Buffalo Bills Need to Lay Off the Turkeys This Year

JW NixSenior Writer IINovember 26, 2009

Yo! I jus wanna says for furst off dat I wishes yous alls a deelishous dead bird day, capeesh?

Let me intoduece myself too dose of yous dat dont know me.

I iz 7thStoneFromDaSun. I am 3rdStoneFromTheSun's cuzin, whos yous all know as JW now.

I usually post my procrastinashuns on anothur sight, but since my cuzin iz on a train right now and kant pick, I iz takin ova wit his blessin.

I iz postin our pix for your football games twoday, but givin my insites as too why, sence we agree on the choices.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Yo, da Lions got dat eeloosive win las weak. Hope dey enjoy it, cause it mite be a minute befour they get one again. They will be starting Culpepper and Johnson mite not play. Not good, capeesh? Expect Ryan Grant to runfor over 100 yards. Dis mite be da game to eat wile its goin on.

Packers 34 Lions 16

Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys

Da Raiders are da most crazy teem in da game. Dey can kill da Eagles and beet da Bengals, but kant beat nobody else. Dallas has ben horruble on offense da past too weaks, so they iz prime for defeet. What Raiders teem shows up is da issue too gamble on.

Cowboys 20 Raiders 13

New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

Denver has been sinkin faster dan da Titantic da past few weaks. It ain't az much a souprize as da winnin streak was, capeesh? Da G-Men looked like dey righted the ship last weak after a month of losin. Dis iz a game both teems need to stay alive, so it could be da best game of da day. Problem iz dat half on da cuntry might be asleep in a turkey coma by halftime.

Giants 27 Broncos 26

OK, I gots to go delivur dis bird to my Auntie Rossetta Madonna Scappelleeto. She iz a Saint, capeesh? Den I iz lookin for a fine lady too let me eat wif at her house. If ya got a extra seat at yer tables ladeez, I will help yous wash da dishes. I iz not only a good lookin good fella, I iz a gentilman.

I leave you wif sum babble 3rd sent me on a text message :

News comes out of Buffalo that Mike Shanahan recently spent several hours talking to owner Ralph Wilson. I personally cannot see him working in Buffalo.

He was said to be lined up for the Dallas Cowboys job in 2010 after the Cowboys fall short again and cost Wade Phillips his job as head coach. I can see that over Buffalo for a few reasons.

Dallas has a lot of talent, but lack imaginative coaching on offense to win the big one. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has been mostly terrible, and owner Jerry Jones needs his head examined if he still consider Garrett the head coach of the future for the Cowboys.

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Firing Garrett after this season is the right move. He might need to go to the UFL or college to learn his craft some more, because he is not NFL talent. Shanahan would represent a huge upgrade, since he is a head coach who likes to play the role of offensive coordinator.

Phillips could even stay on as defensive coordinator, a role he assumed in Denver while Shanahan coached quarterbacks from 1989 to 1991, and where most observers feel is his best place on the gridiron.

Buffalo might be appealing to him because he could be both the general manager and head coach, something he most likely could not do in Dallas under the megalomaniacal Jones.

There is talent in Buffalo, but it appears the team is years away from putting a roster ready to compete in their division.

Though the 57-year-old Shanahan has experience coaching in cold weather cities, the ready made roster of the Cowboys may too hard to pass up. Then there is the notoriety of coaching the Cowboys as opposed to the Bills from a marketing standpoint.

Give Buffalo a lot of credit for getting a early jump on their search for a head coach. It speaks well to their fans, and shows that the 91 year old Wilson still has a thirst for victory.

There may be quite a few jobs open in the NFL for 2010. Some teams that might have openings are the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Carolina Panthers.

Cleveland and Tampa Bay may just get a new general manager, however, considering their head coaches are in the midst of their first season on the job.

The line of experienced coaches with the credentials of Shanahan willing to coach is short, and may only include Mike Holmgren. Holmgren might prefer to be a general manager at this stage of his career, so that makes the list even more sparse.

Whatever Buffalo does with their emanate opening, it has to be a wise selection. Fans saw promise when Hall Of Fame Bills legend Marv Levy returned for a few years as general manager.

When Levy left in 2007, the team has failed to progress. Shanahan would be a big get for Buffalo, so talking him into it now is the right thing to do. It remains to be seen if Shanahan feels that they are right for him too.


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