Overwatch League 2021 Week 6: Hangzhou Spark's Top Plays, Prize Money

Theo SalaunCorrespondent IMay 23, 2021

Blizzard Entertainment

After failing to make it into the Overwatch League's $100,000 May Melee, the Hangzhou Spark are flying toward a high seed in the June Joust. Going 6-1 on the week, Hangzhou's revamped 2021 roster seems to be on the upswing.

In 2020, the Spark's two most prominent players were DPS GodsB and flex support BeBe. This season, the former has found himself mostly on the bench and the latter now plays for the Washington Justice. Instead, they are replaced by rookies Shy and MCD, respectively.

Those roster changes hadn't panned out to start the year, as Hangzhou started their season 1-3. But, following two big wins in Week 6, the team reaches a 3-3 equilibrium and jumps to No. 12 in the standings.


Friday, May 21

Paris Eternal 1-3 Toronto Defiant

London Spitfire 1-3 Florida Mayhem


Saturday, May 22

Guangzhou Charge 1-3 Hangzhou Spark

Shanghai Dragons 3-0 Chengdu Hunters

New York Excelsior 3-1 Philadelphia Fusion

Paris Eternal 3-0 Washington Justice

Houston Outlaws 1-3 Atlanta Reign

Toronto Defiant 0-3 Boston Uprising


Sunday, May 23

Shanghai Dragons 0-3 Hangzhou Spark

New York Excelsior 1-3 Guangzhou Charge

Philadelphia Fusion 1-3 Chengdu Hunters

Atlanta Reign 3-0 London Spitfire

Washington Justice 0-3 Boston Uprising

Florida Mayhem 1-3 Houston Outlaws


Possibly inspired by watching the competition win big money in Hawaii, Hangzhou refused to lose to Guangzhou in their first match of Week 6. After tying the contest up at 1-1, it was the newcomers—Shy and MCD—who coupled on a highlight play and demonstrated the progress of their synergy.

MCD's name stands for "Meus Coram Deo," which can roughly be translated to "My Presence of God." Fittingly blessed by divine inspiration, the flex support casually sent an enemy, Winston the afterlife, sleeping Rio so that Shy could land an easy headshot.

Hangzhou Spark @Hangzhou_Spark

💤Good Night Rio💤 ▶️https://t.co/MVBdE7xtZg 📺https://t.co/1aIrFZmgRH #SparkIt | #ChargeForward | #OWL2021 https://t.co/mZH8NnWevj

Against the league-leading Dragons in their second match, it was versatile DPS star Architect that showed out. With an impromptu teleportation, the reputable Reaper dropped on Shanghai for a map-sealing series of kills.

Overwatch League @overwatchleague

.@HZS_Architect knows all the good hangout spots. Like, say, the one right above you. 💀 #SparkIt #OWL2021 📺 https://t.co/tbTGBrUfiE https://t.co/qgtQModG4s

These two wins now put Hangzhou in prime position to secure not only placement, but a high seed in the $100,000 June Joust. The team now gets a week off before returning to the fray against the Los Angeles Valiant and Chengdu Hunters in Week 8.