Why Must the BCS Continue To Exist?

College Football FanaticCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

388779 03: White House spokesman Ari Fleischer holds a bat autographed by the New York Yankees baseball team May 4, 2001 in the Rose Garden of the White House. President George W. Bush was hosting a White House visit by the World Series champion New York Yankees. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Newsmakers)
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The picture you see above is of Ari Fleischer, who the BCS has hired to, ahem, "protect and defend" their system.

The headline you see above is what I asked myself all of last night as the Fiesta Bowl matchup between Texas Christian University and Boise State was announced.

To me, the Fiesta Bowl was an obvious BCS cop-out to keep a BCS conference team from being beaten by a Mountain West or Western Athletic Conference team, even though it happens every year in the regular season. Hey, at least Cincinnati gets to play Florida, and TCU and Boise get to play each other. Talk about fair matchups.

So, why does the BCS continue to exist?

It exists for money. You know that the people who are affiliated with the BCS don't care about Gary Patterson, Brian Kelly, or Chris Petersen's feelings. They've got one thing on their mind and one thing only—greed.

It exists to, quite simply, create controversy. The BCS wants people to have an opinion on the bowl games, and believe me, they're getting some strong opinions out of the bowl matchups announced yesterday.

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It exists because a playoff, according to the BCS, would be the equivalent to the apocalypse.

It exists because we have people like Fleischer, who couldn't even defend George Bush properly, that can't defend the BCS.

It exists because we're the ones who go to the games.

It exists because we're the ones who watch the games.

It exists because we care about the games.

It exists because with a playoff, you wouldn't get to see absolute shams like this.

It exists because no matter how much hate the game gets, it most likely will end up selling out or come close to it.

It exists because these bowls are "ratings winners." Explain to me again how Georgia Tech-Iowa and TCU-Boise will have big viewership?

It exists for the power conferences, not for the "little kid" conferences like the Mountain West, the Sun Belt, the WAC, etc.

It exists because the BCS is a "friend" to the Mountain West and all other mid-major conferences. Read between the lines. The BCS and the Mountain West are friends just like Neil Page and Del Griffith were friends for the first twenty minutes of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

But why does it really exist?

It exists so that a BCS conference team, like Florida, Texas, Alabama, or any other team from the Big Six, won't have as much of a chance to be embarrassed on the big stage like Alabama was by Utah last year, Oklahoma was by Boise State in 2006, or Pittsburgh by Utah in 2004.

By the way, remember that Oklahoma-Boise State game?

It was one of the best of the decade and contained, in my opinion, the most memorable finish of the decade.

And, thanks to Utah (twice) and Boise's wins over Big Six teams in the last six years, this is why, according to the BCS, we can no longer have nice things.

Thanks a lot, Ari Fleischer and all members of the BCS. You really screwed it up this time.


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