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Loscy LoscyContributor IDecember 10, 2009

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 01:  Shelden Williams #13 of the Boston Celtics fould Gerald Wallace #3 of the Charlotte Bobcats during their game at Time Warner Cable Arena on December 1, 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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If you’re reading this blog, you might be one of the following:

  • A) a die hard Celtics fan
  • B) a casual basketball fan that likes to laugh at what a homer might say
  • C) my mother
  • D) a realist basketball lover that likes to read mind-boggling, cut-throat analysis of a game we all love
  • E) a very nice friend

If you are either A, B, or D, then you probably know about one of the best basketball podcasts out on the net: Celtics Stuff Live . Jon (@csl_duke), Justin (@csl_justin), and Kevin (@henkink) do a fabulous job of bringing together wonderful Celtics analysis that has plenty of humor organically woven into the show. You can catch their podcast every Sunday night when Jon, Justin, and Kevin have a special guest (such as Mike Gorman, Jess Camerato, Austin Ainge...), chat with live callers on air, and address email/twitter questions from fans. Additionally, once a week you can catch their weekly podcap after a Celtics game. Be sure to check their schedule each week at http://www.celticsstufflive.net .

I trust Jon and and Justin and Kevin’s take on the Celtics more than most. They have a wonderful eye for the game, and an even better appreciation of what it means to be a Celtic fan.

Jon was nice enough to answer some questions from Loscy.

1. What's the biggest difference between the way the 2008 team was built and the way the current 2010 team is built?
The biggest difference between construction of the 2008 and 2010 teams is arrival of Rasheed Wallace. Let's not forget that until PJ Brown rolled into town in late February, the C's relied on Leon Powe and rooke Glen Davis for their front court depth. It's even more remarkable looking back that the team did as well as it did relying on young players in important reserve roles.

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2. How many more good years does Pierce have in him?
Though it depends on what a "good year"  is, I'd say Pierce is good for another 3 years at an All Star level and 5 as a starter. The problem Paul faces is that the most athletic and diverse players on a court are the guys he has to guard. This may shrink his window of influence.

3. What's the ceiling for Rondo?
Rajon Rondo does not have a ceiling. He has innate abilities and intuition about the game of basketball that will be with him until he's 40. He has athleticism that can match anyone in the league. The only thing holding him back is not his unreasonably criticized jumpshot, but his inability to be a consistent force on the court. If Rondo can learn to be more consistent with his effort and aggression level, he can be the best point guard in the league.

4. Did you ever play basketball growing up? If so, what was your go-to move?
I "played" basketball, but I won't snow you and tell you I was good. I was not. I was slow, unathletic, and until I turned 16, short. I loved the game as much as anyone, but that only goes so far and entering high school as one of the shortest kids in your class isn't a great way to become a varsity player. Of course now I'm 6-2 and I bloomed a bit late, but the athleticism never really came around. As for a go-to move? It became a lot more effective for me when I grew, but I watched a lot of McHale growing up and his up and under was a frequent friend out of my bag of tricks.

5. What awards/accolades could you see any member of the Celtics winning this year (realistically or what you hope)?
Though it is a big man award, I think the only individual honor I see a Celtics player winning is the Defensive Player of the Year and Rajon Rondo being the recipient of that. Rondo racks up a ton of steals and he is becoming highly regarded as an on the ball defender. Of course he has a ways to go in not gambling for steals, but DPOY is, not unlike baseball's Gold Glove, an award that doesn't always go to the person most deserving.

6. Will the Celtics have another serious rebuilding era of 3-5 years after the window for this team closes, or can you see the Celts staying contenders (ECF Semi contenders) annually?
What the Celtics look like after The Big Three era ends will be answered in the next 18 months. Rondo is locked in and if he can become a more consistent threat then they should be competitive. The question is how the team makes over the wing positions. I would suspect Pierce is here for life, so a lot of this depends on whether Ray Allen re-signs this summer and how much he costs. Even if Pierce, Allen, and KG are not replaced with All Star players, you have to feel confident in Danny Ainge that he can get the guys he needs to fill in around Rondo (and possibly Perk if he re-signs after next year).

7. Do we need a real back-up point guard?
We need Marquise Daniels to get healthy and give him the keys to handle the ball full time. I don't think anyone on the second unit knows who the "point guard" is and thus the group seems disorganized. I think a wing defender is a bigger priority right now because I think Eddie and Quisy will figure it out.

8. Could Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine combined rent us a decent PG with an expiring contract?
Even in this era of a Swine Flu Pandemic, I would accept a bag of used kleenex for Tony Allen. As for Scal, until Glen Davis returns I wouldn't want to pull the trigger on anything, but I'm not sure how much the Celtics get for these guys unless it is to assure the C's of a chance to acquire a guy who might get bought out or take someone off of another team's books. I think with the Summer of 2010 looming, it will be a weird trade market this February.

9. Do you see Perk getting re-signed for a long term deal once his contract is up?
I'd like to think Perk re-signs here and I see no reason why the Celtics wouldn't want that. They will have plenty of cap space after next season, so they can back the Brinks truck up for him. I think the only issue for a Perk re-signing is how much will need to be devoted to adding a wing player will cost. Might it cost sending Perk in trade? Maybe, and writing that might make my CSL partner Justin Poulin's head explode.

10. What are your thoughts on how the time share of minutes will work between Glen Davis (refusing to call him Baby) and Shelden?
Shelden started very strongly and I think saying that he's been bad or knocked out of the rotation is unfair. However he does seem lost at times and still needs time to acclimate to his teammates. Still, Baby missed a lot of time and will be very rusty coming back. I would suspect that it will be a true competition for Shelden and Glen with perhaps each sharing the minutes Shelden has been occupying with one getting the minutes in the first half, and the other getting the second half minutes. May the best man win... so long as no one is getting punched in a moving vehicle.

Be sure to check out Celtics Stuff Live for more information.
Thank you to Jon for your time and answers.

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