Golden State Warriors: Another Year, Another Disgrace

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IDecember 16, 2009

The end couldn't have come soon enough.

It's hard to believe that less than two years ago the Golden State Warriors won 48 games and the year before that, went to the playoffs. Now, that's all but a distant memory.

Chris Cohan is still the most incompetent owner in all of professional sports. Team President Robert Rowell is just as bad, Larry Riley is a puppet to the organization as GM with no power at all, and Don Nelson can practically do whatever he wants until he breaks Lenny Wilkens records for most career wins as an NBA coach.

Even with Nelson gone as coach, the Warriors struggles will continue. It's already been shown with Keith Smart running the show while Nelson was out with pneumonia. Smart has no clue how to run a team, and it clearly shows why he wasn't retained as Cleveland's coach after the 2002-2003 season as interim coach.

In 40 games as interim coach, he went 9-31 for a winning percentage of 22.5 percent. I don't care if you're an interim coach and you don't have the assistant coaches you need—That's inexcusable. Smart makes P.J. Carlesimo look like a genius! Which isn't saying much because Carlesimo was a terrible coach, but at least respected as an assistant coach.

The Warriors came into a five game road trip with an excellent opportunity to win some games, but failed. Oklahoma City was really the only team that I felt would give them problems, and they did.

But so did New Jersey (only win), Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia. Both Chicago and Philadelphia had been playing terrible, and Detroit had won four games in a row when Golden State came in.

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Somehow the Warriors lost all three of those games, including an embarrassing loss to the 76ers in Philadelphia—a team that had lost 12 games in a row. After the game, Smart should have been fired immediately, but of course, the front office the Warriors have would never do that!

There are plenty of words to describe Smart and his ability to run a team, and none of them are positive. The smartest decision Smart would make is to quit and never return to the NBA unless it's in the seats to watch a game.

Besides Smart, though, the Warriors' problem is also with weak GM, Larry Riley. He was able to trade Stephen Jackson to the Charlotte Bobcats for an injured player Raja Bell, who appeared in one game but went under the knife for an injured wrist.  He also brought in Vladimir Radmanovic.

Bell would have been a nice addition to add a defensive presence into the lineup if he were healthy, but he's not. Radmanovic constantly reminds Warriors fans why he could never get into games for the Los Angeles Lakers—He is flat out terrible, and those are the two players that the Warriors received for Jackson.

I'd rather have Jackson then an injured Bell and the awful Radmanovic. He can't shoot, he can't rebound—The only thing he does reasonably well is play defense, but Jackson was by far the better player.

At least if Riley was trying to improve the team, a rebounder would have been a better option than trading for a shooting guard who wasn't going to play, and a small forward who doesn't even remotely come close to what the Warriors need.  Instead, he just got rid of Jackson just to get rid of him.

One of the worst signings the Warriors have made came by Riley, as well, with the addition of Mikki Moore as a free agent. Moore is the absolute worst player in the NBA. For a 7-footer, he can't play defense, he can't rebound, he has no post moves, and when given the ball for wide-open layups, he can't even catch the passes.

Moore does have a decent 15 foot jumper, but other than that, there's nothing to his game and you can clearly see why he's been on 11 teams in the 14 seasons he's played. He's absolutely terrible.

My question is: Was this the only big man the Warriors could find to play for them? If so, doesn't that show just how pathetic the franchise is?

Now there's rumors floating around that Anthony Randolph who currently is the team's leading rebounder may be on the trading block again. Randolph is only 20 years old and has all the talent in the world to become a superstar in the league, yet neither Nelson nor Smart will give Randolph minutes.

During the game against Philadelphia, Monta Ellis and Randolph got into it. I find this hard to believe, considering Randolph was in the lineup to help trim a 20 point lead down to 10, and at half time the Warriors were trailing by only 14.

So, it didn't bode well for the Warriors to have him on the bench to start the third quarter. Yet Randolph was on the bench to start the period out. By the time Randolph was inserted into the game in the third quarter, the game was over and the Warriors were down by 31 to a team that lost 12 games in a row.

What's also been disappointing for the Warriors is the inconsistency of Stephen Curry. He has shown flashes of why he was the No. 7 pick in the draft, but a majority of the time he looks lost.

I think at this point, the best option for the Warriors is to include Curry in a trade with Randolph, in order to make sign a player to a contract, not accepting an upcoming free agent that the Warriors have no chance of signing.  (Honestly at this point, what self-respecting player would want to play for the Warriors organization?)

Sad part is that the Warriors fans are some of the best in the NBA, and yet year after year Warriors fans are most often watching a dreadful team with no chance of the playoffs.

As mentioned previously, though, the Warriors finally looked like the team that was going to get out of its losing ways, until Cohan and Rowell stepped in.  It's no use to go back on what happened with Chris Mullin and the trade or Jason Richardson, not resigning Matt Barnes, and not resigning Baron Davis.

At this point, Warriors fans are wondering when is this nightmare going to end? There has been rumors that Cohan wants to sell the team. I say let's get it away from being a rumor and make it a reality.

This is where David Stern needs to step in and force Cohan to sell. Warriors fans are getting sick of having an inept owner who doesn't even come to home games because he knows he won't be well received at the Oracle.

Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times wrote this article  about Cohan likely selling the team. How about Stern making it a reality? Please give Warriors fans the best Christmas present ever with Cohan being forced out an a competent owner to take his place and make the changes the Warriors so desperately need.

Because if Cohan continues to run the franchise it will continue to be the laughing stock of the NBA and the team will still be a disgrace!


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