Does Kevin Love Make the Minnesota T-Wolves Competitive Again?

Ethan WeiserCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

WESTWOOD, CA - MARCH 5:  Former UCLA Bruins basketball player Kevin Love applauds his former team during the NCAA basketball game between the Oregon State Beavers and the UCLA Bruins at Pauley Pavilion March 5, 2009 in Westwood, California. The Bruins defeated the Beavers 79-54. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

It seems to be the case in the first few games he came back. But it can go even further than just the fact that a star is back.

The Wolves were a shorthanded scoring team. Love can shoot. He proved that last season, and is proving it again after his injury, knocking down a three-pointer against the Jazz. We need his scoring ability down low.

Which brings me to the post.

The Wolves have currently been playing Al Jefferson, Ryan Hollins, Nathan Jawai, and Ryan Gomes in the post. Why would they do that?

Well the Wolves didn't really have a choice. The Ryans were the only ones with the post ability, and Jawai and Jefferson were just big bodies. The truth is, none of them play very well together.

Al and Ryan would make a good team, with a large bodied strong Jefferson, and the high jumping, athletic Hollins, but the truth is, Ryan Hollins isn't a starter.

Kevin Love is a starter.

And even when he's not, how much rather would you have Kevin Love coming off the bench than Nathan Jawai? Ramon Sessions and Kevin Love are making a pretty good team, and could possibly start together one day, despite Flynn's good play.

Also, the Wolves just need his presence.

How intimidating would you be as a Maverick or a Celtic if you had to face a decent rookie, and a center struggling to be the All-Star he should've been last season? Not very. 

Granted, Love isn't the biggest threat either to a KG type of player, but combined, the Wolves look more like a team. Without him, they didn't even have a starting PF. Now the lineup is probably going to turn into Jeff, Love, Gomes, Brewer, Flynn. That's actually a fantastic balance.

Strength down low, shooting down low, all around player, strong defense/improving shooting, new star all around PG. Seems a little better on paper than Damien Wilkins who would replace Love as a slightly less intimidating Gomes (who, at times, can play a lot better actually).

So when people start making projections to a 12-70 season, simply because of a 15 game losing streak to start, don't forget about the Love factor. A good statistic; the Wolves are .500 when Love has played this year.

The Wolves are going to start playing well again, just like last January. The pieces have finally all come together. Right when Jonny figured himself out, Al started to play like himself, and Ramon Sessions started putting up double figures, Kevin Love recovered.

It's going to be more fun to watch.


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