Mike Tyson Punches Cash Wheeler, Joins Jericho's Inner Circle on AEW Dynamite

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Boxing legend Mike Tyson played a big role in Wednesday's match between Chris Jericho and Dax Harwood on AEW Dynamite.

Tyson served as the special enforcer for the bout, which was won by Jericho and helped further the rivalry between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle.

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Tyson's big moment occurred late in the match, as he prevented a bat-wielding Cash Wheeler from interfering in the bout.

Wheeler gestured the bat toward the former heavyweight champion and was knocked out with a big right hand for his troubles.

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Jericho then got the upper hand in the match, nailing Harwood with the Judas Effect and earning the pin for the win.

Afterward, Tyson celebrated with The Inner Circle in the ring. Jericho then announced the former heavyweight champion as an ancillary member of the stable.

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Iron Mike was called upon early in the match, taking a folding chair away from Jericho before ripping a bat from Harwood's hands.

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He then got in the face of Harwood after he threw Jericho into the barriers separating ringside from the fans. Harwood angrily pointed at Tyson before moving back to Jericho.

Later on, Wheeler jumped onto the outside of the ring and attacked Jericho as he had Harwood in the Lion Tamer. Tyson rushed to Wheeler, but Sammy Guevara got to him first and knocked him down.

Chaos then ensued, with members of The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle fighting on top of the ramp. That moment led to Tyson knocking out Wheeler and the ensuing finish.

The feud began several weeks ago when MJF turned his back on The Inner Circle and aligned himself with FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard to go along with his existing alliance with Wardlow.

Jericho and Co. got back at The Pinnacle a couple of weeks later by attacking them backstage, and then a huge announcement regarding the two teams was made last week.

It was revealed that The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle will face each other in All Elite Wrestling's first-ever Blood and Guts match on the May 5 episode of Dynamite. The format looks like it will be akin to the double cage match conceived by the late wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes in NWA.

Later on the same night Blood and Guts was announced, Tyson found himself in the ring with Spears and unloaded on him with a series of punches.

That led to Tyson and Jericho shaking hands, which was somewhat unexpected given what transpired between them several months earlier.

After Tyson appeared at Double or Nothing last May to present the TNT Championship to Cody Rhodes, he also showed up on the ensuing episode of Dynamite.

It was there that Tyson and his group had a showdown with Jericho and The Inner Circle. A brawl ended up breaking out, resulting in Iron Mike and Le Champion getting separated.

Things could have been explosive between them last week, but they seemed to bury the hatchet, which was a solid way to set the stage for the former boxer's involvement in Wednesday's match between Jericho and Harwood.

It is unclear if Tyson will continue to make AEW appearances beyond Wednesday, but his appearance likely helped generate some extra interest in the company's first solo show since WWE NXT made the move to Tuesdays.

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