle to Brawn and the team. Rubinho's three stopper at Barcelona was eerily reminiscent of the Scuderia in the days of Brawn and Schumacher. The only difference is Jense is no Schumacher and Rubinho was able to come within 10 points of winning the championship at one point.

So that brings me rather circuitously to my point, Schumacher to Mercedes rumors are to be expected, it's been what has worked in Formula One for the past decade and half. Brawn, Schumacher, and more often than not overwhelming manufacturer support for their team.

Schumi might be 40, nearly 41, but he will be the same Schumacher, the "accidental" spin at the Rascasse in Q3 at Monte Carlo, the entire 1994 season, the Villeneuve "incident", but don't ever forget who was there along with the best villain Formula One has seen seen since Alain Prost ;) I can't help it I'm a Senna fan.  Well the answer is Ross Brawn, the master behind Schumacher's success.

Shame has never been, and will never be a trait that define success for drivers and engineers in Formula One. So get ready to hear Deutschland Uber Alles a lot next year, we thought we were rid of him 2006 but in the words of Michael Corleone:

"Every time I think I'm out, they pull back in !!!!!"

Welcome back to the Schumacher era, but this time there will be no Damon or Mika. It'll be Lewis, Sebi and Kubica, I for one can't wait.


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