Projecting The Undertaker's 'Final Farewell' Segment at WWE Survivor Series 2020

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2020

Projecting The Undertaker's 'Final Farewell' Segment at WWE Survivor Series 2020

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    The Undertaker debuted at Survivor Series in 1990, so it's only appropriate that he would have his retirement ceremony at the same event 30 years later.

    WWE announced this final farewell on November 6 but did not give us many details on what to expect during the pay-per-view. 

    We don't know if Taker will appear in character or as himself, Mark Calaway. We don't know if it will be a simple speech from The Deadman or a tribute show filled with appearances by legends. We don't really know anything at this point.

    All we do know is whatever WWE does will be huge because The Undertaker has been one of the biggest stars for the past 30 years. If the company does one thing well, it's paying tribute to its own Superstars.

    Let's look at some of the things we can expect from this segment at Sunday's Survivor Series. 

Legends Galore

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    WWE doesn't do a lot of retirement segments but when it does, it makes sure to bring out as many legends as possible to help celebrate.

    When Ric Flair said his goodbye to the WWE ring, we saw many of his past rivals appear to pay tribute, and we can expect the same thing for The Undertaker.

    Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Edge and JBL are just some of the legends who have battled The Phenom throughout his career and owe some of their fame to him. 

    Current stars such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy could also show up to pay respect but based on similar segments from the past, most of the time will be devoted to the legends.

    There will be a lot of glad-handing and everybody putting each other over. Casual fans might enjoy it, but this will be for the people who have followed The Deadman's career from the start. 

Plenty of Video Packages

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    The WWE production staff is the best in the business and we are reminded of that fact every time one of them makes an epic video package.

    With this being Taker's final farewell, we are guaranteed to see several videos before his segment. Some will chronicle individual moments like his Survivor Series debut while others will be classic montages.

    The Kickoff show before the PPV will be when we see the bulk of these, but WWE will also likely play a video for The Phenom between each match on the card.

    Undertaker has too many memorable moments to feature in just one night, so some things will have to be left out. His WrestleMania streak and all of his gimmick changes over the years are guaranteed to be on display, though.

That's Gotta Be Kane!

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    The Undertaker has had numerous rivals and allies throughout his storied career, but the one man who has been linked to him more than anyone other than Paul Bearer is Kane.

    The mayor of Knox County, Tennessee owes his career to Taker. Without being able to play his brother, Kane might have kept the Isaac Yankem gimmick forever. 

    Their time as opponents saw them compete in just about every kind of stipulation imaginable. They took each other to the limit inside steel cages, Hell in a Cell and Buried Alive matches to name a few.

    It would be shocking if Kane did not appear in some capacity to pay tribute to his storyline brother and real-life friend. He doesn't even have to be in character. He can just appear as Glenn Jacobs, especially if The Undertaker is out of character, too. 

One Last Tombstone

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    If this is truly The Undertaker's final farewell, his last contest will have been the Boneyard match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in April. 

    While another match is out of the question, one final Tombstone piledriver could be in the works. If this happens, WWE needs to pick the right person to do the honors.

    The company won't have trouble finding someone to volunteer as just about anybody would be proud to be part of Taker's final segment. But who is the best person to take the Tombstone?

    The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison are prime candidates because they are heels who can easily recover from being embarrassed, but the best option would be Sami Zayn.

    He could come out with the Intercontinental Championship and brag about winning one of the few titles Taker has never held. His ability to get under someone's skin will be his undoing, and The Deadman will spike his head into the mat with his final Tombstone Piledriver. 

    This is how the segment should end. After Taker hits his famous pose one more time on the stage, he will ride off into the sunset, most likely on a motorcycle.