Roman Reigns Crashes WWE Raw in Spectacular Fashion and More WWE Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2021

Roman Reigns Crashes WWE Raw in Spectacular Fashion and More WWE Fallout

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    WWE Raw went big once again this week thanks to the arrival of Roman Reigns. The Head of the Table has not worked the red brand in a long while, but his presence instantly added extra focus to a show that needed it.

    While Big E and Bobby Lashley might have lost their Triple Threat match for the sake of Reigns, they made up for it by performing at a high level against the best the company has to offer. However, WWE cannot rely on the SmackDown Superstar pulling double duty every week.

    Natalya and Tamina held the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships for 129 days. But few of those days ended in true victory for the veterans, who finally fell to Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. on Monday night.

    Alexa Bliss continued to taunt Charlotte Flair into action, getting under her skin with dolls and childish mind games. This week, the two had their strongest segment to date with Extreme Rules just around the corner.

    Jeff Hardy punched his surprise ticket into the United States Championship picture. By defeating Sheamus, he was added to the title match at Sunday's pay-per-view.

    This show set some unique standards for the future. Old stars remained dominant or reclaimed their dominance, while young names found their groove in tag team competition.

WWE Can't Rely Solely on Roman Reigns to Save Raw

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    Roman Reigns is not the answer to everything.

    Clearly, he is the biggest star in WWE right now and the closest the company has to a figurehead, but everyone needs to have a chance to succeed. Big E and Bobby Lashley have both had strong pushes this year that allowed them to stand toe-to-toe with Reigns on Monday night.

    The opening six-man tag team match was as good as expected thanks to the chemistry of The New Day and The Bloodline, but the main event Triple Threat between Reigns, Big E and Lashley was even better despite lacking any major stakes.

    The problem with this booking is that it isn't sustainable. If the universal champion started working both shows, his popularity would wear out quickly and the brand split would look even more farcical.

    The WWE draft through October 1-4 will shake things up for the better. What matters most is that the red brand is given back some talent, with SmackDown being so stacked at the moment. Raw needs major stars and not just whoever can be spared from the better show.

Alexa Bliss May Be Only One Who Can Stop Charlotte Flair's Dominance

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    Alexa Bliss is the biggest female Superstar on Raw. Charlotte Flair may be the most decorated, but she does not have the same spark as The Goddess at this point.

    Alexa's Playground is Raw's most interesting segment most weeks, helped by the fact that Bray Wyatt held a similar role before his unexpected departure from WWE.

    Odd horror-movie doll segments aside, Bliss makes the women's division more dynamic. Her kind of stories give life to an area of the show that is barely holding it together.

    This week, Flair and The Goddess truly set the stage for their match at Extreme Rules. It was clear how this all would go. Charlotte is in over her head against a women unlike anyone she has ever faced.

    Bliss was once the second-most dominant woman in WWE, but injuries put a hold on her run for a while. However, it feels like she is fully back to form now, and she may be the one woman WWE would not use just to hot-shot another title reign to The Queen.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH Bring Merciful End to Natalya and Tamina Reign

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    Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. continued a legacy by winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Thrown together after losing out on the Raw Women's Championship, they were too much for the outgoing champions to handle.

    Every women's championship-winning tag team has seemingly been built at the last minute to dethrone the holders. Natalya and Tamina were easy targets given their previous failures, but that is no excuse.

    While The Nightmare and A.S.H. can work this angle, they are not a naturally built tandem. They were thrown together for the sake of getting the gold off two poorly used veterans.

    The former champions lost repeatedly in singles and tag team action before dropping the belts. It isn't either woman's fault that it went wrong. They were over and ready for the gold at WrestleMania 37, but Natalya and Tamina never got a chance to ride the momentum after winning the titles in May.

    Hopefully, Ripley and Nikki can stand tall for a while with the gold.

Jeff Hardy Adds Little to United States Title Match

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    Jeff Hardy wrestles every match like he's ranging from age 35 to 55 depending on the moment, but the 44-year-old will never be what he once was.

    He and Sheamus have chemistry to spare, and that dynamic carried their match on Monday's Raw. However, no one is buying The Charismatic Enigma as a real title contender any time soon.

    It makes little sense how WWE books Hardy. One minute, he is defeating a young star like Karrion Kross; the next, Kross is squashing him repeatedly.

    The veteran deserves better. He might not be what he once was, but he can be booked with consistency. He does not need to be in the way of Sheamus and Damian Priest.

    What Hardy needs is a fresh opportunity to shine consistently. At the moment, he adds nothing to the title picture.