The Ultimate Fighter's Ten Greatest Fights

Jessy MorrisAnalyst INovember 8, 2009

It's a concept that took the MMA world by storm and has helped to elevate the sport to where it is today.

In early 2005, the UFC created the Ultimate Fighter. Sixteen fighters from across the world would compete in a single elimination tournament and the last man standing would receive a six figure contract with the UFC.

After nine seasons, the UFC has crowned Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin, Joe Stevenson, Rashad Evans, Kendall Grove, Michael Bisping, Travis Lutter, Matt Serra, Nate Diaz, Mac Danzig, Amir Sadollah, Efrain Escudero, Ryan Bader, Ross Pearson and James Wilks as Ultimate Fighter winners.

The Ultimate Fighter TV show has treated the fans with some of the most memorable fights.

Listed here, are ten of the greatest fights from the show. The finale cards do not count, only the fights that took place while the fighters were still in the house are listed here.

Now, some of you will disagree for sure, but this is my opinion only.

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10. Cole Miller vs Joe Lauzon (TUF season 5)

Both fighters had made it passed the preliminary round and they met in the quarterfinals. The fight was pretty good and very explosive with most of the fight taking place on the ground.

Lauzon was a heavy favorite heading in the fight thanks to his previous upset of Jens Pulver and total destruction of Brian Gerathy in the first round.

Miller held his own through the fight and even got Joe's back early in the fight. Unfortunately, Miller received an elbow in the back of the head which stunned him pretty bad. Lauzon was deducted a point but Miller decided to go on with the fight even if he was still rocked from the elbow shot.

Lauzon ended up getting the TKO win at the end of the second round to advance in the semi-finals, but who knows what would of happened if Lauzon hadn't hit Cole in the back of the head?

9. Jason Von Flue vs Jorge Gurgel (TUF season 2)

Jason Von Flue arrived inside The Ultimate Fighter house a little later than the others. He replaced an injured Josh Burkman and the fact that he was a replacement didn't sit well with the other fighters. He always seemed to be the odd man out of the team.

As his first fight inside the house, Von Flue was paired up against rival coach's best friend Jorge Gurgel. Most people were counting Jason out, but both men ended up having a war that lasted three rounds.

They were both bloody, bruised and tired and Jason Von Flue proved he belonged in the house with a unanimous decision win over Jorge Gurgel.

8. Ben Saunders vs Dan Barrera (TUF season 6)

Although there's not much to remember from season six of The Ultimate Fighter , the war Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera had was something to watch. Ben Saunders was taller and had more reach, but all that didn't seem to faze Dan Barrera.

Dan wanted that win more than anything and he gave it all he had. He rocked Saunders early in the fight and dropped him. Saunders was bleeding from the nose early in the fight but he never stopped smiling.

Ben Saunders was able to pull off the decision win but the fight was so good, that both men had a rematch in the finale.

7. Amir Sadollah vs Matt Brown (TUF season 7)

After his brutal KO win over Jeremy May in the preliminary round, nobody wanted to fight Matt "The Immortal" Brown. In the quarterfinals, Brown was paired up against best friend in the house Amir Sadollah.

Being friends, both men agreed to deliver a war to each other and they didn't disappoint. The fight mostly took place on foot where both men were throwing punches, kicks and knees to knock the other one out. At a certain point, Brown had Amir against the cage and began unloading with punches and Dana White was screaming, "Holy shit!" while jumping in and out of his chair.

In the end, Amir was able to weather the storm and got a submission win over his friend Matt Brown in the second round.

6. Jason Dent vs Ross Pearson (TUF season 9)

Jason Dent had made it to the semifinals of The Ultimate Fighter 9 with unimpressive wins against Rob Browning and Jeff Lawson. In the semifinals, he had to fight the tough Ross Pearson and that's when Dent said he would fight like never before.

Dent said he had kept his energy for the semifinals and that he would give a fight to Pearson, and that he did. Pearson proved to be the better wrestler and the stronger of the two, but Dent displayed some pretty good stand up skills. Dent was able to catch Ross with several punches that seemed to hurt the UK fighter.

After three rounds of action, Ross Pearson won a unanimous decision and then said to Jason that he was his toughest opponent yet and Dana also said that Dent had impressed him much more with this loss than with his last two wins.

5. Rob Emerson vs Corey Hill (TUF season 5)

Corey Hill was initially set to fight Gabe Ruediger, but since Gabe was unable to make weight, he was eliminated and sent home. Rob Emerson returned to the competition to fight the 6'4", 155 pounds Corey Hill.

Being much smaller, Emerson was at a distinct disadvantage in the reach department but he tried. He had a really hard time with the reach in the first round but came back in the second with better combinations and leg kicks. After two rounds, the fight was sent to a third round. Neither fighter really dominated the third round, but Dana White, and myself for that matter, had Rob Emerson as the winner.

Unfortunately, the judges saw it in a different way, and Corey Hill from team Pulver advanced to the next round.

4. CB Dollaway vs Tim Credeur (TUF season 7)

For the first time in the history of The Ultimate Fighter , a fighter had been eliminated from the competition after the show's end. Therefore, the UFC training center was opened for one last fight to determine a new finalist.

"Crazy" Tim Credeur and CB "The Doberman" Dollaway returned to clash for a spot in the finale. Both men had a war standing up and on the ground. Credeur showed some very good striking skills during the fight but CB's wrestling skills won him the war in the end after a back and forth fight.

Both fighters had been favorites at the beginning of the show and it seemed inevitable for them not to fight. When they actually did fight, they gave us a show to remember.

3. Rob Emerson vs Nate Diaz (TUF season 5)

Before Rob Emerson replaced Gabe Ruediger against Corey Hill, he had his own war with Nate Diaz. Both men had a rivalry heading into this fight because of what had happened in the house. Emerson was a better striker, while Diaz had a better ground game.

The first round was mostly on the feet with both fighters striking aggressively while the second round was more of a ground fight. It was on the ground that Nate Diaz used his better submissions to submit Emerson with a rear naked choke in the second round. Emerson gave it all he had a left a good impression in Dana White's head.

After the fight, Dana went to both mens' locker rooms and congratulated both fighters on what was one of the greatest fights on The Ultimate Fighter show's history so far.

2. Damarques Johnson vs Nick Osipczak (TUF season 9)

The semifinals of the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter opened up with a fight between Team USA's Damarques Johnson and Team UK's Nick Osipczak. Heading into the fight, Johnson was a favorite by most and was said to be the best welterweight fighter in the house.

The whole fight was back and forth, on the ground and standing up.

It was a war.

Nick showed a lot of heart in the first two rounds, but Damarques had won the first two rounds when all of a sudden, both fighters got back on their feet and Nick threw combinations that caught Johnson on the chin and seriously rocked him.

Everybody thought Nick had done it, Dana was jumping out of his chair but Damarques survived.

Nick showed alot of effort but Damarques won the unanimous decision after three rounds to advance to the live finale.

1. Matt Riddle vs Tim Credeur (TUF season 7)

When you talk about an entertaining fight, this was it. Tim Credeur from Team Forrest was a veteran who began fighting in 2001. Matt Riddle, also known as "Chipper" had just began his MMA career and had his first official pro fight in the finale.

They had a war and the fight ended up everywhere, every inch of the octagon was used. They fought standing and on the ground.

In the clutch, Matt Riddle showed great skills against an experienced fighter like Tim.

Both fighters hurt the other, it was back and forth the whole time and finally, Tim Credeur was able to lock in an armbar in the second round with less than a minute left to get the win. Tim Credeur said that Matt was one of his toughest fights to date and that he earned his respect.

At the end of the fight, Credeur was so impressed with Riddle's skills and wanted to thank him for the war they had, Credeur bought Riddle an Xbox 360 with his earnings.

This is it, my personal list of the ten greatest fights in The Ultimate Fighter's history.

There have been memorable fights, some are not listed here, but I tried to list the best in my opinion.

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