Come to Think of it: Josh McDaniels "Swears" Denver Broncos Just Trying To Win

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer INovember 27, 2009

Hey, the Denver Broncos finally ended their run of futility, and all the reports focus on only one thing.

The win snapping Denver's four-game slide? No. Brian Dawkins' inspired play? Nope, that's not it either.

Instead, a swear word uttered by coach Josh McDaniels that was accidentally broadcast by the NFL Network during the game Thursday night took center stage.

It had been 38 days since the Broncos had won a game, yet all the talk is about McDaniels' penchant for the F-word.

Meanwhile, there was a football game played last night, a 26-6 victory over the Giants, who are in the midst of a serious slide of their own.

Elvis Dumervil had two more sacks, raising his NFL-leading total to 14, the second one leading to a fumble. But both teams share one common theme: They have stalled since starting out undefeated.

Denver won its first six games before losing four in a row, and the Giants have lost five of six since starting the season 5-0. So much for the concept of momentum.

But, it was Denver's inability to score in the red zone (hey, this is Kyle Orton and not Jay Cutler QBing the team, right? Just checking) that led to the NFL Network's embarrassing mistake.

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Coming out of a commercial break, the NFL Network showed a clip of McDaniels yelling at his players on the sideline, saying, "All we're trying to do is win a [expletive] game!"

The vulgarity was clearly audible to viewers, and announcer Bob Papa immediately apologized on air. But he certainly doesn't need to apologize to me, and I suspect most football fans could care less about swearing.

This is football, after all, a tough game played by tough men, and things get said in the heat of battle. Isn't the game what it's all about anyway?

So McDaniels swore last night? Tough [expletive], I say, come to think of it.


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