Snoop Dogg, Ryan Kavanaugh Launching Pro Boxing League 'The Fight Club'

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2020

FILE - Snoop Dogg performs a DJ set as
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh announced Tuesday that he and superstar rapper Snoop Dogg have teamed up to form a new professional boxing league called The Fight Club.

According to TMZ Sports, Kavanaugh explained that Saturday's card headlined by Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was actually the first event under the Fight Club umbrella.

Kavanaugh called Saturday's show the first of "many, many events" and added: "This is gonna be big. The whole idea is we want to change up the way that boxing is done."

Notably, Kavanaugh said the idea moving forward is to hold cards with both sanctioned and non-sanctioned fights, which was the case with Saturday's show, as Tyson vs. Jones was an exhibition while the other fights counted against the boxers' records.

One aspect of the event that was widely praised was Snoop Dogg's entertaining commentary during YouTuber Jake Paul's knockout win over former NBA star Nate Robinson and the main event between Tyson and Jones.

Kavanaugh said Snoop will not only provide commentary for future events, but he will also have a hand in booking the fights and musical acts.

Additionally, Kavanaugh hyped an upcoming fight that he is working on that he believes will be The Fight Club's biggest coup yet: "I can tell you that the main fight—I can't say it yet—but it's gonna be something that everybody wants to see. If you thought [Tyson vs. Jones] is big, I think that this would be even larger from a worldwide-appetite perspective and something that people want to see."

While boxing may not be as popular as it once was due in part to the surge of the UFC, Kavanaugh and Snoop Dogg may have hit on something.

The Tyson vs. Jones card was a huge talking point on social media and seemed to generate a ton of interest, and similar events could go a long way toward making boxing fandom trendy again.