BCS and Texas, Alabama and Florida. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest.

Eddie DzurillaCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

Well, it’s that time of the year when college football winds down.  And the big boys, the so called Bowl Championship Series that used to be called Division I, utilize polls, conjecture, and some questionable officiating to make sure that two schools picked from one of the six so called power conferences will play for the championship. No playoff here, nope, no way.

The reasons for this are…hmmmm….kinda funny. One explanation that has been given is that a playoff system would add too many games to these poor little ol' players schedules, and cause them to wear out physically. Another is that it will negatively impact the players grades.

But Division I-AA (Bowl sub-division), II, and III all have multiple game playoffs. As do a lot of the larger states, like Texas, California and Florida, in high school. So the powers that be would have us believe that a playoff will negatively impact the academics and bodies of Division I players ONLY. But it’s has no negative impact on all other players at levels both below and above them. Yeah, right. And I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya, real cheap.

The BCS is all about keeping the money for the big six conferences. The big games are worth $17.5 million. Plain and simple. 

And it ain’t getting easier. Last year Utah went 13-0 yet didn’t have a chance to play for the BCS title. At a Congressional subcommittee hearing, University of Nebraska chancellor and BCS figurehead Harvey Perlman was asked what the Utes could’ve done differently “They could have played the schedule Nebraska did,” Perlman said. This is after the Utes went out and destroyed “power conference” Alabammie in the Sugar Bowl. And we all know what happened this year with TCU and Boise State being relegated to the Plessy v. Ferguson Bowl.

Boise has an open date in 2011. They are making an incredible offer in college football scheduling; Boise will bring its team to any town to play any team in America in 2011. And they don’t have to return the date in Idaho. Guess which team has an open date and is not returning the calls? That’s right, Nebraska. Wussies.

How can Boise, TCU and other non BCS conference teams beat quality opponents if quality opponents won’t play them? Or, perhaps, this is how the major conferences are going to deal with the Broncos, Frogs and the other “non-power” conferences. Keep em’ down. Minimize the damage. Try to let one team and one only, play in a major Bowl IF they are undefeated and the heck with the rest. A TWO LOSS Oklahoma State team would have been picked above Boise this year; unfortunately for the BCS they went out and gagged against a 7-5 Oklahoma team. So, the next best thing since fate forced their hand was to relegate Boise to play TCU, the other “mid major”.

But there is something that the current BCS contenders from the power conferences all share in common, and can beat the non majors at. Their teams that proudly represent the Universities of Texas, Florida and Alabama are amongst the dumbest in college football.

At Florida, only 42% of the football payers graduate…while 76% of the general students do.  Alabamie graduates 39%, compared to 66% of their general population.  And Texas?  Only 31% of the Longhorns get their sheepskins, compared to 72% of their classmates.  Wow.  All three Universities are in the lowest 10 in graduation rates.   We’re talking bottom feeder here, guys who think that riding the short bus is standard operating procedure.  Guys who put the “re” in remedial.

So perhaps the BCS feels sorry for these dumbo’s.   But the rest of us would like a playoff; 32 teams, 16 starter bowls, 5 tiers.  Not just to get a real national champ, but also to get rid of these crappy 6-6 mid level “power conference” teams playing each other in so-what toilet bowls in today’s system.  But don’t hold your breath….cause it’s all about the Benjamin’s.


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