1 Word to Describe Every Big-Time WWE Raw and SmackDown Superstar Right Now

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2022

1 Word to Describe Every Big-Time WWE Raw and SmackDown Superstar Right Now

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    A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if a WWE Superstar was worth just one?

    Here at Bleacher Report, we've described every Major League Baseball team in one word for this season. Let's get pro wrestling in on the fun and do the same.

    For this exercise, we'll be focusing just on the biggest names on the main roster.

    Break out your thesaurus and let's try to find the one word that best sums up each performer's character, overall career, current state on the roster and more.

Raw Men's Roster

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    AJ Styles: Phenomenal

    It would be a cop-out answer to go with his nickname if it wasn't always true. AJ Styles has earned the right to call himself "phenomenal" by being one of the best in-ring talents of his generation.

    Few can get the job done in the ring with his consistent level of quality, which puts him in a tier among the greats.


    Bobby Lashley: Mighty

    One look at Bobby Lashley and you know he's a monster. He looks like he's chiseled out of granite and seems to only get stronger as time goes on.

    By taking out the colossal Omos and Brock Lesnar this year, he's proved 2021 wasn't a one-off and The All Mighty still has a lot left in the tank. He'll be destroying people for some time, seemingly with ease.


    Cody Rhodes: Undeniable

    Cody Rhodes left WWE with a need to prove himself. He wasn't happy with his spot on the card and knew he had more to offer, but he wasn't given the opportunity to reach that level. By having great success on the indies and helping to found All Elite Wrestling, he finally got Vince McMahon and Co. to see his potential.

    Now, Rhodes is booked as, arguably, the top babyface in the entire company with a world title reign in clearer sight than ever before.


    Damian Priest: Vengeful

    Several months back, Damian Priest decided to start lashing out, unable to control his more villainous side. Eventually, his full-blown heel turn was explained as a reaction to the crowd not giving him enough support.

    These days, The Archer of Infamy is quick to dish out the punishment in an attempt to hurt others out of spite after being hurt himself.


    Edge: Bitter

    Like his protege, Priest, Edge's recent promos have all been about how awful the WWE Universe is and why its influence is a negative. He blames his lack of a world title on being more concerned with pandering to the fans, rather than coming up short as people do from time to time.

    For all his accomplishments, The Rated-R Superstar has reverted back to being the bitter villain who will only be happy with gold around his waist, which he feels he's entitled to.


    Ezekiel: Doppelganger/Kevin Owens: Flabbergasted

    In one of the most absurd storylines going on at the moment, Kevin Owens is getting angrier over how few people are willing to acknowledge that Ezekiel is clearly Elias and not his younger brother.

    This isn't some twin magic as The Bella Twins have done in the past, but Ezekiel is keeping up the facade that he's not the same person, which is getting under the skin of KO every week.

    It's a silly feud, but it works. Owens knows how to sell his bafflement, while Ezekiel plays his happy-go-lucky ignorance to a T.


    Finn Balor: Wasted

    WWE doesn't seem particularly keen on pushing Finn Balor for more than short stints. He's someone the company values enough to keep on the roster but not enough to prioritize.

    Given his skill level and fan support, The Prince would be a bigger fish in a smaller pond if he left, rather than being wasted on Monday nights.


    The Miz: Smug

    Things can always change in WWE, but one constant is that The Miz will be one of the most arrogant, self-absorbed characters on the roster.

    He's so good at it that any time he tries to deviate from the formula, it doesn't seem natural. This was the part he was born to play, where he'll twist anything for his own benefit and try to weasel his way out of every situation.


    Mustafa Ali: Hopeful

    It's tough to surmise what is going on right now with Mustafa Ali. After requesting his release from WWE earlier in 2022, he's surprisingly back on Raw with a babyface character who is vying for a United States Championship match and to reestablish himself with the WWE Universe.

    Is this a sign that bigger things are on the horizon for him, or is it just something to get him back in the fold before the company loses interest again?


    Omos: Gigantic

    There isn't much more to Omos than his size. Not only is that the first thing anyone would notice about him, but it's also the entire gimmick he revolves around.

    Even with other tall Superstars such as Commander Azeez on the roster, Omos is the top giant in the land of WWE.


    Randy Orton: Exuberant

    Randy Orton frequently talks about how much fun he's having, and that enjoyment does show through. Normally, his character is a joyless, angry heel. Even as a babyface, he's typically carrying lots of weight and projecting a still-disturbed nature.

    Alongside Riddle, though, he's cracking jokes, celebrating when he hits an RKO and...smiling. The Viper appears to be having the time of his life.


    Rey Mysterio: Warm

    Rey Mysterio is one of the few Superstars to essentially never be a heel. Outside of a short stint in WCW that is largely forgotten about, he's remained a staunch babyface and only continues to add more layers to that.

    Alongside his son, Dominik, he's now added a more protective aspect to his character. He's the type to be supportive of another face by coming out to help them fight off heels and only gets involved in feuds if the villain pushes him.


    Riddle: Goofy

    Riddle's character is among the silliest on the roster. While he straddles the line just shy of being flat-out stupid, he doesn't fully cross it. More so, he's gullible and absent-minded in an almost childish way that keeps him a lovable knucklehead rather than an annoying fool.


    Seth Rollins: Loud

    Whether you look at his noisy suits, listen to his deafening cackle or sit through an angry promo, everything about Seth Rollins is loud.

    The Visionary is one of the flashiest (in a gaudy sense) heels on the roster and commands attention like a child acting out just to be noticed. The sad part is that it works exceedingly well.


    Theory: Embryonic

    By becoming United States champion, Theory has already accomplished more than most aspiring Superstars could dream of. But for someone who is being touted as a WrestleMania main-eventer for years, this is just the beginning.

    Each step feels like he's only starting to realize one small part of his potential. This period will be interesting to look back on in years to come when he's achieved the position of being the next John Cena.


    Ciampa: Survivalist

    Ciampa wasn't initially scouted to be on the NXT roster, but he fought to be signed after some tryout matches. Then, he worked his tail off to ascend the black-and-gold brand and became one of its key figures for years.

    Now that he's moved to the main roster, he's turned heel again to ensure he doesn't get lost in the shuffle. His entrance theme used to say "no one will survive," but he is proving to be an exception to that.

Raw Women's Roster

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    Alexa Bliss: Sidelined

    Why did WWE air weeks of vignettes with Alexa Bliss getting over her Fiend-esque character, just to bring her back with the same gimmick for Elimination Chamber and drop her for weeks afterward?

    While she took some time off to get married, it feels more like she's been sidelined until WWE Creative decides what direction her character will go, with no ideas in mind of who she'd even feud with.

    Out of sight, out of mind. If she's sidelined, fans can only question what's next for her, rather than complain she's doing nothing of value.


    Asuka: Underappreciated

    For at least another week or so, WWE will treat Asuka like a returning star, but it's inevitable she'll fall back down the priority list, as always happens.

    Despite being one of the most talented women the company has had, The Empress of Tomorrow is regularly overlooked in favor of others. Even when she's been champion, she's taken a back seat to other storylines such as the Nia Jax-Lana feud or The Golden Role Models' tag team titles.

    Asuka is rarely booked like the first-ballot Hall of Famer she is. Here's hoping that mindset has changed.


    Becky Lynch: Disorientated

    After losing the Raw Women's Championship, Becky Lynch has come off like someone who has lost their roadmap.

    Her ring attire has the look of a cosplayer wandering a convention, rather than a WWE Superstar, and her promos are disjointed and full of doubt. If she's not holding a title, what is her identity?


    Bianca Belair: Everything

    For the second time, Bianca Belair is the top woman on her brand after WrestleMania. Rightfully so, as she embodies everything WWE is looking for in a Superstar.

    If there's anyone who is stronger, faster, tougher etc., The EST of WWE will soon find a way to pass them.


    Carmella: Vain

    Is Carmella one of the most attractive people on the roster? Of course. But her character knows it and focuses more on that than anything else.

    Forcing others to refer to her as The Most Beautiful Woman in WWE and wearing a face mask to protect her beauty is as vain as it comes, and her inability to focus on anything but herself even led to the downfall of her tag team title run alongside Queen Zelina.


    Liv Morgan: Spinning

    Outside of Liv Morgan being so energetic during her entrances, she's always spinning around in a metaphorical sense. Every time she gets something going, it's pulled away from her and she ends up heading in the opposite direction.

    She gets pushed regularly as a title contender and straight into being forgotten about. She is spinning her wheels, putting in tons of energy but going nowhere.


    Rhea Ripley: Aggravated

    Rhea Ripley is tired of being the anchor of a tag team. She carried Nikki A.S.H. and then found herself in a similar position with Liv Morgan, but she cut that short.

    The Nightmare is looking to get back on top by embracing her anger and taking it out on others to make a dent on the roster.


    Sonya Deville: Corrupt

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sonya Deville is the latest example, abusing her powers as an authority figure in her attempts to win the Raw Women's Championship.

    She's heading straight toward being fired from that job and forced to stand among her peers as a regular member of the roster.


    Queen Zelina Vega: Haughty

    It's been months since Zelina Vega scored an upset to win the Queen's Crown tournament and weeks since she lost the tag team titles, but she still carries herself with the unwarranted pride of being better than everyone on the roster.

    As an actual performer, she is fantastic and underrated, but the character has less to be boisterous about than she thinks. It's fun to see her break her fake royal accent in times when she's flustered, showing this veil is an incredibly thin defense mechanism.

SmackDown Men's Roster

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    Butch, Ridge Holland and Sheamus: Aggressive

    It's fight night any time these three are around. Butch is essentially pure rage, constantly fuming and looking for a brawl; Ridge Holland is no stranger to battle; and Sheamus has been picking fights for over a decade.

    If they're in the arena, someone's getting some bruises.


    Drew McIntyre: Warrior

    Armed with his sword and built like a machine, Drew McIntyre isn't one to back down from a battle. He stands his ground, fights for what he thinks is right and is always working his way back to being the world champion of whatever brand he's on.


    Gunther: Rigid

    Gunther is a living brick wall, too sturdy to knock down. But he has a slap that echoes beyond the ropes and a powerbomb that looks like he's about to slam his opponent through the ring.

    His durability is matched by his stiff demeanor, and there is no room for levity. He's there to do a job and be as indestructible as possible.


    Happy Corbin: Morose

    Baron Corbin's insistence on being called "Happy" is in direct opposition to his ill-tempered attitude. Now that he's lost his teammate, Madcap Moss, he's targeting his former friend instead.

    Misery loves company. If Corbin can't have a buddy, he'll take others down to his level so they can feel the same level of gloom. What a jerk.


    Madcap Moss: Stand-up

    Moss still hasn't quit telling jokes like a comedian, and he's turned over a new leaf by becoming a real stand-up guy in a different sense, too.

    Now a babyface, he's doing the honorable thing these days on SmackDown and taking Corbin down a peg every chance he gets.


    Ricochet: Rising

    Ricochet is a high-flyer, but WWE sure has made his ascension a difficult journey. Even now, as intercontinental champion, he isn't being positioned as a major priority, only feuding with lower-card talent and struggling to assert dominance.

    However, it's a start. Here's hoping this is a steady progression in which both the title's prestige and Ricochet's star power reach new heights.


    The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods): Limbo

    Big E's injury threw plans for The New Day off-kilter. Their feud with Butch, Ridge Holland and Sheamus has been messy as WWE scrambles to make the most out of a three-on-two situation with little to no end goal in sight.


    Roman Reigns: Unparalleled

    Simply put, there is no one in the entire company at this moment who is on the same level as the Undisputed WWE Universal champion. He holds both world titles, has been dominant for a longer stretch than nearly every Superstar in history and shows no sign of slowing down.


    Sami Zayn: Frenzied

    For the past few years, Sami Zayn has seemed like he's had a few too many cups of coffee for his own good. He's always erratic, talking about conspiracy theories, running away from fights that he got himself into and flip-flopping between success like the intercontinental title and humiliation such as his loss to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38.

    Zayn's life appears to be pure chaos. Only when that shot of adrenaline wears off will he seemingly find some stability.


    Shinsuke Nakamura: Missing

    What happened to Shinsuke Nakamura? He went from standing up to The Tribal Chief to being completely absent from television.

    WWE could have chosen to make him the No. 1 contender for a one-shot chance at the title and opted to boot him to the sidelines. Why even put him in the position in the first place if that wasn't the plan?


    The Usos: Ones

    If you're going to have a loud bark, you'd better have the bite to back it up. When Jimmy and Jey Uso talk about how everyone else is a two but they're "the ones" in the tag team division, it's not just hyperbole.

    The Usos have reached legendary status as one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history for their exceptional quality performances, number of title reigns and benchmark runs as champions.

SmackDown Women's Roster

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    Charlotte Flair: Stale

    As great as Charlotte Flair can be, she's been stagnant for some time and could use some refreshing.

    Once she loses the SmackDown women's title to Ronda Rousey, WWE should try working some alternative gimmicks for The Queen so she doesn't return with the same shtick.


    Lacey Evans: Tough

    If you've listened to even one of the recent promos Lacey Evans has cut, it seems her physical might is even surpassed by her mental and emotional strength.

    Now that she's embracing this background and being repackaged as a babyface, we may be looking at the true defining run of her career where WWE finally taps into everything she has to offer.


    Naomi: Reliable

    Pun-intended, Naomi is a glowing example of someone who has been dependable from day one. She stood out in NXT and has been an unwavering member of the main roster for over a decade.

    Whether she's holding down the fort in the singles scene or being a fantastic tag team partner to multiple Superstars over the course of her career, she is worth every penny of her contract.


    Natalya: Coasting

    The so-called BOAT could have had any number of nautical words. Natalya is an anchor for the women's division, steering the ship for future Superstars like Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons on NXT.

    By and large, though, she's just been floating for years in whatever direction WWE decides to set her sail. Hopefully, there's a lighthouse on the horizon to show the way and she goes full-speed ahead.


    Raquel Rodriguez: Promising

    Raquel Rodriguez has improved dramatically since her debut as Reina Gonzalez in the inaugural Mae Young Classic five years ago. At 31, the future for former NXT women's champion and two-time tag team champion looks very bright.

    WWE seems to be taking a slower approach with her, and she'll continue winning squash matches as she establishes her name in front of the SmackDown audience. But don't be surprised if she's holding gold at some point in 2023.


    Ronda Rousey: Threatening

    WWE has settled back into the mold with Ronda Rousey where she's positioned as someone who is rather passionless in her warnings. We all know she's a legitimate badass based on her history, and she states her intentions to destroy her opponents with the matter-of-fact coldness of The Terminator.

    She'll make good on her promise to make Flair tap out at WrestleMania Backlash on Sunday, smile a bit and then move on to the next target.


    Sasha Banks: Effortless

    Sasha Banks has long been one of WWE's best female performers and has done this long enough that it seems she can put on a great show with her eyes closed. Currently, she's helping make the best out of a bad situation with the women's tag team division.

    Just by proxy of being associated with her, the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship gets an upgrade.


    Shayna Baszler: Untapped

    Shayna Baszler knows how to make her opponents tap out, but WWE doesn't seem to know how to tap into her potential.

    Her dominance in NXT should have led her toward a Raw or SmackDown women's title by now, but she can't even get a feud with her friend, Rousey.

    Hopefully, WWE will kick things into gear and build her up to challenge The Rowdy One down the line as a legitimate threat.


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