B/R GOAT Sim: Introducing the All-Time Madden Rosters

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistMarch 29, 2020

B/R GOAT Sim: Introducing the All-Time Madden Rosters

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    Mark Von Holden/Associated Press

    In an attempt to settle the endless debate among NFL fans about how their favorite team's all-time roster would stack up against the rest of the league, Bleacher Report decided to put together a 32-team simulation tournament with the help of EA Sports' Madden video game. 

    Rosters are comprised of the best players at every position who ever played for each of the current 32 NFL franchises. 

    Bleacher Report worked with XBOX user @dmitty8989 to formulate the rosters. He had the most downloaded legends roster with more than 100,000 downloads and will be appearing on the B/R Betting podcast Sunday to discuss the game. 

    In order to prevent player overlap, legends who spent time with multiple organizations were only allowed to be on one roster for this event. So Randy Moss will only play for the Minnesota Vikings, not the New England Patriots. 

    B/R held fan votes on Twitter to determine a number of key roster decisions with the winner listed in bold:

    • 49ers: Joe vs Steve
    • Deion Sanders: Cowboys or Falcons
    • Randy Moss team: Vikes or Pats
    • Giants RB: Tiki or Saquon
    • Packers QB: Favre or Rodgers
    • Steelers QB: Bradshaw or Ben
    • Cowboys QB: Staubach or Aikman or Romo
    • Eagles QB: Cunningham or McNabb or Wentz

    All of the games games will be simulated on Bleacher Report's Twitch channel over the course of two weeks from March 30-April 13. The Round of 32 will run for four days from March 30-April 2 with four games simulated each night from 7-11 p.m. ET. 

    The Round of 16 will take place from April 3-6, with two games simulated each night from 8-10 p.m. ET. The Round of 8 will run from April 7-8, with two games simulated per night from 8-10 p.m. ET. The Final Four will be a two-day event on April 9-10 featuring one game simulated each night starting at 8 p.m. ET. 

    On April 13, the final two teams will battle for supremacy in the championship game beginning at 8 p.m. ET. 

    These rosters are available for download on Madden on XBOX, under the roster name "LEGENDS" and user name "beastmodeninja0".


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    John Swart/Associated Press

    Sid Luckman, QB (88 OVR)

    Jim McMahon, QB (85 OVR)

    Walter Payton, RB (99 OVR)

    Gale Sayers, RB (98 OVR)

    Matt Forte, RB (89 OVR)

    Bronko Nagurski, FB (99 OVR)

    Brandon Marshall, WR (90 OVR)

    Alshon Jeffery, WR, (86 OVR)

    Harlon Hill, WR (86 OVR)

    Willie Gault, WR (84 OVR)

    Devin Hester, WR (83 OVR)

    Mike Ditka, TE (96 OVR)

    Jay Helgenberg, OL (90 OVR)

    Stan Jones, OL (90 OVR)

    Joe Stydahar, OL (89 OVR)

    Kyle Long, OL (83 OVR)

    Ed Healy, OL (83 OVR)

    Richard Dent, DL (97 OVR)

    Dan Hampton, DL (92 OVR)

    Steve McMichael, DL (88 OVR)

    Akiem Hicks, DL (87 OVR)

    Dick Butkus, LB (99 OVR)

    Mike Singletary, LB (99 OVR)

    Brian Urlacher, LB (96 OVR)

    Lance Briggs, LB (91 OVR)

    Charles Tillman, CB (92 OVR)

    Kyle Fuller, CB (86 OVR)

    Bennie McRae, CB (85 OVR)

    Eddie Jackson, FS (86 OVR)

    Gary Fencik, SS (90 OVR)


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    Ed Reinke/Associated Press

    Ken Anderson, QB (89 OVR)

    Boomer Esiason, QB (87 OVR)

    Corey Dillon, RB (92 OVR)

    James Brooks, RB (88 OVR)

    Chad Johnson, WR (92 OVR)

    A.J. Green, WR (90 OVR)

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR (87 OVR)

    Cris Collinsworth, WR (87 OVR)

    Tyler Eifert, TE (88 OVR)

    Anthony Munoz, OL (99 OVR)

    Andrew Whitworth, OL (93 OVR)

    Willie Anderson, OL (90 OVR)

    Max Montoya, OL (87 OVR)

    Bob Johnson, OL (83 OVR)

    Geno Atkins, DL (92 OVR)

    Coy Bacon, DL (87 OVR)

    Tim Krumrie, DL (87 OVR)

    Carlos Dunlap, DL (86 OVR)

    Jim Leclair, LB (84 OVR)

    Reggie Williams, LB (83 OVR)

    Vontaze Burfict, LB (81 OVR)

    Ken Riley, CB (92 OVR)

    Lemar Parrish, CB (90 OVR)

    William Jackson, CB (84 OVR)

    Leon Hall, CB (84 OVR)

    Reggie Nelson, FS (86 OVR)

    David Fulcher, SS (89 OVR)


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    KEVIN HIGLEY/Associated Press

    Jim Kelly, QB (91 OVR)

    OJ Simpson, RB (97 OVR)

    Thurman Thomas, RB (94 OVR)

    Willis McGahee, RB (86 OVR)

    Andre Reed, WR (92 OVR)

    Eric Moulds, WR (87 OVR)

    Lee Evans, WR (86 OVR)

    Elbert Dubenion, WR (85 OVR)

    Charles Clay, TE (84 OVR)

    Joe DeLamielleure, OL (91 OVR)

    Kent Hull, OL (90 OVR)

    Ruben Brown, OL (89 OVR)

    Will Wolford, OL (88 OVR)

    Howard Ballard, OL (87 OVR)

    Bruce Smith, DL (98 OVR)

    Pat Williams, DL (89 OVR)

    Kyle Williams, DL (89 OVR)

    Jerry Hughes, DL (83 OVR)

    Takeo Spikes, LB (89 OVR)

    Cornelius Bennett, LB (87 OVR)

    Sam Cowart, LB (82 OVR)

    Butch Byrd, CB (92 OVR)

    Nate Clements, CB (87 OVR)

    Tre'Davious White, CB (85 OVR)

    Micah Hyde, FS (86 OVR)

    Jordan Poyer, SS (80 OVR)


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    BRYAN KELSEN/Associated Press

    John Elway, QB (98 OVR)

    Terrell Davis, RB (92 OVR)

    Floyd Little, RB (90 OVR)

    Rod Smith WR 91 OVR)

    Demaryius Thomas, WR (88 OVR)

    Ed McCaffrey, WR (88 OVR)

    Emmanual Sanders, WR (86 OVR)

    Shannon Sharpe, TE (97 OVR)

    Tom Nalen, OL (96 OVR)

    Ryan Clady, OL (91 OVR)

    Mark Schlereth, OL (86 OVR)

    Keith Bishop, OL (85 OVR)

    Matt Lepsis, OL (83 OVR)

    Elvis Dumervil, DL (90 OVR)

    Simon Fletcher, DL (89 OVR)

    Trevor Pryce, DL (88 OVR)

    Rulon Jones, DL (86 OVR)

    Von Miller, LB (97 OVR)

    Tom Jackson, LB (91 OVR)

    Karl Mecklenburg, LB (89 OVR)

    Randy Gradishar, LB (88 OVR)

    Champ Bailey, CB (97 OVR)

    Chris Harris Jr., CB (91 OVR)

    Aqib Talib, CB (90 OVR)

    Steve Atwater, FS (96 OVR)

    Dennis Smith, SS (90 OVR)

    Matt Prater, K (86 OVR)

    Tom Rouben, P (80 OVR)


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    Alex Brandon/Associated Press

    Otto Graham, QB (90 OVR)

    Jim Brown, RB (99 OVR)

    Marion Motley, RB (98 OVR)

    Paul Warfield, WR (94 OVR)

    Gary Collins, WR (84 OVR)

    Eric Metcalf, WR (82 OVR)

    Jarvis Landry, WR (84 OVR)

    Ozzie Newsome, TE (98 OVR)

    Joe Thomas, OL (99 OVR)

    Joel Bitonio, OL (87 OVR)

    Frank Gatski, OL (89 OVR)

    Gene Hickerson, OL (90 OVR) 

    Dick Schafrath, OL (88 OVR)

    Myles Garrett, DL (89 OVR)

    Len Ford, DL (88 OVR)

    Michael Dean Perry, DL (88 OVR)

    Bob Gain, DL (86 OVR)

    Clay Mathews Jr., LB (90 OVR)

    Chip Banks, LB (86 OVR)

    Joe Schobert, LB (81 OVR)

    Hanford Dixon, CB (91 OVR)

    Joe Haden, CB (90 OVR)

    Frank Minnifield, CB (90 OVR)

    Damarious Randall, FS (86 OVR)

    TJ Ward, SS (86 OVR)

    Phil Dawson, K (84 OVR)

    Britton Colquitt, P (79 OVR)


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    Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press

    Doug Williams, QB (83 OVR)

    Warrick Dunn, RB (91 OVR)

    James Wilder, RB (85 OVR)

    Mike Alstott, FB (99 OVR)

    Mike Evans, WR (91 OVR)

    Keyshawn Johnson, WR (90 OVR)

    Chris Godwin, WR (87 OVR)

    Vincent Jackson, WR (87 OVR)

    Jimmie Giles, TE (86 OVR)

    Paul Gruber, OL (89 OVR)

    Ali Marpet, OL (88 OVR)

    Donald Penn, OL (87 OVR)

    Demar Dotson, OL (88 OVR)

    Tony Mayberry, OL (85 OVR)

    Davin Joseph, OL (85 OVR)

    Simeon Rice, DL (92 OVR) 

    Lee Roy Selmon, DL (94 OVR)

    Warren Sapp, DL (96 OVR)

    Gerald McCoy, DL (90 OVR)

    Derrick Brooks, LB (99 OVR)

    Lavonte David, LB (90 OVR)

    Hardy Nickerson, LB (89 OVR)

    Shaquil Barrett, LB (85 OVR)

    Ronde Barber, CB (94 OVR)

    Donnie Abraham, CB (85 OVR)

    Mike Washington, CB (82 OVR)

    Cedric Brown, FS (82 OVR)

    John Lynch, SS (96 OVR)

    Martin Gramatica, K (83 OVR)

    Bradley Pinion, P (76 OVR)


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    Lindsey Wasson/Associated Press

    Carson Palmer, QB (89 OVR)

    Ottis Anderson, RB (90 OVR)

    David Johnson, RB (87 OVR)

    Ernie Nevers, FB (95 OVR)

    Larry Fitzgerald, WR (97 OVR)

    Anquan Boldin, WR (91 OVR)

    Roy Green, WR (87 OVR)

    John Brown, WR (83 OVR)

    Jackie Smith, TE (90 OVR)

    Conrad Dobler, OL (86 OVR)

    Dan Dierdorf, OL (93 OVR)

    Tom Banks, OL (90 OVR)

    Ken Gray, OL (90 OVR)

    Marcus Gilbert, OL (81 OVR)

    Calais Campbell, DL (92 OVR)

    Darnell Dockett, DL (87 OVR)

    Eric Swann, DL (84 OVR)

    Freddie Joe Nunn, DL (82 OVR)

    Chandler Jones, LB (89 OVR)

    Karlos Dansby, LB (84 OVR)

    Eric Hill, LB (82 OVR)

    Aeneas Williams, CB (95 OVR)

    Patrick Peterson, CB (93 OVR)

    Roger Wehrli, CB (90 OVR)

    Tyrann Mathieu, DB (91 OVR)

    Larry Wilson, S (96 OVR)

    Adrian Wilson, S (93 OVR)

    Pat Tillman, S (90 OVR)

    Jim Bakken, K (84 OVR)

    Rich Camarillo, P (82 OVR)


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    Denis Poroy/Associated Press

    Phillip Rivers, QB (94 OVR)

    Dan Fouts, QB (91 OVR)

    LaDainian Tomlinson, RB (97 OVR)

    Darren Sproles, RB (89 OVR)

    Lance Alworth, WR (94 OVR)

    Charlie Joiner, WR (91 OVR)

    Keenan Allen, WR (90 OVR)

    Wes Chandler, WR (88 OVR)

    John Jefferson, WR (87 OVR)

    Antonio Gates, TE (98 OVR)

    Kellen Winslow Sr., TE (97 OVR)

    Ron Mix, OL (95 OVR)

    Walt Sweeney, OL (90 OVR)

    Doug Wilkerson, OL (87 OVR) 

    Nick Hardwick, OL (85 OVR)

    Russell Okung, OL (82 OVR)

    Leslie O'Neal, DL (93 OVR)

    Fred Dean, DL (92 OVR)

    Joey Bosa, DL (88 OVR)

    Melvin Ingram III, DL (88 OVR)

    Gary Johnson, DL (86 OVR)

    Junior Seau, LB (97 OVR)

    Shawne Merriman, LB (91 OVR)

    Woodrow Lowe, LB (83 OVR)

    Casey Hayward Jr., CB (89 OVR)

    Antonio Cromartie, CB (88 OVR)

    Desmond King II, CB (87 OVR)

    Eric Weddle, FS (91 OVR)

    Rodney Harrison, SS (95 OVR)

    Derwin James, SS (88 OVR)

    Johhn Carney, K (86 OVR)

    Darren Bennett, P (85 OVR)


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    Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

    Patrick Mahomes, QB (97 OVR)

    Len Dawson, QB (90 OVR)

    Priest Holmes, RB (92 OVR)

    Jamaal Charles, RB (90 OVR)

    Larry Johnson, RB (89 OVR)

    Tony Richardson, FB (97 OVR)

    Tyreek Hill, WR (94 OVR)

    Otis Taylor, WR (87 OVR)

    Eddie Kennison, WR (86 OVR)

    Tony Gonzalez, TE (99 OVR)

    Travis Kelce, TE (96 OVR)

    Will Shields, OL (98 OVR)

    Mitchell Schwartz, OL (93 OVR)

    Jim Tyrer, OL (91 OVR)

    Ed Budde, OL (89 OVR)

    EJ Holub, OL (89 OVR)

    Buck Buchanan, DL (94 OVR)

    Jared Allen, DL (93 OVR)

    Chris Jones, DL (90 OVR)

    Neil Smith, DL (89 OVR)

    Justin Houston, DL (89 OVR)

    Willie Lanier, LB (98 OVR)

    Derrick Thomas, LB (98 OVR)

    Bobby Bell, LB (98 OVR)

    Derrick Johnson, LB (88 OVR)

    Emmitt Thomas, CB (93 OVR)

    Kendall Fuller, CB (87 OVR)

    Albert Lewis, CB (86 OVR)

    Kevin Ross, CB (85 OVR)

    Johnny Robinson, FS (94 OVR)

    Deron Cherry, FS (90 OVR)

    Eric Berry, SS (93 OVR)

    Jan Stenerud, K (88 OVR)

    Dustin Colquitt, P (81 OVR)


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    Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

    Peyton Manning, QB (99 OVR)

    Johnny Unitas, QB (98 OVR)

    Andrew Luck, QB (92 OVR)

    Edgerrin James, RB (93 OVR)

    Lenny Moore, RB (93 OVR)

    Marvin Harrison, WR (96 OVR)

    Reggie Wayne, WR (92 OVR)

    Raymond Berry, WR (91 OVR)

    T.Y. Hilton, WR (91 OVR)

    John Mackey, TE (97 OVR)

    Dallas Clark, TE (95 OVR)

    Jim Parker, OL (98 OVR)

    Jeff Saturday, OL (97 OVR)

    Quenton Nelson, OL (94 OVR)

    Tarik Glenn, OL (86 OVR)

    Chris Hinton, OL (89 OVR)

    Gino Marchetti, DL (96 OVR)

    Dwight Freeney, DL (93 OVR)

    Robert Mathis, DL (92 OVR)

    Art Donovan, DL (89 OVR)

    Darius Leonard, LB (85 OVR)

    Duane Bickett, LB (85 OVR)

    Jeff Herrod, LB (82 OVR)

    Bobby Boyd, CB (88 OVR)

    Vontae Davis, CB (85 OVR)

    Eugene Daniel, CB (83 OVR)

    Bob Sanders, SS (95 OVR)

    Rick Volk, FS (87 OVR)

    Adam Vinatieri, K (97 OVR)

    Pat McAfee, P (87 OVR)


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    LINDA KAYE/Associated Press

    Troy Aikman, QB (96 OVR)

    Roger Staubach, QB (95 OVR)

    Emmitt Smith, RB (97 OVR)

    Tony Dorsett, RB (96 OVR)

    Ezekiel Elliott RB (94 OVR)

    Herschel Walker, RB (91 OVR)

    Michael Irvin, WR (94 OVR)

    Dez Bryant, WR (92 OVR)

    Bullet Bob Hayes, WR (91 OVR)

    Drew Pearson, WR (89 OVR)

    Amari Cooper, WR (88 OVR)

    Jason Witten, TE (95 OVR)

    Larry Allen, OL (98 OVR)

    Zack Martin, OL (96 OVR)

    Tyron Smith, OL (94 OVR)

    Travis Frederick, OL (94 OVR)

    Rayfield Wright, OL (91 OVR)

    Bob Lilly, DL (99 OVR)

    Randy White, DL (97 OVR)

    Too Tall Jones, DL (93 OVR)

    DeMarcus Lawrence, DL (89 OVR)

    Harvey Martin, DL (89 OVR)

    DeMarcus Ware, LB (96 OVR)

    Lee Roy Jordan, LB (90 OVR)

    Sean Lee, LB (87 OVR)

    Jaylon Smith, LB (85 OVR)

    Mel Renfro, CB (94 OVR)

    Everson Walls, CB (91 OVR)

    Byron Jones, CB (87 OVR)

    Cliff Harris, FS (91 OVR)

    Darren Woodson, SS (94 OVR)

    Dan Bailey, K (86 OVR)

    Chris Jones, P (84 OVR)


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    TONY GUTIERREZ/Associated Press

    Dan Marino, QB (98 OVR)

    Bob Griese, QB (89 OVR)

    Ricky Williams, RB (91 OVR)

    Mercury Morris, RB (84 OVR)

    Larry Csonka, FB (99 OVR)

    Mark Clayton, WR (89 OVR)

    Mark Duper, WR (88 OVR)

    Nat Moore, WR (86 OVR)

    Chris Chambers, WR (85 OVR)

    Jim Mandich, TE (84 OVR)

    Larry Little, OL (97 OVR)

    Dwight Stephenson, OL (95 OVR)

    Richmond Webb, OL (90 OVR)

    Jake Long, OL (88 OVR)

    Mike Pouncey, OL (84 OVR)

    Jason Taylor, DL (94 OVR)

    Cameron Wake, DL (88 OVR)

    Bob Baumhower, DL (86 OVR)

    Olivier Vernon, DL (82 OVR)

    Zach Thomas, LB (94 OVR)

    Bryan Cox, LB (85 OVR)

    AJ Duhe, LB (83 OVR)

    Patrick Surtain, CB (90 OVR)

    Sam Madison, CB (90 OVR)

    Xavien Howard, CB (83 OVR)

    Jake Scott, FS (90 OVR)

    Reshad Jones, FS (88 OVR)

    Olindo Mare, K (88 OVR)

    Reggie Roby, P (89 OVR)


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    Hunter Martin/Getty Images

    Donavan McNabb, QB (91 OVR)

    Randall Cunningham, QB (91 OVR)

    Carson Wentz, QB (82 OVR)

    Brian Westbrook, RB (94 OVR)

    Steve Van Buren, RB (91 OVR)

    LeSean Mccoy, RB (90 OVR)

    DeSean Jackson, WR (89 OVR)

    Harold Carmichael, WR (88 OVR)

    Tommy McDonald, WR (89 OVR)

    Jeremy Maclin, WR (85 OVR)

    Zach Ertz, TE (93 OVR)

    Jason Kelce, OL (94 OVR) 

    Jason Peters, OL (90 OVR)

    Brandon Brooks, OL (90 OVR)

    Shawn Andrews, OL (87 OVR)

    Lane Johnson, OL (89 OVR)

    Reggie White, DL (99 OVR)

    Fletcher Cox, DL (96 OVR)

    Brandon Graham, DL (89 OVR)

    Trent Cole, DL (86 OVR)

    Chuck Bednarik, LB (98 OVR)

    Jeremiah Trotter, LB (89 OVR)

    Seth Joyner, LB (86 OVR)

    Troy Vincent, CB (90 OVR)

    Eric Allen, CB (90 OVR)

    Lito Sheppard, CB (86 OVR)

    Brian Dawkins, S (98 OVR)

    Malcolm Jenkins, S (92 OVR)

    David Akers, K (88 OVR)

    Donnie Jones, P (78 OVR)


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    Focus On Sport/Getty Images

    Michael Vick, QB (92 OVR)

    Matt Ryan, QB (89 OVR)

    Michael Turner, RB (89 OVR)

    Gerald Riggs, RB (87 OVR)

    Devonta Freeman, RB (86 OVR)

    Julio Jones, WR (98 OVR)

    Roddy White, WR (89 OVR)

    Andre Rison, WR (89 OVR)

    Mohamed Sanu Sr, WR (82 OVR)

    Alge Crumpler, TE (89 OVR)

    Austin Hooper, TE (88 OVR)

    Mike Kenn, OL (90 OVR)

    Alex Mack, OL (89 OVR)

    Bill Fralic, OL (89 OVR) 

    Jeff Van Note, OL (87 OVR)

    John Abraham, DL (92 OVR)

    Claude Humphrey, DL (93 OVR)

    Grady Jarrett, DL (87 OVR)

    Jonathan Babineaux, DL (84 OVR)

    Jessie Tuggle, LB (91 OVR)

    Deion Jones, LB (90 OVR)

    Tommy Nobis, LB (89 OVR)

    Keith Brooking, LB (87 OVR)

    Deion Sanders, CB (99 OVR)

    Desmond Trufant, CB (88 OVR)

    Ray Buchanan, CB (91 OVR)

    Scott Case, S (84 OVR)

    Ricardo Allen, S (81 OVR)

    Keanu Neal, S (88 OVR)

    Matt Bryant, K (87 OVR)

    Matt Bosher, P (78 OVR)


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    BEN MARGOT/Associated Press

    Joe Montana, QB (99 OVR)

    Steve Young, QB (97 OVR)

    Roger Craig, RB (91 OVR)

    Frank Gore, RB (90 OVR)

    Ricky Watters, RB (90 OVR)

    Kyle Juszczyk, FB (85 OVR)

    Jerry Rice, WR (99 OVR)

    Terrell Owens, WR (97 OVR)

    Dwight Clark, WR (87 OVR)

    John Taylor, WR (85 OVR)

    Billy Wilson, WR (85 OVR)

    George Kittle, TE (96 OVR)

    Vernon Davis, TE (93 OVR)

    Joe Staley, OL (90 OVR) 

    Forrest Blue, OL (90 OVR)

    Bob St Clair, OL (89 OVR)

    Guy McIntyre, OL (88 OVR)

    Randy Cross, OL (86 OVR)

    Charles Haley, DL (93 OVR)

    Leo Nomellini, DL (92 OVR)

    Nick Bosa, DL (89 OVR) 

    Bryant Young, DL (87 OVR)

    Patrick Willis, LB (97 OVR)

    NaVorro Bowman, LB (91 OVR)

    Dave Wilcox, LB (90 OVR)

    Ken Norton Jr., LB (86 OVR)

    Jimmy Johnson, CB (93 OVR)

    Eric Wright, CB (85 OVR)

    Eric Davis, CB (85 OVR)

    Ronnie Lott, CB (99 OVR)

    Merton Hanks, CB (88 OVR)

    Ray Werschhing, K (84 OVR)

    Andy Lee, P (84 OVR)


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    Associated Press

    Eli Manning, QB (88 OVR)

    Phil Simms, QB (87 OVR)

    Tiki Barber, RB (92 OVR)

    Saquon Barkley, RB (91 OVR)

    Odell Beckham Jr., WR (96 OVR)

    Plaxico Burress, WR (87 OVR)

    Amani Toomer, WR (87 OVR)

    Frank Gifford, WR (87 OVR)

    Jeremy Shockey, TE (93 OVR)

    Mel Hein, OL (96 OVR)

    Rosey Brown, OL (92 OVR)

    Kevin Zeitler, OL (89 OVR) 

    William Roberts, OL (86 OVR)

    Jumbo Ellitott, OL (84 OVR)

    Michael Strahan. DL (94 OVR)

    Osi Umenyiora, DL (87 OVR)

    Justin Tuck, DL (86 OVR)

    Lawrence Taylor, LB (99 OVR)

    Harry Carson, LB (94 OVR)

    Sam Huff, LB (94 OVR)

    Carl Banks, LB (84 OVR)

    Mark Haynes, CB (87 OVR)

    Spider Lockhart, CB (85 OVR)

    Landon Collins, DB (86 OVR)

    Janoris Jenkins, CB (85 OVR)

    Emlen Tunnell, S (97 OVR)

    Antrel Rolle, S (86 OVR)

    Aldrick Rosas, K (84 OVR)

    Sean Landeta, P (84 OVR)


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    Focus On Sport/Getty Images

    Mark Brunell, QB (84 OVR)

    Fred Taylor, RB (91 OVR)

    Maurice Jones-Drew, RB (89 OVR)

    Leonard Fournette, RB (83 OVR)

    Jimmy Smith, WR (93 OVR)

    Keenan McCardell, WR (89 OVR)

    Allen Robinson, WR (86 OVR)

    Marqise Lee, WR (80 OVR)

    Marcedes Lewis, TE (83 OVR)

    Tony Boselli, OL (97 OVR)

    Brandon Linder, OL (86 OVR)

    Brad Meester, OL (83 OVR)

    Maurice Williams, OL (80 OVR)

    John Henderson, DL (90 OVR)

    Marcus Stroud, DL (86 OVR)

    Yannick Ngakoue, DL (84 OVR) 

    Josh Allen, DL (80 OVR)

    Telvin Smith, LB (88 OVR)

    Myles Jack, LB (83 OVR)

    Paul Posluszny, LB (83 OVR)

    Jalen Ramsey, CB (96 OVR)

    Rashean Mathis, CB (89 OVR)

    AJ Bouye, CB (88 OVR)

    Donovin Darius, SS (82 OVR)

    Tashaun Gipson Sr, SS (82 OVR)

    Josh Lambo, K (84 OVR)

    Bryan Barker, P (85 OVR)


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    Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    Joe Namath, QB (89 OVR)

    Curtis Martin, RB (94 OVR)

    Freeman McNeil, RB (85 OVR) 

    Don Maynard, WR (91 OVR)

    Laveranues Coles, WR (87 OVR) 

    Al Toon, WR (85 OVR)

    Wayne Chrebet, WR (84 OVR)

    Rich Caster, TE (84 OVR)

    Kevin Mawae, OL (99 OVR)

    Nick Mangold, OL (96 OVR)

    Winston Hill, OL (90 OVR)

    Randy Rasmussen, OL (85 OVR)

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OL (84 OVR)

    Brian Winters, OL (82 OVR) 

    Damon Harrison Sr, DL (95 OVR)

    Mark Gastineau, DL (93 OVR)

    Joe Klecko, DL (94 OVR)

    Shaun Ellis, DL (85 OVR)

    Sheldon Richardson, DL (85 OVR)

    Leonard Williams, DL (84 OVR)

    Larry Grantham, LB (88 OVR)

    David Harris, LB (85 OVR)

    Mo Lewis, LB (84 OVR)

    Darrelle Revis, CB (94 OVR)

    Aaron Glenn, CB (85 OVR)

    Bobby Jackson, CB (85 OVR)

    Victor Green, FS (86 OVR)

    Jamal Adams, SS (90 OVR)

    Pat Leahy, K (81 OVR)

    Curley Johnson, P (83 OVR)


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    Cindy Ord/Getty Images

    Matthew Stafford, QB (87 OVR)

    Barry Sanders, RB (99 OVR)

    Billy Sims, RB (91 OVR)

    Calvin Johnson, WR (96 OVR)

    Herman Moore, WR (90 OVR)

    Golden Tate III, WR (87 OVR)

    Marvin Jones Jr, WR (86 OVR)

    Charlie Sanders, TE (93 OVR)

    Lomas Brown, OL (90 OVR)

    Lou Creekmur, OL (90 OVR)

    Kevin Glover, OL (86 OVR)

    Ed Flanagan, OL (85 OVR)

    Rocky Freitas, OL (82 OVR)

    Ndamukong Suh, DL (95 OVR)

    Trey Flowers, DL (87 OVR)

    Alex Karras, DL (87 OVR)

    Ezekiel Ansah, DL (84 OVR)

    Joe Schmidt, LB (95 OVR)

    Chris Spielman, LB (92 OVR)

    Wayne Walker, LB (87 OVR)

    Night Train Lane, CB (98 OVR)

    Lem Barney, CB (94 OVR)

    Dick LeBeau, CB (90 OVR)

    Dre Bly, CB (89 OVR)

    Darius Slay Jr, CB (89 OVR)

    Jack Christiansen, S (92 OVR)

    Yale Lary, S (91 OVR)

    Jason Hanson, K (90 OVR)

    Sam Martin, P (75 OVR)


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    Tony Avelar/Associated Press

    Aaron Rodgers, QB (97 OVR)

    Brett Favre, QB (97 OVR)

    Bart Starr, QB (92 OVR)

    Ahman Green, RB (91 OVR)

    Paul Hornung, RB (87 OVR)

    Aaron Jones, RB (82 OVR)

    Jim Taylor, FB (94 OVR)

    Don Hutson, WR (95 OVR)

    James Lofton, WR (94 OVR)

    Sterling Sharpe, WR (92 OVR)

    Davante Adams, WR (92 OVR)

    Donald Driver, WR (87 OVR)

    Paul Coffman, TE (85 OVR)

    Forrest Gregg, OL (98 OVR)

    David Bakhtiari, OL (97 OVR)

    Jerry Kramer, OL (96 OVR)

    Jim Ringo, OL (94 OVR)

    Fuzzy Thurston, OL (89 OVR)

    Willie Davis, DL (93 OVR)

    Henry Jordan, DL (93 OVR)

    Kenny Clark, DL (90 OVR)

    Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, DL (88 OVR)

    Mike Daniels, DL (87 OVR)

    Ray Nitschke, LB (98 OVR)

    Clay Mathews, LB (92 OVR)

    Dave Robinson, LB (90 OVR)

    Za'Darius Smith, LB (88 OVR)

    Herb Adderley, CB (96 OVR) 

    Jaire Alexander, CB (89 OVR)

    Al Harris, CB (85 OVR)

    Darren Sharper, S (94 OVR)

    Willie Wood, S (91 OVR)

    LeRoy Butler, S (94 OVR)

    Mason Crosby, K (84 OVR)

    JK Scott, P (78 OVR)


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    Grant Halverson/Getty Images

    Cam Newton, QB (89 OVR)

    Christian McCaffrey, RB (91 OVR)

    Deangelo Williams, RB (89 OVR)

    Jonathan Stewart, RB (86 OVR)

    Steve Smith, WR (94 OVR)

    Muhsin Muhhammad, WR (87 OVR)

    DJ Moore, WR (85 OVR)

    Kelvin Benjamin, WR (81 OVR)

    Greg Olsen, TE (92 OVR)

    Jordan Gross, OL (88 OVR)

    Matt Paradis, OL (88 OVR)

    Ryan Kalil, OL (88 OVR)

    Andrew Norwell, OL (85 OVR)

    Trai Turner, OL (83 OVR)

    Julius Peppers, DL (94 OVR)

    Kris Jenkins, DL (88 OVR)

    Kawann Short, DL (87 OVR) 

    Mike Rucker, DL (85 OVR)

    Luke Kuechly, LB (98 OVR)

    Jon Beason, LB (86 OVR)

    Thomas Davis Sr., LB (85 OVR)

    Josh Norman, CB (89 OVR)

    Chris Gamble, CB (84 OVR) 

    Captain Munnerlyn, CB (78 OVR)

    Kurt Coleman, S (80 OVR)

    Mike Minter, S (85 OVR)

    Graham Gano. K (85 OVR)

    Michael Palardy, P (80 OVR)


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    Elise Amendola/Associated Press

    Tom Brady, QB (99 OVR)

    Kevin Faulk, RB (87 OVR)

    Sam Cunningham, RB (85 OVR)

    James White, RB (84 OVR)

    Wes Welker, WR (91 OVR)

    Irving Fryar, WR (90 OVR)

    Stanley Morgan, WR (90 OVR)

    Julian Edelman, WR (89 OVR)

    Rob Gronkowski, TE (99 OVR)

    Ben Coates, TE (85 OVR)

    John Hannah, OL (99 OVR)

    Logan Mankins, OL (92 OVR)

    Matt Light, OL (91 OVR)

    Jon Morris, OL (89 OVR)

    Shaq Mason, OL (88 OVR) 

    Richard Seymour, DL (90 OVR)

    Vince Wilfork, DL (90 OVR)

    Houston Antwine, DL (87 OVR)

    Willie McGinest, DL (86 OVR)

    Andre Tippett, LB (95 OVR)

    Tedy Bruschi, LB (88 OVR) 

    Dont'a Hightower, LB (86 OVR)

    Mike Vrabel, LB (85 OVR)

    Mike Haynes, CB (96 OVR)

    Stephon Gilmore, CB (94 OVR)

    Ty Law, CB (94 OVR)

    Asante Samuel, CB (92 OVR)

    Devin McCourty, S (89 OVR)

    Lawyer Milloy, S (89 OVR)

    Stephen Gostkowski, K (90 OVR)

    Chris Hanson, P (76 OVR)


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    Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

    Rich Gannon, QB (88 OVR)

    Ken Stabler, QB (88 OVR)

    Marcus Allen, RB (93 OVR)

    Bo Jackson, RB (93 OVR)

    Mark van Eeghhen, FB (86 OVR)

    Tim Brown, WR (96 OVR)

    Cliff Branch, WR (90 OVR)

    Fred Bilentnikoff, WR (89 OVR)

    Art Powell, WR (87 OVR)

    Dave Casper, TE (96 OVR)

    Gene Upshaw, OL (99 OVR)

    Art Shell, OL (98 OVR) 

    Jim Otto, OL (98 OVR)

    Steve Wisniewski, OL (93 OVR)

    Rodney Hudson, OL (93 OVR)

    Khalil Mack, DL (98 OVR)

    Howie Long, DL (94 OVR)

    Chester McGlockton, DL (88 OVR)

    Ben Davidson, DL (87 OVR)

    Ted Hendricks, LB (96 OVR)

    Rod Martin, LB (87 OVR)

    Matt Millen, LB (85 OVR)

    Charles Woodson, CB (97 OVR)

    Willie Brown, CB (96 OVR)

    Lester Hayes, CB (93 OVR)

    Nnamdi Asomugha, CB (90 OVR)

    Jack Tatum, FS (94 OVR)

    George Atkinson, S (87 OVR) 

    Sebastian Janikowski, K (85 OVR)

    Shane Lechler, P (93 OVR)


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    JAMES A. FINLEY/Associated Press

    Kurt Warner, QB (95 OVR)

    Norm Van Brocklin, QB (90 OVR)

    Eric Dickerson, RB (98 OVR)

    Marshall Faulk, RB (97 OVR)

    Todd Gurley, RB (92 OVR)

    Steven Jackson, RB (91 OVR)

    Issac Bruce, WR (95 OVR)

    Torry Holt, WR (94 OVR)

    Henry Ellard, WR (91 OVR)

    Elroy Crazy Legs Hirsch, WR (90 OVR)

    Tom Fears, TE (90 OVR)

    Orlando Pace, OL (98 OVR)

    Jackie Slater, OL (95 OVR)

    Tom Mack, OL (93 OVR)

    Rich Saul, OL (88 OVR)

    Dennis Harrah, OL (88 OVR)

    Deacon Jones, DL (99 OVR)

    Merlin Olsen, DL (99 OVR)

    Aaron Donald. DL (98 OVR)

    Jack Youngblood, DL (94 OVR)

    Robert Quinn, DL (86 OVR)

    Kevin Greene, LB (96 OVR)

    James Laurinaitis, LB (84 OVR)

    Roman Phifer, LB (84 OVR)

    LeRoy Irvin, CB (87 OVR)

    Jerry Gray, CB (86 OVR)

    Todd Lyghht, CB (84 OVR)

    Eddie Meador, S (89 OVR)

    Nolan Cromwell, S (90 OVR)

    Greg Zuerlein, K (84 OVR)

    Johnny Hekker, P (86 OVR)


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    Nick Wass/Associated Press

    Lamar Jackson, QB (91 OVR)

    Joe Flacco, QB (83 OVR)

    Jamal Lewis, RB (91 OVR)

    Ray Rice, RB (89 OVR)

    Qadry Ismail, WR (83 OVR)

    Torrey Smith, WR (83 OVR)

    Marquise Brown, WR (80 OVR)

    Todd Heap, TE (88 OVR)

    Mark Andrews, TE (84 OVR)

    Jonathan Ogden, OL (99 OVR)

    Ronnie Stanley, OL (93 OVR)

    Edwin Mulitalo, OL (83 OVR)

    Mike Flynn, OL (82 OVR) 

    Marshal Yanda, OL (92 OVR)

    Brandon Williams, DL (86 OVR)

    Michael Pierce, DL (91 OVR)

    Haloti Ngata, DL (91 OVR)

    Ray Lewis, LB (99 OVR)

    Terrell Suggs, LB (93 OVR)

    CJ Mosley, LB (87 OVR)

    Peter Boulware, LB (86 OVR)

    Chris Mcalister, CB (90 OVR)

    Marlon Humphrey, CB (88 OVR)

    Duane Starks, CB (86 OVR)

    Jimmy Smith, CB (84 OVR)

    Ed Reed, S (99 OVR)

    Tony Jefferson II, S (84 OVR)

    Justin Tucker, K (99 OVR) 

    Sam Koch, P (85 OVR)


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    Mark Duncan/Associated Press

    Sammy Baugh, QB (90 OVR)

    Robert Griffin III, QB (82 OVR)

    John Riggins, RB (92 OVR)

    Clinton Portis, RB (91 OVR)

    Stephen Davis, RB (84 OVR)

    Art Monk, WR (92 OVR)

    Charley Taylor, WR (90 OVR)

    Gary Clark, WR (90 OVR) 

    Santana Moss, WR (88 OVR)

    Chris Cooley, TE (89 OVR)

    Trent Williams, OL (95 OVR)

    Russ Grimm, OL (94 OVR)

    Joe Jacoby, OL (92 OVR)

    Chris Samuels, OL (90 OVR)

    Brandon Scherff, OL (88 OVR)

    Charles Mann, DL (87 OVR)

    Dexter Manley, DL (87 OVR)

    Dave Butz, DL (87 OVR)

    Da'ron Payne, DL (83 OVR)

    London Fletcher, LB (93 OVR)

    Chris Hanburger, LB (91 OVR)

    LaVar Arrington, LB (87 OVR)

    Ryan Kerrigan, LB (87 OVR)

    Darrell Green, CB (98 OVR)

    DeAngelo Hall, CB (90 OVR)

    Pat Fischer, CB (88 OVR)

    Sean Taylor, S (96 OVR)

    Ken Houston, S (98 OVR)

    Mark Moseley, K (87 OVR)

    Tress Way, P (81 OVR)


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    Butch Dill/Associated Press

    Drew Brees, QB (99 OVR)

    Alvin Kamara, RB (90 OVR)

    Deuce McAllister, RB (89 OVR)

    Reggie Bush, RB (88 OVR)

    Michael Thomas, WR (95 OVR)

    Joe Horn, WR (89 OVR)

    Marques Colston, WR (88 OVR)

    Brandin Cooks, WR (87 OVR)

    Jimmy Graham, TE (96 OVR)

    Jared Cook, TE (87 OVR)

    Willie Roaf, OL (97 OVR)

    Jahri Evans, OL (96 OVR)

    Terron Armstead, OL (92 OVR)

    Jonathan Goodwin, OL (85 OVR)

    Ryan Ramczyk, OL (91 OVR)

    Cameron Jordan, DL (91 OVR)

    La'Roi Glover, DL (90 OVR)

    Will Smith, DL (85 OVR)

    Sheldon Rankins, DL (83 OVR)

    Pat Swilling, LB (94 OVR) 

    Rickey Jackson, LB (95 OVR)

    Sam Mills, LB (90 OVR)

    Demario Davis, LB (87 OVR)

    Marshon Lattimore, CB (87 OVR)

    Dave Wayymer, CB (85 OVR) 

    Tracy Porter, CB (82 OVR)

    Marcus Williams, S (85 OVR)

    Roman Harper, S (85 OVR)

    Morten Anderson, K (95 OVR)

    Thomas Morstead, P (87 OVR)


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    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    Russell Wilson, QB (94 OVR)

    Matt Hasselbeck, QB (85 OVR)

    Marshawn Lynch, RB (92 OVR)

    Shaun Alexander, RB (92 OVR)

    Mack Strong, FB (96 OVR)

    Steve Largent, WR (93 OVR)

    Joey Galloway, WR (90 OVR)

    Doug Baldwin, WR (87 OVR)

    Tyler Lockett, WR (87 OVR)

    Will Dissly, TE (82 OVR)

    Walter Jones, OL (98 OVR)

    Steve Hutchinson, OL (97 OVR)

    Robbie Tobeck, OL (85 OVR) 

    Bryan Millard, OL (84 OVR)

    Chris Gray, OL (83 OVR)

    Jacob Green, DL (91 OVR)

    Cortez Kennedy, DL (95 OVR)

    Michael Bennett, DL (89 OVR)

    Joe Nash, DL (86 OVR)

    Bobby Wagner, LB (98 OVR)

    Lofa Tatupu, LB (86 OVR)

    Chad Brown, LB (85 OVR)

    KJ Wright, LB (83 OVR)

    Richard Sherman, CB (95 OVR)

    Marcus Trufant, CB (89 OVR)

    Shawn Springs, CB (87 OVR)

    Kenny Easley, S (97 OVR)

    Earl Thomas III, S (95 OVR)

    Kam Chancellor, S (95 OVR)

    Stephen Hauschka, K (86 OVR)

    Michael Dickson, P (83 OVR)


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    uncredited/Associated Press

    Terry Bradshaw, QB (92 OVR)

    Ben Roethlisberger, QB (92 OVR)

    Jerome Bettis, RB (95 OVR)

    Franco Harris, RB (92 OVR)

    Antonio Brown, WR (95 OVR)

    Hines Ward, WR (92 OVR)

    John Stallworth, WR (91 OVR)

    Lynn Swann, WR (89 OVR)

    Heath Miller, TE (86 OVR)

    Alan Faneca, OL (97 OVR)

    Mike Webster, OL (99 OVR)

    Dermontti Dawson, OL (97 OVR)

    David DeCastro, OL (93 OVR)

    Alejandro Villanueva, OL (85 OVR)

    Tunch Ilkin, OL (85 OVR)

    LC Greenwood, DL (90 OVR)

    Joe Greene, DL (99 OVR)

    Casey Hampton, DL (86 OVR)

    Aaron Smith, DL (85 OVR)

    Jack Lambert, LB (99 OVR)

    Jack Ham, LB (99 OVR)

    James Harrison, LB (95 OVR)

    Joey Porter, LB (94 OVR)

    James Farrior, LB (89 OVR)

    Rod Woodson, CB (99 OVR)

    Mel Blount, CB (97 OVR)

    Ike Taylor, CB (86 OVR)

    Troy Polamalu, S (95 OVR)

    Donnie Shell, S (95 OVR)

    Gary Anderson, K (94 OVR)

    Bobby Walden, P (91 OVR)


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    Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

    Deshaun Watson, QB (86 OVR)

    Arian Foster, RB (89 OVR)

    Domanick Williams, RB (85 OVR)

    DeAndre Hopkins, WR (95 OVR)

    Andre Johnson, WR (93 OVR)

    Kenny Stills, WR (82 OVR)

    Will Fuller V, WR (82 OVR)

    Owen Daniels, TE (86 OVR)

    Duane Brown, OL (87 OVR)

    Laremy Tunsil, OL (87 OVR)

    Chester Pitts, OL (81 OVR)

    Chris Myers, OL (84 OVR)

    Zach Fulton, OL (76 OVR)

    Tytus Howard, DL (67 OVR)

    JJ Watt, DL (97 OVR)

    Mario Williams, DL (90 OVR)

    DJ Reader, DL (80 OVR)

    Jadeveon Clowney, LB (92 OVR)

    Demeco Ryans, LB (86 OVR)

    Brian Cushing, LB (85 OVR)

    Whitney Mercilus, LB (83 OVR)

    Johnathan Joseph, CB (86 OVR)

    Kareem Jackson, CB (85 OVR)

    Bradley Roby, CB (78 OVR)

    Justin Reed, S (84 OVR)

    DJ Swearinger, S (80 OVR)

    Ka'imi Fairbairn, K (74 OVR)

    Trevor Daniel, P (64 OVR)


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    Anonymous/Associated Press

    Warren Moon, QB (91 OVR)

    Steve McNair, QB (90 OVR)

    Earl Campbell, RB (97 OVR)

    Chris Johnson, RB (91 OVR)

    Eddie George, RB (91 OVR)

    Derrick Henry, RB (90 OVR)

    Charley Hennigan, WR (90 OVR)

    Derrick Mason, WR (89 OVR)

    Drew Hill, WR (87 OVR)

    Ernest Givins, WR (85 OVR)

    Delanie Walker, TE (92 OVR)

    Frank Wycheck, TE (86 OVR)

    Bruce Matthews, OL (99 OVR) 

    Mike Munchak, OL (95 OVR)

    Leon Gray, OL (89 OVR)

    Taylor Lewan, OL (85 OVR)

    Brad Hopkins, OL (84 OVR)

    Jevon Kearse, DL (90 OVR)

    Curley Culp, DL (90 OVR)

    Jurrell Casey, DL (89 OVR)

    Ray Childress, DL (87 OVR)

    Robert Brazile LB (94 OVR)

    Keith Bulluck LB (90 OVR)

    Al Smith, LB (86 OVR)

    Samari Rolle, CB (89 OVR)

    Cris Dishman, CB (87 OVR)

    Logan Ryan, CB (85 OVR)

    Kevin Byard, S (91 OVR)

    Michael Griffin, S (89 OVR)

    Ryan Succop, K (74 OVR)

    Brett Kern, P (77 OVR)


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    Andy Blenkush/Associated Press

    Fran Tarkenton, QB (96 OVR)

    Daunte Culpepper, QB (89 OVR)

    Adrian Peterson, RB (95 OVR)

    Chuck Foreman, RB (90 OVR)

    Randy Moss, WR (99 OVR)

    Cris Carter, WR (94 OVR)

    Adam Thielen, WR (90 OVR)

    Stefon Diggs, WR (90 OVR)

    Kyle Rudolph, TE (87 OVR)

    Randall McDaniel, OL (99 OVR)

    Ron Yary, OL (95 OVR)

    Gary Zimmerman, OL (90 OVR)

    Mick Tingelhoff, OL (90 OVR)

    Ed White, OL (86 OVR)

    Alan Page, DL (97 OVR)

    John Randle, DL (95 OVR)

    Carl Eller, DL (95 OVR)

    Chris Doleman, DL (94 OVR)

    Kevin Williams, DL (92 OVR)

    Danielle Hunter, DL (89 OVR)

    Everson Griffen, DL (88 OVR)

    Eric Kendricks, LB (86 OVR)

    Chad Greenway, LB (86 OVR)

    Scott Studwell, LB (84 OVR)

    Antoine Winfield, CB (90 OVR)

    Xavier Rhodes, CB (89 OVR)

    Bobby Bryant, CB (87 OVR)

    Paul Krause, FS (97 OVR)

    Harrison Smith, SS (94 OVR)

    Dan Bailey, K (73 OVR)

    Matt Wile, P (73 OVR)


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