Mr. Olympia 2021 Results: Prize Money Payouts for Winner and Top Contestants

Maurice Bobb@@ReeseReportFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2021

COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 07: Mamdouh
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Mr. Olympia 2021 came down to a one-on-one battle between bodybuilding giants Mamdouh Elssbiay and Brandon Curry.

Both bodybuilders brought their best combinations of size and shredded muscle that they revealed with pristine posing routines.

But in the end, it was Elssbiay, better known as "Big Ramy" that proved once again that he's "Mr. Saturday Night" while defending his title as Mr. O in Orlando, Florida.

With the Egyptian bodybuilder leading the way, Curry came in second, while Hadi Choopan took third place and Hunter Labrada placed fourth.

For Big Ramy, winning his second Sandow Trophy in a row brings along with it a tremendous amount of bragging rights.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There's also a handsome amount of prize money that comes along with placing and winning bodybuilding's most prestigious contest.

Elssbiay took home $400,000, Curry pocketed $150,000 and Choopan left Orlando with a very respectable $100,000 to put in his bank account.

Here's a look at the prize money for the Top 10 placements and how the top contestants faired.

Mr. Olympia 2021 Top 10 Placings

First Place — Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, $400,000

Second Place — Brandon Curry, $150,000

Third Place — Hadi Choopan, $100,000

Fourth Place — Hunter Labrada, $40,000

Fifth Place — Nick Walker, $35,000

Sixth Place — William Bonac

Seventh Place — Iain Valliere

Eighth Place — Justin Rodriguez

Ninth Place — Akim Williams

Tenth Place — Mohamed Shaaban

Coming into the weekend, Elssbiay was the heavy favorite to repeat, but there was some buzz surrounding Curry's chances of dethroning Big Ramy.

Egypt Today Magazine @EgyptTodayMag

Big Ramy is the 2021 Mr. Olympia. Mamdouh Elssbiay was able to beat out Brandon Curry and Hadi Choopan, among others, to be crowned the winner of the biggest competition in the sport of bodybuilding.🥇💪🔥 #Africa #Egypt #mrolympia #BigRamy | #بيج_رامي #ممدوح_السباعي https://t.co/x8BxzwiNPO

Those rumors proved to be true as Curry put together perhaps his best package of size and symmetry on the Olympia stage, but it was still not enough to overcome Elssbiay's sheer mass.

Phil Heath predicted that Choopan had a real chance to disrupt the defending champ and former champ's chances and he was not wrong.

Choopan was ripped and ready and had he weighed 30 more pounds, he'd have been the new Mr. O.

Then there was current Arnold Classic winner Nick Walker.

Analysts had him riding the momentum of his win two weeks ago into the Mr. Olympia, but it wasn't enough to crack the top three.

Two-time Arnold Classic winner William Bonac was also seen as a serious threat to the crown, but he failed to crack to Top Five.

Hunter Labrada, son of bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada, took fourth, which was four places higher than last year's eighth place.

Overall, most of the athletes performed as advertised, with overall size winning out again.

If Curry or Choopan want to beat Elssbiay next year, they'll have to find ways to add more size to their ripped physiques.


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