San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary's Vision, Deferred

Brian O'FlahertyContributor INovember 22, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - NOVEMBER 08:  Head coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers looks on against the Tennessee Titans during an NFL game on November 8, 2009 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

After Sunday's game in Green Bay, the reality has not only become concrete, but it has set in, hard and firm. The only problem now becomes, who's going to tell Mike Singletary?

Singletary's decision to go back to the grind with his infamous “smash-mouth” philosophy has solidified what many fans feared, that Singletary is incapable of abandoning his philistine, brutish, simplistic reverie.

He wants to run smash-mouth, and there is no combination of logic, explanation, or reality based test cases, that will change Singeltary's thought process.

In an ideal 49er contrast, Bill Walsh's nightmare IS Singletary's vision. It is the opposite of what Walsh built and believed in, in every conceivable respect.

Since Mike Nolan arrived with Singletary at his hip, this warped concept has stained itself into the very brick and mortar of the 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara, which still holds those five, ever so distant Super Bowl trophies.

Second Half Salsa-Dance

“But the 49ers were throwing the ball in the second half of the Green Bay game, I think Singletary will make the switch now.”

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The 49ers were throwing the ball in the second half of the Houston loss too, but much like the Green Bay loss, one cameo does not make a show, much less a theatre company.

Apparently, nothing has been learned from their brief escapades into the shotgun offense. Nothing at all. The 49ers go there, like a vacation to the Bahama's, but that is only when they are feeling down and need a breath of fresh air. They don't live there, they live nowhere close to there.

The Arctic Circle is a long trip away from their beach house getaway, and they much prefer to sleep on beach blankets in the freezing cold of the far north. That's “who they are.”

Furthermore, the 49ers didn't use the “effective offense” for the whole second half. They flirted with it. They fondled and fluttered around the idea of it. Like a drag act, they dressed it up, danced and pranced their way down the runway, but at the end of the day, the reality cannot be escaped, Singletary does not feel comfortable in that kind of dress.

What Happens to a Vision Deferred?

The reality is that the 49ers have a minuscule chance at changing their smash-mouth philosophy, and likewise, have a minuscule chance at sniffing the playoffs.

Even if they did decide to suddenly change their course, they haven't practiced the “effective offense” enough to put a serious winning streak together with it.

The real problem is that Mike Singletary does not believe that smash-mouth is a dream, he believes it is a vision.

But what happens to a vision deferred?

Does it dry up like a season in the sun?

Or fester, like smash-mouth, and run?

Does it stink like a rotten defeat?

Or crust and scab over, like a scabbed knee?

Maybe it just sags, like a heavy load.

Or will the offense explode?