Prices Fall on Raiders Wideouts: FantasyDC's Buy/Sell Trade Report Week 14

FantasyDCCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

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Louis Murphy WR, OAK

Jon Dove : Sell

While I do believe that Murphy has a lot of talent and ability, I just don’t trust the Raiders offense.  Murphy could have a very bright future if the Raiders could ever get their quarterback situation figured out.  For that reason the only way I am buying Murphy is if I am in a deep keeper league and am willing to take a gamble.  Otherwise, you might be able to sell Murphy high because of his recent success against a tough defense.

Billy Smith : Sell

A quarter of his yards and half of his touchdowns came in Sunday's game against Pittsburgh. It is hard to go after a guy based on one game.

Devin Thomas WR, WASH

Jon Dove : Sell

Devin’s is a little different than Murphy’s.  I trust Campbell more than I trust any of the Raiders quarterbacks.  However, Thomas hasn’t been very consistent and that can lead to a very disappointing fantasy week if he doesn’t produce.  I am not sure that I would even make a move for him in a deep keeper league.  I am worried that, with the upcoming coaching change, Thomas could be on his way out.

Billy Smith : Sell

100 of his 287 yards came this past Sunday. Same principle as Murphy; one game doesn’t make a player.

Jason Campbell QB, WASH

Jon Dove : Buy

I am buying Campbell for the rest of this season.  The Redskins are hurting at the running back position so there is going to be a heavy dose from the passing game.  Campbell has games left against the Raiders and San Diego (who just allowed Brady Quinn to pass for three TDs).

Billy Smith : Buy, in some situations

If you need a backup quarterback, Campbell might be a solid choice. Plus he is getting better.

Roy E. Williams WR, DAL

Jon Dove : Buy

Has Roy Williams finally got on board with Romo? Not sure, but the Cowboys have a very high-powered offense and I like the chances of Williams having good games from here on out.

Billy Smith : Buy

The Cowboys are in the playoff hunt and, while Williams isn’t the top dog in Dallas anymore, he is going to get looks. Plus, he might be angry about his role and may play harder.

Brady Quinn QB, CLE

Jon Dove : Sell

It appears that Quinn is on a hot streak.  But how long can this streak last?  I think that Quinn will continue to be semi-productive but not worthy of a starting fantasy quarterback.  Do not trade anything valuable for this poor quarterback stuck on a terrible Cleveland team.

Billy Smith : Buy, in some situations

Like Campbell, Quinn isn’t the worst choice in the world to have as a backup. I think Quinn has played as well as he can in his situation. He really doesn’t have any receivers to help him out. If you put Quinn on the Bills, you might have something.


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