Keys To the Wolf Den: Jonny Flynn Is Kevin Garnett

Timber WolfAnalyst IIDecember 15, 2009

No disrespect intended to any hardcore Kevin Garnett fans, but as a rookie, Jonny Flynn and Kevin Garnett are the same rookie for their respectable position.

Kevin Garnett does everything to insult you and tears you limb for limb with his facial expression and physical vulgarity.

Jonny Flynn is a point guard that can make ONE direct comparison to Magic Johnson, in that he smiles to insult you.

Kevin Garnett led the Minnesota Timberwolves in scoring, rebounding and blocks, but most importantly, emotion.

Jonny Flynn scored 28 points and five assists against the Utah Jazz, ending their seven game winning streak in their respective arena. It was also Jonny Flynn that hit the game-winning shot with three seconds left on the clock against elite PG Deron Williams, but it was what he did before the inbounding play that drew up the comparison between Jonny Flynn and Kevin Garnett as rookies.

Jonny Flynn walked to his position, looking focused as ever with no nervousness on his demeanor at all. It was almost as if the six-foot guard stood just as tall as the 6'3'' guard Deron Williams almost as to say, "I'm winning this game." He took three steps back, and despite Deron Williams avoiding the screen like All-Star PG's do, he could not stay in front of Jonny, and Jonny took advantage, he let out a scream while flexing his muscles, walked over to the bench, and earned even more respect from the Utah Jazz and his teammates themselves.

Once Jonny Flynn hit the game winning shot, a few of my family members yelled out "the rookie!"—something I haven't heard since Kevin Garnett was a rookie himself.

Head coach Kurt Rambis has said that "Jonny Flynn will be in Chris Paul's and Deron Williams' class, he's just not there yet". But lately, Jonny Flynn is showing the same signs that Chris Paul and Deron Williams showed in their respective rookie seasons.

Kevin Garnett has a personality that gravitates to his teammates. He plays with intensity, gives 100 percent effort, and absolutely wants to win, and regardless of wherever he plays, the T'Wolves fan base online and in the Target Center always gives him a standing ovation due to the hard work he put in to make the Wolves a respectable franchise.

Jonny Flynn's charisma absolutely rubs off on his teammates. He keeps his head up, talks with emphasis and a swagger that is in direct comparison to Chris Paul. His game is starting to show you, rather than tell you.

Jonny Flynn laughed in Derek Fisher's face when Corey Brewer posterized him . Jonny Flynn screams out loud when the Wolves go on a run and the opposing team calls a time out, or when he makes a dish to a teammate for a great bucket.

So are the Jonny Flynn comparisons to Kevin Garnett completely irrelevant, or does anyone else see it as well?

Kevin Garnett was the greatest Wolf in history, does Jonny Flynn live up to that? Probably not.

David Kahn said, "I think that Minnesota is going to like Jonny Flynn for years to come".

But pound for pound, smirk for smirk, grin for grin, Jonny Flynn is Kevin Garnett, no?

Alright but it was a nice comparison, right?

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