The Fiend Gifts AJ Styles a Title Shot, Heel Alexa Bliss, More WWE Raw Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2020

The Fiend Gifts AJ Styles a Title Shot, Heel Alexa Bliss, More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Team Raw won the battle for brand supremacy at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday with five wins to SmackDown's two. There wasn't much fallout to deal with on Monday's show, so most of the segments were spent building up new and existing storylines. 

    Alexa Bliss battled Nikki Cross in a match that was more about building their story than having a definitive winner. The Goddess scored the victory, but it's clear this feud is far from over.

    Lana teamed up with Asuka to face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in tag team action. The Empress of Tomorrow got the win for their team, so this may be the first signs of Lana finally finding an ally.

    Riddle, Keith Lee and AJ Styles all won the right to compete in a Triple Threat match next week to see who will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs on December 20.

    During The Phenomenal One's match with Randy Orton in the main event, The Fiend showed up and cost The Viper the win.

    Let's look at how all of these segments will impact storylines moving forward. 

Alexa Bliss Sets Her Sights on Nikki Cross

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    Bliss Cross Applesauce is officially a thing of the past. The former best friends are now bitter rivals who will feud at least up to the TLC pay-per-view next month.

    Cross was still hoping to save The Goddess from The Fiend's influence, but it has become clear that she doesn't want to be saved. Bliss is officially a member of The Firefly Fun House now.

    The match they had on Raw ended with Bliss having her hand raised, but it is nowhere near the end of this feud. If anything, it is just getting started.

    The next few weeks will be interesting to watch. They may end up in one of the stipulation matches at TLC if they keep the story intriguing.

    It was a shame to lose Bliss and Cross as a tag team, but the strength of both performers will help drive this storyline home. 

Has Lana Found an Ally in Asuka?

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    During Monday's Raw, Lana faced Asuka but their match was stopped prematurely due to interference from Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

    This led to Lana teaming up with The Empress of Tomorrow to battle the two women responsible for putting her through several tables in recent weeks.

    Asuka got the win and if she and Lana can manage to work together, they may just end up challenging for the Women's Tag Team Championships. 

    If they win, The Empress will be a double champion and Lana will win her first title in WWE. It would certainly be an odd pairing, but if it works, it could help both women in different ways. 

AJ Styles Becomes the Favorite to Face Drew McIntyre at TLC

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    During the opening segment of Monday's show, Adam Pearce attempted to help the Raw men's team celebrate their Survivor Series win. Predictably, it turned into a fight.

    This led to the WWE official making some matches, and Riddle, Styles and Lee will battle next week to see who gets to face Drew McIntyre for the WWE title at TLC.

    With the way Lee and Riddle have been booked recently, The Phenomenal One is the safest bet to win and go on to face McIntyre in some kind of special bout at next month's PPV.

    Styles has more credibility than just about anybody else on the roster. He is the kind of heel who works well against any kind of babyface and can help elevate the Scot as the champion by putting him over.

    Lee and Riddle have plenty of time to build momentum, but if WWE wants a match it can stick on the marquee, Styles vs. McIntyre is the way to go. 

Bray Wyatt Reignites His Feud with Randy Orton

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    As Orton and Styles fought for a spot in next week's Triple Threat No. 1 Contender's match, The Fiend made an appearance and distracted The Viper long enough for The Phenomenal One to get the win.

    During an earlier Firefly Fun House segment, Bray Wyatt brought up how Orton burned down his beloved cabin during their feud in 2017, so he is still holding a grudge.

    The good news is this means The Viper is moving on from his drawn-out feud with McIntyre and reigniting his rivalry with Wyatt and his alter ego. 

    This is another pairing that will probably end up with a spot on the TLC card. It doesn't matter what kind of stipulation WWE gives them because it will be a brutal fight no matter what weapons are at their disposal.

    Their WrestleMania 33 bout was underwhelming, so it would be great to see them get another shot at putting on a good performance.

    Considering how strong both characters are right now, this could be one of the premier feuds through the rest of 2020.