Tiger Woods and Miguel Cotto: "Players" in Every Sense of the Word

Cliff Eastham@RedsToTheBoneSenior Writer IIDecember 11, 2009

If nobody else in the world is rejoicing over the news that former welterweight champion Miguel Cotto is being sued for sexual harassment, I am sure Tiger Woods is.

All we have seen or heard for days, ad nauseam is Tiger Woods' alleged affairs and sexual wrongdoings. It would be a breath of fresh air for Woods if the story moved up from page five. Misery loves company, or so they say.

Of course, Cotto’s troubles are only alleged at this point. But then, so are Tiger’s. At least, the majority of them.

A former employee of Cotto, Martha Chacon Acevedo, is suing the boxer for a cool $500,000. She worked in a capacity not associated with his boxing endeavors.

According to ESPN , Acevedo claims that she eventually yielded to his sexual advances out of fear of losing her job. They had an affair, she alleges, for two months before she broke off the relationship. At that point, Cotto terminated her employment in Oct. 2008.

This would be nothing but a monetary issue if Cotto were not married with children. His family supposedly backs him wholeheartedly, but how many times have we seen this unsightly scenario unfold?

Cotto was whipped like a rented mule by Manny Pacquiao in November of this year, capturing his WBO Welterweight Championship belt in the process. When it rains, it pours.

The “Pride of Puerto Rico” is not the first professional athlete to allegedly extend his “training regimen” outside the bedroom. For that matter, thanks to Tiger, he isn’t even the first this month.

Cotto does have an advantage on Woods when it comes to bringing “baggage” into his sports arena. Cotto can use it as a tool to build aggression against an opponent. Tiger, on the other hand, must have keen mental focus in order to perform his sport optimally,

Tiger has reportedly spent millions of dollars in a futile effort to keep his “transgressions” minimized. Miguel does not have the resources to write “big money” checks as a silencer for his alleged wrongdoings.

Sport fans have had their fill, I would suppose, of “off the job” trashings of their favorite athletes. Tiger has always been revered as a consummate professional and loved by the masses. Cotto is one of the most loved persons in Puerto Rico with a huge fan base.

It is wrong for us as parents to expect athletes and movie stars to serve as role models for our children? As Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Bob Gibson said, “Why should I be a role model for your kids? Be a role model for your own kids.”

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