Segment Ideas That Will Add to Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders Feud on WWE Raw

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 24, 2020

Photo credit: WWE.com.

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders have been engaged in a friendly rivalry on Raw over the past few weeks, and it has led to some entertaining outside-the-ring segments.

After The Viking Raiders beat The Street Profits in a non-title match, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins challenged Erik and Ivar to a game of basketball. The Street Profits dominated, but The Viking Raiders showed after the game that they could ball as well.

On Monday, The Viking Raiders challenged The Street Profits to an ax-throwing competition. Erik and Ivar won the event handily, only for Dawkins to make an incredible backwards shot thereafter.

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders have gotten the opportunity to showcase their personalities of late, and here are a few potential segments that would allow them to continue doing so.


Beer Pong

The first two on-site segments involving The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders featured one area of expertise for each team. In keeping with that theme, The Street Profits laying down a challenge for a game of beer pong could be fun for fans watching at home.

Ford always carries around a red cup to show that he and Dawkins are ready to party at all times, and while it is never said that beer or any type of alcohol is in the cup, it can be assumed that it's what The Street Profits and WWE are going for.

Even if WWE doesn't want to have a segment that promotes drinking alcohol, beer can be replaced with water, soda or any number of different drinks. Regardless of what is inside the cups, a pong competition between The Street Profits and Vikings Raiders could get wild.

The Street Profits would be favored and likely dominate with some trick shots, but as with the basketball game, Erik and Ivar could show they have the ability to thrive at pong as well.

Much like the ax-throwing competition, getting a bunch of people to surround the table and cheer on both teams would add to the atmosphere and make it feel like a real game of pong, which always creates a great deal of energy at any party.


Turkey Leg Eating Competition

If beer pong is in The Street Profits' wheelhouse, then a turkey leg eating competition would undoubtedly favor The Viking Raiders.

Erik and Ivar were featured in a strange segment a few weeks ago that saw them driving around in their car while singing. During that same segment, Ivar was going to town on a turkey leg, which perfectly fit their characters.

Eating a turkey leg is one of the most popular pastimes at a renaissance fair, and it is no secret that Erik and Ivar enjoy frequenting them in real life. In many ways, The Viking Raiders love to live the gimmick outside the ring.

A turkey leg eating competition would be ideal for their characters, and it would provide The Viking Raiders with an obvious advantage over The Street Profits since they have the size advantage and are more cut out for the contest than Ford and Dawkins.

Ivar dominating by throwing down leg after leg and the much slighter Ford trying to keep up would make for some high-quality television and allow WWE to continue its recent trend of thinking outside the box.


Musical Performance

A grand finale before The Street Profits and Viking Raiders finally clash in a Raw Tag Team Championship match should be a musical performance in front of judges similar to American Idol.

WWE already cracked the seal a few weeks ago with the Carpool Karaoke-esque segment involving Erik and Ivar. Adding The Street Profits into the mix and making it a full-blown competition would make it even better.

The Viking Raiders' singing chops are questionable based on the previous segment, but perhaps having them sing something akin to a viking war song would bring out the best of them and also play up to their gimmick.

It is no secret that Ford is a talented singer, as he has shown off his pipes many times on Raw. Dawkins has also proved to be a great beatboxer, so The Street Profits would unquestionably steal the show if given the opportunity.

A musical competition could essentially be the tiebreaker before the teams have a match, and making it devolve into chaos and having the teams brawl at the end would be the perfect way to set the stage for their bout.


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