Sabrina Ionescu Discusses Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Diana Taurasi in B/R AMA

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2020

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MARCH 08:  Sabrina Ionescu #20 of the Oregon Ducks brings the ball up the court against the Stanford Cardinal during the championship game of the Pac-12 Conference women's basketball tournament at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on March 8, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Ducks defeated the Cardinal 89-56.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Sabrina Ionescu is one of the most exciting players to enter the WNBA in years, and she joined Bleacher Report for an AMA session.

The New York Liberty guard was the No. 1 pick of the 2020 draft following an incredible four seasons at Oregon. She became the first NCAA player to tally over 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists in a college career.

On Thursday, she spoke to B/R users about her friendships with Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry, Diana Taurasi being the best player in the WNBA, why she chose Oregon and much more.  

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.


@avery_clark23: What would be your biggest advice for girls trying to play at the college level?

I would say working harder than the person next to you and working on the things that you can control. Sleep, nutrition, keeping your body healthy, working out as much as you can in the offseason and during the season.


@Make_Way_4_Zion: What was your favorite part about Oregon as a school?

How tight knit the athletic community is and how everyone loves sports in Eugene, so having fans come to the games, all the sporting events and everything around sports is a big deal in Eugene, so that was really exciting.


@JackPail: Do you think you can be the GOAT of WNBA basketball?

Hopefully one of the GOATs. There are a lot of GOATs of the WNBA, so hopefully I can be one of them, if not the young GOAT.


@Steve_Perrault: What was it like speaking at Kobe’s memorial service and what’s the top thing he taught you that you’ll use for the rest of your career?

The mindset of how to take on anything that you're determined to take on. He was really big on mindset, preparation and execution, so that’s something that i learned. It was an honor and humbling to speak at his and Gigi’s celebration of life. Being there was emotional and an honor.


@BR_Kicks: What was the deciding factor to signing with Nike over other brands?

The relationship that I had with the people at Nike, being a Nike athlete for the last 8-10 years through HS and then college was huge for me. And obviously they’re a great company and I love what they stand for. But it was definitely hard to pick between Under Armour and Nike.


@BR_Kicks: What are your top 3 sneakers?

Kobe 4s, Air Forces, and Air Maxes. I’m pretty basic.


@Jasper_Pail: Who would you say is the best WNBA player right now?

Diana Taurasi.


@ZPetersel: What are you most looking forward to about NYC?

The food and the sights. I’m excited to go sight-seeing and eat good food.


@yaakgma: One NBA player to dunk on who would it be?

I would like to dunk on...that’s a tough one. I would say Steph, just cause we always shoot around and play with each other. I would appreciate just to dunk on him.


@JCTheLit: Was Oregon your first choice?

No it was not. St. Mary’s was because my older brother went there. I realized that I wasn’t going to be going to the WCC and I thought the Pac-12 would be a lot better competition and would be a better school for me.


@MichiganMan04: How did it feel going No. 1 overall in the WNBA draft?

It was exciting. It was definitely a moment I had been waiting for for a long time. Obviously different not being in person and being able to celebrate with friends and family in new york. But I was around family I was closest to and they were able to enjoy the experience and relieved everything worked out well.


@Not_BobbyWagner: What was your reaction to March Madness being cancelled?

I was in disbelief a little bit at first and then realized that with the NBA and other professional leagues shutting down it was the right thing to do. Definitely saddened to not play but I understood.


@Not_BobbyWagner: What’s your favorite college memory?

Definitely getting to a Final Four and being around great people.


@Cleveland4Life22: What is your favorite dinner?

Some steak, mashed potatoes, french fries, a nice cold water. Yeah that’s it.


@MADRIDISTA10: Who’s the GOAT of the WNBA and NBA?

Diana Taurasi and Steph Curry.


@jakepeterson: If you didn’t play basketball what career would you take on?

Probably been going to school and working to pay off my school loans and maybe travel the world for a little bit. And work the 9-5 job.


@Donk25: What part of your college career were you like, I am going to be the No. 1 overall pick?

Absolutely not. There was no point that I ever set a goal to do that. Honestly I was just trying to be the best player and person I could and everything else would take care of itself.


@mg300: Which players in the NBA do you have the best relationships with?

Jordan Bell. Ja Morant. Mikal Bridges. Trae Young. Steph. Jordan Poole. Ky Bowman. LeBron. Steve Nash. 


@jglantz84: When you dropping the signature shoe?

I don’t really know.  I’ll have to play my first season and play well. Hopefully in the near future, that’s the goal.


@louie502: Who was the hardest team/player you ever faced?

Team USA this year was the hardest team. The combination of Diana, Sue, gosh there were so many good players on my team. Chelsea Gray, just that entire USA team was tough.


@Catch430: What’s the most underrated part of your game?

My ability to create my shot, maybe.


@Trent_Williamshos10: What’s the key to getting a bunch of triple doubles?

I press this button on my shoe and I just get it. I’m joking...really trying hard to go after rebounds especially as a guard. Being able to know where people are going to be missing and get after those rebounds, that’s definitely the hardest part.


@Packsuck2020: How much on average do you practice a day?

I say probably about 3 hours.


@SirNAH: You are going to win ROY for WNBA. True or false?



@daniellupi: What WNBA record do you want to break?

Triple doubles.


@thespider45: What was your best triple double game?

I would say the one against Stanford on 2.24.20 after I spoke at the memorial and broke the record for 2K-1K-1K.


Universal AMA Questions

What is your favorite game or play of your career?

One of my favorite games was last year's final 4 against Mississippi State in portland. I had a bunch of people there in Portland and got to my first final four.


Go-to pre-game song or soundtrack?

I listen to some Drake. Before I’ll listen to any kind of rap, hip hop. Also listen to some country, depends on what mood I’m in.


How far do you think the moon is from Earth?

Very far?