Kyle Busch: Will He, Won't He Become a Truck Series Owner

Horn FanSenior Writer INovember 25, 2009

For just about the entire 2009 season, you've had the rumor being whispered about Kyle Busch bring Kyle Busch Motorsports coming to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2010.

It goes without saying that many thought it would have happened this year, and it didn't happen.

Speed, Jayski.com, and various other media outlets have added their speculation to Kyle Busch being an owner in the Truck Series and feed us rumors all season.

Now I'm going to beat them to the punch by saying yes, we'll see KBM in the Truck Series in 2010, and what follows is why.

The most obvious reason is that he's left Billy Ballew Motorsports, and the Ford 200 was his finale for the team.

Why make this move if he's not starting his team?

Why would he take a season off without running in a Series he loves tailgating in?

With the season just concluded, scenedaily.com had a article were his agent, Jeff Dickerson, says it will happen, but don't jump to believe it because Kyle says he's still on the fence.

Busch's team KBM currently fields Late Model cars, and since 2007 he has been working on completing a new race shop that could house his potential Truck team.

So here's four reasons why we'll see Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Truck Series in 2010, and yes it's 100% speculation on my part.

1.) At Homestead Speed's Ray Dunlap during practice, he talked to Brian Scott, and it seems that it's basically a done deal with Busch buying Xpress entirely.

Busch basically is buying the entire assets of the team. If that's the case, why won't he just run out of the Xpress shop till his new place is done?

2.) Johnny Benson Jr. was rumored to be signed with Busch and even had Con-Way Freight as sponsor.

Nothing is mentioned about JB these days regarding the Truck Series, other than that he'll be a spotter for Tom Thomas in the Snowball Derby Late Model race.

You're a brand new team, so why won't you want a wily veteran driving a truck full-time for you, one that can be a mentor for the team.

3.) Busch is going to be driving a partial schedule again, just racing in companion races up to the Chase, and will need a part-time driver.

Who better than his good friend Brian Ickler. Makes sense you can put him in the Late Model car, with a combination of the truck events Busch misses and the NASCAR Camping World East Series.

Ickler's a great driver and just needs more seat-time, plus JB would make a great mentor for him.

4.) Of course someone will comment regarding engines and help. But he'll have help from Toyota's TRD and get his engines from Joe Gibbs Racing.

J.D. already said they'd give him a deal on engines, plus it would benefit JGR to have Busch oweing his own team and allow them to run some of their development drivers in a third truck.

So yes, I think we'll see Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Truck Series next season, and no doubt it'll be a success endeavor.

But the big question is who's going with him from Billy Ballew Motorsports?


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