IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from October 6

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from October 6

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Just 18 days from Bound for Glory on pay-per-view, Impact Wrestling hit the AXS TV airwaves with a show dedicated to advancing storylines, hyping its top rivalries and promoting the matches that it hopes will make the October 24 event must-see TV.

    What went down when The Motor City Machine Guns battled Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in the main event?

    Would Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie turn back the challenge of young up-and-comers Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz?

    What would the latest be on Rich Swann's recovery as his date with Impact Wrestling World champion Eric Young approached?

    Find out with this recap of the October 6 episode.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In a rematch of their Victory Road encounter, Tommy Dreamer battled Brian Myers to kick off Tuesday's AXS TV presentation.

    A show of disrespect from Myers ignited a fire in Dreamer that allowed him to dominate early. He dropped Myers with a clothesline on the floor, showing the intensity that once earned him the nickname "The Innovator of Violence."

    A big suplex by Myers to Dreamer, onto the stage, left the veteran competitor writhing in pain and the arrogant heel ordering his mentor to stay down. Myers seized control of the bout from there, working over his opponent with a simple yet effective arsenal.

    Dreamer created separation and fired off a series of rights, lefts and a bionic elbow as he mounted a comeback. A cutter followed for a near-fall as Dreamer found himself in the driver's seat heading into the climactic portion of the bout.

    Myers cut him off with his patented DDT but failed to put Dreamer down for three. Frustrated, he retrieved a kendo stick and swung it wildly at Dreamer. The consummate babyface ducked, delivered the White Russian Leg Sweep and teased blasting Myers with it.

    "Think of my girls, Tommy!" Myers implored before raking the eyes and bashing his idol with the weapon. He broke it over the body of Dreamer before referees and EVP Scott D'Amore hit the ring and ordered Myers away.



    Dreamer defeated Myers by disqualification






    The match was solidly wrestled, but this was all about the closing moments.

    Myers dared Dreamer to bring out his Innovator of Violence side, but instead, it was the self-proclaimed "Most Professional Wrestler" who went extreme, brutalizing Dreamer and sending a message to the locker room about the type of performer it is dealing with.

    This is likely leading to some higher-profile match at Bound for Glory, and given the enormity of that show and the name value of these two, it is apropos.

Defeat Rohit Challenge

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Fresh off a controversial defense of his X-Division Championship against Willie Mack at Victory Road, "The Desi Hitman" Rohit Raju made his way to the ring and issued another opportunity in the Defeat Rohit Challenge.

    "Chocolate Thunder" Mack answered the call for a second consecutive time, undoubtedly dismayed by the way his opportunity played out this past Saturday. Raju denied him the opportunity and called for another challenger.

    Jordynne Grace answered to the surprise of both Raju and commentator Madison Rayne, who was pleasantly surprised by Thicc Mama Pump's fortitude.

    A quick distraction by Mack gave way to a roll-up by Grace, who won the match and title, much to the dismay of Raju. After the match, Raju denied that the title was ever on the line and mocked her "hard-fought victory."

    As Raju made his way through the curtain, Scott D'Amore informed the champion that he will defend his title against Chris Bey, TJP, Trey Miguel, Mack and Grace at Bound for Glory in a Six-Way Scramble.



    Grace defeated Raju in a non-title match






    Impact continues to book Raju as this generation's Honky Tonk Man; a complete and utter cowardly heel who lucks his way into wins or just blatantly avoids any sort of situation in which he may lose his gold. If crowds were allowed at this point in time, Raju would be the most despised heel in all of Impact, primarily because he plays his role so well.

    He is over-the-top, obnoxious and great on the mic. He is the prototypical bad guy you want to see catch an ass-kicking, and at Bound for Glory, it sounds like he will.

    Kudos to Impact, too, for going back to the well with intergender wrestling and allowing the ultra-impressive Jordynne Grace, one of the best wrestlers in that entire company, a shot at winning X-Division gold.

The Rascalz vs. XXXL

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    At Victory Road, The Rascalz' Wentz and Dez came from behind to score an impressive win over XXXL's Larry D and Acey Romero. Tuesday night, they would be tasked with making it back-to-back against a meaner, nastier, hungrier opposition.

    The super heavyweights attacked from the opening bell, overwhelming Dez with their strength and size advantage. They wore the much smaller competitor down, working him over on the mat and in the center of the ring.

    A hot tag to Wentz sparked the comeback for the babyfaces as the fresher competitor unloaded on Larry D. He kept the big man off guard with a lightning-quick arsenal. Dez joined in for a two-on-one onslaught that left Larry stunned. An errant lariat by Romero to his partner allowed The Rascalz to deliver Hot Fly Flame for the pinfall win.



    The Rascalz defeated XXXL






    This was essentially the same match that we saw at Victory Road, with a miscommunication spot late and Wentz scoring the win as the only real differences.

    While The Rascalz going over still feels like the right decision, one has to wonder if it was worth cooling off Larry D and Acey Romero, who had built some momentum for themselves as more aggressive heels.

    Not every team can be a major part of an already-stacked division, though, so it makes sense that the company would be less concerned with building another heel team with The North and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton already ahead of it.

Rich Swann's Journey to Bound for Glory

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Jimmy Jacobs stood by with Rich Swann's doctor, who revealed that the No. 1 contender to the Impact World Championship is ready to go today.

    The interview segment came to a sudden halt when Eric Young attacked his Bound for Glory opponent.

    The World Class Maniac sandwiched Swann's leg in fitness equipment and proceeded to bash it with a dumbbell.

    Swann screamed in agony as Young stormed off.






    The lengths to which Young will go to make life a living hell by further injuring Swann never ceases to amaze.

    Young is a great, despicable, vile villain around whom Impact seems invested in building. Using his heat to build sympathy for Swann and other babyfaces on the roster is the smart move for a company still settling into its new identity following July's Slammiversary pay-per-view.

    Time will tell if Swann goes over on October 24, but if he does, it will mean more because of the work Young has done as a heel to make that outcome more desirable.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie vs. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A week after a sneak attack by Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan left Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie lying, the two teams battled in tag team action.

    Angered by the events of last week's broadcast, Valkyrie wasted little time teeing off on Hogan, delivering a nasty chop to the chest and a running double knee attack in the corner. Rosemary entered, and the one-sided nature of the match continued as she delivered a big exploder suplex to Hogan. A sidewalk slam to Steelz continued.

    The heels finally cut down Rosemary and worked her over, taking control of the match for the first time. Several minutes of domination by the heels gave way to Rosemary rising like a demon from the abyss and chasing Steelz around the squared circle...and right into a clothesline from Hogan as the cocky young competitors continued their beatdown.

    A hot tag to Valkyrie led to a comeback for the mismatched babyfaces. The longest-reigning Knockouts champion in Impact history downed Steelz with a sit-out powerbomb and sent the competitors into each other moments later.

    Rosemary re-entered the match and turned Hogan inside out with a German suplex. She obliterated Steelz and scored the win for her team shortly thereafter.



    Rosemary and Valkyrie defeated Steelz and Hogan






    This was a really strong match with great performances by Steelz and Hogan. They are immensely talented and have a bright future ahead of them, be it as singles stars or tag team competitors. They really stood out here and seemed to relish the opportunity to prove themselves against former champions.

    Rosemary is always great and does a fantastic job of meshing her in-ring style with her character work. It was Valkyrie on the babyface side, though, who really impressed.

    Maybe it is because she spent so much time as a heel over the last year, but she immediately captured the viewer's attention with her early work and the comeback that followed later. She showed the appropriate amount of intensity when it came to avenging the sneak attack from last week and also had some fun with it.

    The Impact women's division has enough talent and teams within that one has to wonder how long it will be until the company reintroduces its Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

The Deaners vs. Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In a tag match set up by a backstage confrontation earlier in the show regarding John E Bravo's upcoming wedding to Rosemary, Cody and Cousin Jake Deaner battled Crazzy Steve and Johnny Swinger. Or, as Josh Mathews put it on commentary, "it seems like Wrestle House is bleeding over."

    Swinger implored Steve to be serious, only to catch a beating as he entered the ring. A quick throat jab to Cody, though, allowed the heel to take control momentarily. Swinger called for a weapon, but Steve pulled out a spoon and fork, completely oblivious to what the veteran competitor wanted.

    Swinger grabbed his fanny pack from ringside and claimed to the referee, who had seen the whole thing unfold, that Steve threw it to him. Further dissension between the two led to Cody delivering the DDT for a win.



    The Deaners defeated Swinger and Crazzy Steve






    Johnny Swinger is a national treasure.

    With that said, this was...not good.

    So not good, in fact, that the less said about it, the better.

The Funeral for the TNA Championship, Heath Negotiates, More

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    After negotiations between Heath and Impact EVP Scott D'Amore went south, the former WWE Tag Team champion confronted Rhino and verbally took out his frustration on his longtime friend. "Thanks a lot, Terry," he said, stomping off in dismay at the events that had just unfolded.

    EC3 was up next with his funeral for the TNA Championship, which amounted to him throwing it off a bridge and telling his blossoming rival to "free Moose."

    Finally, Sami Callihan fired up Ken Shamrock, leading to a poor security team member catching a beatdown at the hands of the future Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer.






    As always, Impact does a great job of spotlighting certain feuds without dedicating too much time to them.

    The fire shown by Heath as he stated his case for a big-money offer was exactly the sort of thing we did not get to see from him during his WWE run. He was passionate, emotional and really took his performance to another level.

    And you felt it.

    The audience could feel the disappointment as D'Amore dismissed his counteroffer and essentially labeled him a glorified jobber. The frustration expressed to Rhino created tension between them and may just set Heath on a path to character development the likes of which we had not considered.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The Motor City Machine Guns looked to build momentum ahead of their Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship defense at Bound for Glory as they met Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in the non-title main event of this week's show.

    The champions started quick, but the heels halted their onslaught, isolated Alex Shelley and worked him over despite repeated attempts by Chris Sabin to come to his partner's aid.

    A miscommunication allowed Shelley to capitalize, fight back and make the hot tag to Sabin.

    The former TNA World champion exploded into the match, quickening the pace and wiping out any and all in his path. A missile dropkick to the neck and a big DDT earned the Machine Guns a two-count.

    Shelley tagged back in, and the champions sent Fulton to the floor. The big man re-entered the squared circle and delivered a big double suplex, powering over both of his opponents just in time for The North's Ethan Page and Josh Alexander to make their presence felt.

    The Good Brothers made the save, fending them off, and watched as Shelley and Sabin dropped Fulton for the win.



    Motor City Machine Guns defeated Austin and Fulton






    This was a solid match with a fun ending involving all four teams in the Bound for Glory title match.

    With that said, hopefully Impact can resist the urge to book the interference finish into the ground over the next two weeks.

    We have already seen all four teams brawl countless times, and adding that to any and all segments involving them does nothing to help build anticipation for what will already be an awesome match. Change things up and let fans create their own excitement for a match with all the potential in the world to be the show-stealer come October 24.