Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights from February 10

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights from February 10

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The march to No Surrender on February 19 continued Thursday, as Impact Wrestling highlighted the men and women who will play integral parts at the live event. 

    Scott D'Amore sent Josh Alexander home, Honor No More found opposition from an unlikely source, Tasha Steelz sent a message loudly and clearly to Mickie James, and The Bullet Club had words for Violent By Design.

    What went down, who emerged with momentum on their side and what did it mean for the upcoming special?

    Find out with this recap of Thursday's show.

Josh Alexander Opens the Show

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Josh Alexander kicked off this week's show with a promo in which he sought to get a few things off his chest.

    The Canadian vowed that Impact wasn't going to war with Honor No More without him and then turned his attention to the world title and the rematch against Moose that he never received.

    Alexander suggested there was a reason Scott D'Amore didn't give him that match but he will be waiting for Moose or W. Morrissey after No Surrender.

    Big Kon (formerly Konnor of The Ascension in WWE) interrupted. Alexander said he knew why the big man was there and challenged him to a match. That contest ended within seconds, as The Walking Weapon tapped his opponent out with the ankle lock.

    A furious Alexander refused to break the hold, drawing D'Amore to the ring. After shoving the Impact executive vice president to the mat, the two longtime friends had an emotional back-and-forth that ended with the head of the company sending The Walking Weapon home and taking him out of the No Surrender pay-per-view match against Honor No More.



    Alexander defeated Konnor






    This was a great way to intensify the mounting dissension between Alexander and D'Amore while simultaneously taking the former out of the equation until Impact is ready to reintroduce him to the world title picture.

    The personal touches added by D'Amore and the crowd's reaction to the most impactful lines (no pun intended) helped make this a hot start to the show. 

    Why the company included Kon for a seconds-long ass-whooping is a question only it knows the answer to, though.

Deonna Purrazzo's Open Challenge

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Deonna Purrazzo returned to the squared circle this week, putting either the AAA Reina de Reinas or Ring of Honor women's title on the line in an open challenge.

    Former NXT star Santana Garrett answered The Virtuosa, squaring off against a woman she was very familiar with.

    Purrazzo weathered an early storm of chain wrestling, reversals and near-falls before taking control and targeting the left arm of her opponent. The fiery challenger fought her way back into the match but the champion countered a kick into the Koji Clutch.

    Garrett created separation, climbed to the top rope and came off with what one would assume was a crossbody attempt. Purrazzo grabbed her mid-flight and applied the Fujiwara armbar. Garrett tried to counter out but The Virtuosa caught her with a roll-up for the win.



    Purrazzo defeated Garrett






    Purrazzo continued to demonstrate the skills and abilities that have led to some considering her the best female wrestler on the planet. She absorbed everything thrown at her, countering or reversing much of it, and was able to stack up her opponent for the victory.

    While it's kind of disappointing to see The Virtuosa not involved in something more meaningful right now, having these random one-off matches where she can go to the ring, show off a bit and score wins is far from the worst use of her talents.

Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Close friends Chelsea Green and Knockouts world champion Mickie James battled Thursday in non-title action while No. 1 contender Tasha Steelz and the imposing Savannah Evans watched from ringside.

    Green caught James off-guard with a baseball slide and then rocked her with a back elbow. Green tried for the I'm Prettier, but the champion countered into a Mickie-T.

    Green countered that and delivered a cutter, drawing the ire of Steelz, who interfered by throwing trash into the ring. 

    Evans flattened Green at ringside as the referee called for the bell, disqualifying James. The heels exited as James checked on Green at ringside.



    Green defeated James via disqualification






    This felt like a CliffsNotes version of what a higher-profile match between James and Green would look like.

    Steelz interfering because Green utilized her finisher on James was a nice hint of the mind games the Canadian may be playing with more than just the heel. It still feels very much like she is destined to betray James, and the result will be an intensely personal feud.

    Unfortunately for Steelz, that makes her feel like a placeholder, but she is better than that. The former tag team champion is a dynamic, charismatic performer who belongs at or near the top of the Knockouts division.

    If she doesn't take the title on February 19, she should definitely be holding the gold before the end of 2022.

Bullet Club Speaks

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Ahead of a historic, first-time match between The Guerillas of Destiny and The Good Brothers at No Surrender, Bullet Club hit the ring to address the Impact fans.

    Tonga Loa addressed the tag team title match before Jay White brought up the recent partnership between The Good Brothers and Violent By Design.

    An enraged Eric Young and VBD teammates Deaner and Joe Doering interrupted. Young claimed his faction runs things in Impact, only for White to remind him that Bullet Club has been dominant for a decade and are always on top. 

    The back-and-forth culminated with EY challenging White to a six-man tag next week, only for Switchblade to suggest they fight now. The Good Brothers joined the fray, standing side-by-side with VBD. 

    Tama Tonga thanked Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson for leaving New Japan Pro-Wrestling. The Good Brothers put over their resumes in different companies, to which Tonga responded by saying they have only been everywhere because they were fired from everywhere.

    After they beat them at No Surrender, the Guerrillas of Destiny are firing The Good Brothers from Bullet Club.






    White, Loa and Tonga were red hot with some great content here, but the weaving of feuds was a bit all over the place. 

    It started with hype for the tag team title match, then switched to the upcoming match between White and Young and then returned to the tag bout. Why not just focus all of it on the tag match earlier and then end with White and Young? Or vice versa?

    The matches should be fun, wild and potentially chaotic. It would be great to see Bullet Club emerge victorious and stay on this side of the so-called "Forbidden Door," but Impact has a lot invested in Violent By Design and The Good Brothers so it will be no surprise to see either standing tall at No Surrender.

Rhino and Rich Swann vs. Honor No More's Matt Taven and Mike Bennett

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    With questions surrounding Team Impact's fifth participant for No Surrender still hanging in the air, especially after prospective choice Jonathan Gresham was found knocked out, former world champions Rich Swann and Rhino banded together to battle Honor No More's Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

    The heels capitalized on a distraction caused by the barring of Vincent, PCO, Chris Sabin and Eddie Edwards from ringside and worked over Swann. They isolated him, but a big enzuigiri from Swann to Bennett allowed him to escape their clutches and tag in Rhino.

    The Man-Beast exploded into the match but before he could set up for his trademark Gore, Maria Kanellis-Bennett hopped up from the commentary position and threw powder in the eyes of the babyface. The heels scored the win from there before stopping by and threatening longtime ROH owner Cary Silkin.

    Steve Maclin made the save. After clearing the heels out of the ring, he approached Silkin, Scott D'Amore and Ian Riccaboni backstage and pleaded to be included in the No Surrender main event.

    After imploring Edwards, Sabin, Rhino and Swann to involve him, he was accepted as the fifth man.



    Honor No More defeated Rhino and Swann






    This was a solid tag team match that showed off Bennett and Taven's chemistry, something longtime fans of Ring of Honor were already familiar with. That Kanellis-Bennett factored so heavily into the finish proved she is every bit the threat that her male counterparts in the faction are.

    Maclin making the save and staking his claim to a spot with Team Impact after being attacked by the heels a week ago was a great bit of booking and sets him up as the antihero of the quintet.

    The influx of heels sets him up to be more of a babyface. Given his no-nonsense badassery, that is a solid move. Don't be surprised if it turns out Gresham's attacker was, in fact, the former Forgotten Son as he sought to find his way into the No Surrender main event at any cost. 

No Disqualification Match: Brian Myers vs. W. Morrissey

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Just when it looked like The Learning Tree's Zicky Dice and VSK would have a say in the outcome of Thursday's No Disqualification match between Brian Myers and W. Morrissey, the big man ended their night by driving them through tables and ensuring the contest would one-on-one.

    Myers answered by taping Morrissey to the middle rope and peppering him with kendo-stick shots about the body. After some taunting, Myers scaled the ropes and delivered a Van Terminator, driving a trash can into the face of his opponent. 

    Morrissey kicked out, fired up and unleashed hell on The Most Professional Wrestler. The big man dropped Myers, grabbed the kendo stick and punished him. He executed a powerbomb, to which the crowd chanted, "one more time." 

    The babyface produced a bag of thumbtacks and proceeded to deliver two more powerbombs into them before scoring the three-count.

    Moose attacked after the bell, wrapping a chair around Morrissey's head and bashing it with another, leaving him in a heap at ringside to close the show.



    Morrissey defeated Myers






    This was a much more competitive match than one would have expected, with bigger bumps and a great finish with the two powerbombs into thumbtacks.

    Myers was presented like a top-tier competitor and had Morrissey reeling more than once, but this was all about the big man showing his intensity and resilience en route to the win.

    The post-match was a great way to end the show, with Moose again getting the best of Morrissey but only via a sneak attack.

    The PPV contest is about to be a fantastic heavyweight battle. It should give fans an indication of what the future will look like for Impact and, most importantly, will go a long way in telling us how much faith the company has in Morrissey.


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