For My Birthday, a Sports Highlight DVD

Neil PowellCorrespondent INovember 30, 2009

As my 34th birthday comes to a close, I thought to myself, it sure would have been nice to have been able to ask for a DVD of my favorite and most memorable sports memories of all-time.

Through determination and my love of sports, I've had a knack for watching the vast majority of it's biggest moments.

Sure, my highlight video would include the classic, no-brainers like Jordan over Ehlo or Joe Carter's walk-off in the World Series, but there would also be a few that would be personal choices.

My video would include the following:

The top 10 shots from Tiger Woods including his eagle on a four par in the British Open, the chip at Augusta, and that sand shot at the Canadian Open.

It would have Bo Jackson running up the wall, throwing it home on a fly from deep center, and running into the tunnel for the Raiders.

Give me Barry Sanders 15 best runs, the 25 best Vince Carter dunks, the quick version of Kobe's 81 and Tyson's 10 best knockouts.

There's Tom Chamber's dunk over Mark Jackson, Jerome Bettis running over Brian Urlacher, Brandon Jacobs destroying Charles Woodson and this one play, where seven-foot-plus Trailblazer center Arvetis Sabonis was on defense and he went to the ground to get a loose ball and threw it no-look, from a knee, and styled, never looking as his teammate dunked it on the other end of the court.

Highlights from the USC-Texas Rose Bowl, the 49ers-Bengals Super Bowl and some Terrell Davis. 

Give me Derrick Thomas' seven sack game vs. Seattle, Lawrence Taylor's biggest hits and Roberto Alomar gems at second.

I would want the five best deep balls from Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Kurt Warner Steve Young and Tom Brady.

How about every one of Icharo's singles the year he got like 220 of them?  Okay, that would be a bit much but he'll retire as one of the greatest players in baseball history so give me the only inside-the-park home run in the All-Star game. 

I need Laettner's shot vs. Kentucky, Chapman's fade-away three in the NBA play-offs and 30 minutes of M.J. highlights.

Throw in some of Nolan Ryan's best including him blowing up Ventura's face when he charged the mound.

George Brett tipping his cap at second while batting .400 deep into the 1980 season, Jack Nicklaus chasing in his famous putt at The Masters, and Payne Stewart drawing a tear to my eye after sinking his clutch U.S. Open winning putt in '99.

It would include the best catches by Rice, Moss and Owens.

A little Brett Favre, Larry Bird and John Stockton.

I'd have Ozzie Smith, Scott Rolen and Torii Hunter defensive gems.

There would be a list of the best sports names like Rock Cartwright, Uwe Blab and my all-time favorite God Shammgod.

Oh yeah, there's Bryce Drew, Boise State and I'd have a little Bonds and McGwire too.

Maddox, Greinke, Clemons and Pedro at their best.

Man there's so many, this might need to be a box-set.

No matter what, give me tons of John Elway. Including "The Drive" and his run in the Super Bowl.

Attwater, Ray Lewis and Lott laying the wood. Tyree and Holmes would need to be there somewhere.

Carmello and Durant in college.  Shaq Daddy and Tim Duncan.

Michigan guard Rumeal Robinson's mega-clutch free throws against Seton Hall.

Danny Manning mocking Oklahoma's Stacey King as he completed his classic "and-one" in the '88 NCAA Championship.

At the end, there would be silence for a few seconds to build excitement then it would pick up the CBS broadcast of the '08 Championship game as Sherron Collins drives up the court and passes to Mario Chalmers who then sinks one of the most memorable shots in basketball history.

Now that was fun!


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