Jon Moxley at Bloodsport; Jericho Lists Top Matches; RVD Praises Seth Rollins

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2020

Nyla Rose, from left, Chris Jericho, Brandi Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Awesome Kong and Jungle Boy attend New York Comic Con to promote TNT's
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Moxley Wins at Bloodsport

Jon Moxley made his anticipated Bloodsport debut Sunday, submitting Chris Dickinson in what most are calling the event's match of the night. It was a brutal match that neared shoot fighting at times—falling in line with the whole Bloodsport vibe—and left both competitors with massive red marks on their chest from chops.

Moxley was always going to go over Dickinson, a veteran of the independent circuit who isn't well known to the mainstream audience. That said, the 33-year-old was impressive enough that promotions should be looking to book him for appearances once the independent circuit picks back up.

It's possible Dickinson could even get an AEW look if Mox was impressed enough by their match. Regardless, it was a match that shows how much Moxley can elevate an opponent in any style and a showcase for Dickinson. A true win-win.

Jericho Lists Favorite Matches

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"The List of Jericho" was one of Chris Jericho's most memorable gimmicks from his WWE run. Turns out Jericho actually does keep a physical list that may have served as the inspiration.

The Demo God revealed that he keeps a handwritten list of every match he's ever competed in dating back to 1990, which includes ratings, results and other notes. 

Jericho is currently working on promoting a book that's set for presale later this month in which he lists his top 10 matches of all time. Speaking on his Saturday Night Special (h/t WrestlingInc) show, Jericho gave a little preview of what to expect: 

"It's really hard to say your favorite. What's your absolute, gun-to-the-head favorite? And before, I used to say what's your favorite match – the match I had with Shawn Michaels for the WWE World Title Ladder Match in Portland, Oregon, I believe in 2008 of October. That's one of them because it's the match that not only was it a great match, a perfect match, it was the culmination of a seven-month-long story that was originally just supposed to be a one and done," revealed Jericho. "It was supposed to a one-month story, and Shawn and I were like, 'Why are we rushing this? Neither one of us are doing anything', and we created this whole amazing, probably textbook of how-to-put-together an amazing angle. And if I still worked in WWE, I would have suggested they do a special on it for the Network because it really was a textbook how do you put together a great storyline."

"Kenny Omega, The Tokyo Dome, January 4, 2018 – that was the match. A) That was my first match away from WWE in almost 20 years. B) It showed what a draw Chris Jericho was because that match did an extra 15,000 tickets, and sales, and bought an extra 30 percent in New Japan World's subscriptions and C) It showed Tony Khan that there was a segment of the fanbase who were looking for something different from WWE, and it was basically where the spark of AEW began. So, that was a big one," stated Jericho.

"And I'll do another one with Jon Moxley, where I dropped the title to him, February 29th of this year. A mere 10 days before the lockdown. I thought that was a great story with a great payoff and a great finish. But there are so many other ones that I can mention. But if you want to go—Ultimo Dragon from 1995 at the Sumo Arena. That's the match that got me hired in ECW and WCW. I have to mention that, as well. So, there are quite a few side posts along this Chris Jericho highway for sure."

It'd be nearly impossible to come up with a top-10 list from Jericho's long career that would adequately satisfy anyone, but it speaks to his longevity that some of his own all-time favorites are recent matches. 

Rob Van Dam Likes Rollins

Rob Van Dam hasn't been in WWE since 2014, but he's the rare former employee who never goes out of his way to rib the current product. Van Dam seems wholly at peace with his time in WWE and departure, and he maintains an overall positive disposition about the company in public.

Case in point: Van Dam went out of his way to praise Vince McMahon while also issuing a compliment to Seth Rollins.

The Monday Night Messiah has credited Van Dam as one of his favorite wrestlers growing up, and the pair did get to have some head-to-head clashes before RVD's departure. The matches were nothing either party will put on their Mount Rushmore, but it was likely enough for Rollins to battle one of his idols.