The Indiana Pacers' All-Time Roster

RealSportsTalk Contributor IDecember 11, 2009

Starting Lineup:

C. Mel Daniels
P.F. George McGinnis
S.F. Roger Brown
S.G. Reggie Miller
P.G. Mark Jackson


C. Rik Smits
P.F. Jermaine O'Neal
S.F. Chuck Person
S.G. Jalen Rose
P.G. Travis Best
P.F. Dale Davis
S.F. Ron Artest

For the starting C, PF, and SF, I chose Daniels, McGinnis, and Brown who were the three best players during the ABA years. They won two rings together, and Brown and Daniels won one ring before the arrival of McGinnis.

The starting SG and PG have to be Reggie Miller, definitely the best Pacers player ever, Mark Jackson one of the best passers of the history of the game.

Rik Smits has to be the back up C, he had a great career and was a key player of the team who went three times in the ECF in the 90's and went to the finals in 2000.

Jermaine O'Neal was the leader of the team for the first half of the 2000's, it's thanks to him that the Pacers kept begin successful while Miller was past his prime and eventually retired.

Chuck Person is one of the best shooters ever, his duo with Reggie was one of the best in the league at the end of the 80's and beginning of the 90's.

Jalen Rose and Travis Best were two key players of the Pacers when they forced the Bulls to a Game Seven in '98, and when they went to the finals against the Lakers in 2000.
Jordan himself said that Best was the player who gave the Bulls a lot of trouble in '98, he was the player they had the most trouble to deal with. And as a matter of fact the Bulls were in trouble because of his quickness.

Rose was the second best player of the team when they went to the finals in 2000. He never had the career he was supposed to have when the Nuggets drafted him, but he still had a very good career, he definitely played his best basketball with Indiana.

Dale Davis was the heart of the team in the 90's, he was doing all the dirty work. And Ron Artest had his best years with the Pacers, before the fight in the Palace of Auburn Hills...

It's with the Pacers that he almost became the fifth player to ever average a quadruple double, as a matter of fact he registered 24 points, nine assists, nine rebounds, and eight steals vs. Miami. He deserves to be mentioned here, but I gave him the 12th spot because it's also important to remember that he was also a trouble maker.

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