Paul Heyman's Brilliant Blog On Dana White's Marketing Plan For UFC 106

Akvar MindonesContributor IIINovember 19, 2009

When people say Paul Heyman is the greatest pro wrestling "booking genius" of this generation, I always think they don't realize what a brilliant marketer Heyman truly is. He was named one of the Top 100 Marketers by Advertising Age magazine, and that's why when he talks "branding," I take notes.

Heyman has posted a sensationally informative and entertaining blog on The Heyman Hustle (http://heymanhustle.craveonline.com/ufc106/60-news/22720-paul-heyman-ufc-106-a-lesson-in-brand-name-identity) about UFC's strong self-branding, and what a day in the life of Dana White must be like.

In a hysterical moment in the blog, Heyman remembers a typical morning when he was ECW owner/operator.

Quoth The Mad Scientist:

When I owned and ran Extreme Championship Wrestling, I used to joke about my perception of the real job behind the job title. I always told my staff that my job was a firefighter. I spent half my time putting out fires. New Jack stabbed somebody. The Dudleys beat up 40 people in a National Guard Armony riot, and everyone's suing. Sabu missed his flight or wanted to take a booking in Outer Kalakalakaville because the overseas promoter wanted an "Extreme Death Match" and would pay him a lot of money, someone didn't get their video tape and was complaining to the Better Business Bureau, you name it. Always a problem. Ten problems an hour. Mick Foley didn't want more money, he wanted to be in the show open for 1 more clip, or 3 more seconds. Raven thought Tommy Dreamer should beat him and then turn heel. Chris Candido and Tammy had an idea. Eric Bischoff was offering someone a couple of hundred grand to jump. Vince McMahon wanted to do more business, but the price was to lose our identity. And oh yeah, New Jack stabbed another person because by this time in the day, it was already 11am.

Such is the day of a person running a sports entertainment or entertaining-sport franchise. You don't own the business,the business owns you.

Dana White knows this all too well. He has a favorite saying, "every day when I wake up, I know bad shit is going to happen."

Oh, how correct he is.

It's the best look behind-the-scenes of how a pay per view franchise deals with this type of adversity, and it's written by someone who really does know.

This blog gets our highest recommendation.


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