WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 10

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 11, 2020

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 10

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    Credit: WWE.com

    On the back of the huge NXT TakeOver: In Your House, the June 10 edition of the black-and-gold brand promised major fallout from the event. New and familiar champions walked in with fresh confidence.

    Adam Cole put The Velveteen Dream behind him in a brutal Backlot Brawl at In Your House. However, the NXT champion had not defeated all his rivals. Dexter Lumis challenged the champion in a non-title match.

    Io Shirai defeated Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in the main event of TakeOver to win her first NXT Women's Championship. The champion had much to say about the biggest win of her career.

    Finn Balor defeated Damian Priest at TakeOver, but he still had one last bit of revenge left. He challenged Cameron Grimes to a rematch of their controversial fight last month.

    Keith Lee shut up Johnny Gargano at In Your House. The Limitless One wanted to look forward to new challengers, though he knew that The Rebel Heart would not let him rest.

    This show was not likely to reach the level of excitement of TakeOver, but it still had the potential to keep people talking about NXT.

Adam Cole Declares Himself the Most Dominant Man in NXT

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    Adam Cole did not care who challenged him next now that he had defeated The Velveteen Dream. He was sure no one could beat him. He turned to Dexter Lumis, who had done heinous things to Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish at NXT TakeOver.

    Lumis appeared in the crowd but only for Strong to see. Cole warned The Undisputed Era stalker that he would defeat him, even though he was far from fighting at 100 percent. The Messiah of the Backbreaker saw Lumis again as they headed up the ramp and ran off.






    This segment felt unnecessary, even if Lumis' involvement was hilarious. Cole continues to promote himself and be proved right. He took down Dream twice. No one else is truly stepping up except Lumis, who has not exactly moved into the main event picture yet.

    Cole vs. Lumis was already set for later in the night. This could have just been a three-minute promo ahead of that match. Instead, NXT was filling time for the sake of filling time.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae vs. Keith Lee and Mia Yim

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    Keith Lee and Mia Yim exploded at the bell, dominating the early portion of the match. Candice LeRae managed to sneak-attack Yim with Johnny Gargano's help to take control.

    The Garganos teamed up to take down the NXT North American champion for a moment. However, The HBIC got back into the action to save the match. LeRae hit Yim's Sole Food finisher coupled with a springboard moonsault for a near-fall.

    Yim got knocked off the apron indirectly by The Limitless One, then The Rebel Heart DDTed the NXT North American champion onto LeRae. In the ensuing chaos, Gargano caught Lee with a roll-up for three.



    Gargano and LeRae def. Lee and Yim by pinfall.






    This mixed tag team match was far more fun than expected. Everyone got physical in fun ways, including Yim suplexing Gargano and Lee trying to politely take LeRae out of the fight at moments.

    NXT needs to be careful with 50-50 booking in top angles. Gargano lost definitively to Lee. He should not get immediately back into title contention because he defeated him in a messy mixed tag team match.

Indus Sher vs. Local Competitors

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    A video package was shown highlighting Io Shirai's title win and the celebration by fans for the new NXT women's champion.

    Saurav planted his opponent with a big boot off the bell. Indus Sher made quick work of their opponents thereafter, hitting a side slam/diving leg drop combination for the win. Malcolm Bivens raised the hands of his dominant clients.



    Indus Sher def. local competitors by pinfall.






    At this stage, squash matches are justified for Indus Sher to build credibility. Obviously, there were plans for the team to battle Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne, but The Bruiserweight was not able to return, leading to confusion. Hopefully soon, Rinku and Saurav will do more.

    It will be nice to add dominant heavyweights to the featured NXT tag team division. That division has been lacking in variety for a while.

Breezango Promise to Change Their Image in NXT

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    Fandango and Tyler Breeze talked about their future in NXT. They talked themselves up and why they had let entertaining the fans get in their way. Breezango promised to defeat Imperium next week to set their course for a new great tag team legacy.

    NXT showed a recap of Karrion Kross dominating Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa refused to answer questions about his loss backstage that night.

    Robert Stone tried to recruit Rhea Ripley to the Robert Stone Brand. Instead, The Nightmare slammed him onto a nearby table.






    It is often a mistake to focus too much on recaps and segments outside the ring, but these segments in sequence did a great job developing characters. Breezango needs a fresh start as a more serious tag team. That comes with a great match against Imperium next week.

    Stone will likely not sell anyone well known on his pitch, but it is far more interesting to have the manager desperate for a chance. Whoever works with him now will come off as his first true client.

Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes

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    Cameron Grimes made fun of Damian Priest in an interview backstage, and The Archer of Infamy laid him out with a fist to the jaw. The Technical Savage tried to get out of his match with The Prince, faking a broken jaw, but William Regal forced him to wrestle all the same.

    While Grimes showed his resilience, he was wildly outmatched by Balor. The Prince dominated The Technical Savage, hitting a reverse 1916 into the Coup De Grace and the 1916 for the win.

    Afterward, Balor spoke directly to the camera, calling out Keith Lee as he wanted the NXT North American Championship.



    Balor def. Grimes by pinfall.






    This was a much better match than the first time Balor and Grimes fought. The Prince focused on the pacing of the contest, and both men looked good throughout. At the end, it was clear that Grimes was a contender but not at Balor's level.

    Hopefully, the post-match call-out is a sign of things to come. The Prince can go after Lee. Grimes can move onto rivalries he can win. Gargano will hopefully not battle The Limitless One for too much longer.

Dakota Kai vs. Kacy Catanzaro

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    Dakota Kai looked to rebound from her TakeOver loss by dominating Kacy Catanzaro. The American Ninja Warrior got fired up and almost stole an upset, but Raquel Gonzalez set up The Captain of Team Kick to connect on the GTK for the win.

    Afterward, Kai and Gonzalez beat down Catanzaro until her friend and tag team partner, Kayden Carter, ran down to make the save. For a moment, Carter seemed unstoppable, knocking down both heels. However,  Gonzalez used her strength to stop the athlete cold with a single-arm powerbomb.



    Kai def. Catanzaro by pinfall.






    This was more or less a squash match, but it did open up the opportunity for future big matches. This may finally offer Catanzaro and Carter the opportunity to become a serious tag team.

    Kai and Gonzalez need to move past Tegan Nox. This could be the chance. Hopefully, these teams have more competitive clashes together than the babyfaces have typically been given in WWE.

El Hijo Del Fantasma Reveals Himself to Truly Be Santos Escobar

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    Drake Maverick interrupted El Hijo del Fantasma. He wanted a chance at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Fantasma agreed to fight him again. Suddenly, two masked men stormed the ring.

    The NXT cruiserweight champion helped them stomp on Maverick. He hit the Phantom Driver before the two men revealed themselves to be Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. The champion removed his own mask and said he was truly Santos Escobar and now completely untouchable.






    This was a fantastic reveal, building off months of odd backstage attacks. El Hijo del Fantasma was not going to get over under a mask only speaking Spanish. His look is suited for putting away the mask. He can help elevate Mendoza and Wilde in NXT finally as well.

    It will be fun to watch Maverick fight desperately to get to the title he now longs for. He is the ultimate babyface to challenge impossible odds.

Adam Cole vs. Dexter Lumis

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    Backstage, Adam Cole confidently prepared for his match until Roderick Strong burst in with another drawing from Dexter Lumis. The Messiah of the Backbreaker had no idea how to handle his new odd rival.

    Strong and Bobby Fish cheered on the NXT champion, who was not quite sure how to handle Lumis' resilience and cold personality. Cole nearly got caught with the kata gatame but bounced out and hit a superkick for a near-fall.

    The NXT champion set up a Panama Sunrise only for the enigmatic Superstar to reverse into the kata gatame. However, Fish distracted the referee while Strong hit an enzuigiri, setting up the Last Shot for the win.

    Undisputed Era beat down Lumis until The Velveteen Dream made the save. The lights went out, and Scarlett walked down the ramp. She set an hourglass in the ring for the NXT champion.



    Cole def. Lumis by pinfall.






    Lumis continues to look great against stronger competition. His signature moments work so well with a talent like Cole, who keeps the action moving constantly. This was strong work from both men, even if the finish was too par for the course with UE.

    Karrion Kross has not been truly built yet, so having him dethrone Cole would be a bit sudden. However, NXT has never been afraid to immediately crown new signings. Doomsday will likely be the most dangerous force on the black-and-gold brand soon.

    It would also be best if the Performance Center stayed quiet for endings like that. The "tick tock" chant ruined the mystique.